"I HAVE A KID" Prank On Fiance!! *Cutest Reaction*

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Jatie Vlogs

Jatie Vlogs

5 ヶ月 前

Been waiting to tell Josh this but I just didn’t know when the right time was.. if you see this comment “she has a kid.” We love you guys!
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Panda Person
Panda Person 11 分 前
She has a kid!!
Shi Joann
Shi Joann 4 時間 前
she has a kid
Raynah Jo Barfield
Raynah Jo Barfield 4 時間 前
Andy Williamson
Andy Williamson 5 時間 前
I am team Katie
Harper Sharp
Harper Sharp 6 時間 前
They should adopt leah
Sophia Murray
Sophia Murray 7 時間 前
Josh got played
Genesis Hernandez
Genesis Hernandez 7 時間 前
Put Windex Windex clean the bottle and put it with Gatorade blue
Genesis Hernandez
Genesis Hernandez 7 時間 前
Hey Josh I know a prank you could do
Ava Marie
Ava Marie 8 時間 前
See that's why I think Josh and Katie would he great parents! And adorable!
Olehy Kids
Olehy Kids 12 時間 前
I think leah was a little awkward
emily 22 時間 前
I feel so bad! He would be a amazing dad!!!!
Willow Williams
Willow Williams 日 前
I can’t wait for them to have their own Katie baby
Olivia Barnard
Olivia Barnard 日 前
he's going to get mad
Makeup Girl xox
Makeup Girl xox 日 前
𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚒𝚜 𝚜𝚘 𝚜𝚊𝚍 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚒𝚝𝚜 𝚊 𝚙𝚛𝚊𝚗𝚔
Wiktoria Rosinska
Wiktoria Rosinska 日 前
is it only me that was so on edge throughout this whole video and like cried thru it
Ruby Bell
Ruby Bell 日 前
I would be happy if you did have kid♥️♥️and i want you to have a kid.♥️♥️💘💘😋😋😍😍
Ruby Bell
Ruby Bell 日 前
I startid to cry😭😭😭😭
Nina Grace
Nina Grace 日 前
that’s my friends cousin and i’m not joking
Kristina Senkow
Kristina Senkow 日 前
He's being so cute🥺
brianna sayarath
brianna sayarath 日 前
why does Leah actually look like she could be their kid
Katie: what do they have to do? Leah: punch Me: dies of laughter
Mirella Guitron
Mirella Guitron 日 前
I feel bad for josh
Shaos Edwards
Shaos Edwards 日 前
how come Leha so ugly and katie prity how josh think his dater
Lex 日 前
So I've seen alot, I mean ALOT of pranks on youtube, but this is BY FAR the best reaction to any of the pranks
JIllian Dixon
JIllian Dixon 2 日 前
i love his reaction
Salem Benyam
Salem Benyam 2 日 前
They are so cute
Morgan N
Morgan N 2 日 前
BRO she could be your flower girl!! Omg that would be amazing
Morgan N
Morgan N 2 日 前
My eyes popping out as I realize what disappointment he’s going to feel when he finds out.....
Suhani Kapur
Suhani Kapur 2 日 前
josh is gonna be the best dad omg
Brandon Woods
Brandon Woods 2 日 前
He was so down as well 😂
Olivia Hebert
Olivia Hebert 2 日 前
"She has a kid"
Sienna's Fun Activities
Sienna's Fun Activities 2 日 前
Josh was so cute 🥰 he was acting like a real dad. When it was a prank he just stopped 😂😂
Roberta Roblox
Roberta Roblox 2 日 前
This made me cry
Ariana Serrano
Ariana Serrano 2 日 前
Josh is literally an amazing boyfriend can’t wait for this one day
Alexis Wilson
Alexis Wilson 3 日 前
Josh and Katie are going to be the best parents!!
Alyssa Williams
Alyssa Williams 3 日 前
She has a kid
Grace Noble
Grace Noble 3 日 前
Is it just me or does Katie actually look like a mum in this ? :))
Melek Meyer
Melek Meyer 3 日 前
His reaction was so cute will you be the flower girl I Mean how cute is that? 😍
miara Hunt
miara Hunt 3 日 前
Nathalie Ramirez
Nathalie Ramirez 3 日 前
Yo but know I cant wait until she announces she pregnant and leah is so cute and his reaction thoo
chocolate c
chocolate c 3 日 前
Josh is so positive I can't 😭😍😍
Simone Ward
Simone Ward 3 日 前
Kate elibininggofudin me …
gaby hernandez
gaby hernandez 3 日 前
She's adorable
Party of 5
Party of 5 3 日 前
Lillian McNamara
Lillian McNamara 3 日 前
You guys need to have a kid
Marlon Quilangtang
Marlon Quilangtang 3 日 前
What if this prank is gonna be true what should katie & josh do they gonna happy or super happy
kaylee Rose
kaylee Rose 3 日 前
You would be a great family Josh: would be caring and bonding with the child Katie: would complement her kid and give AMAZING hugs and kisses The child: would be cute because it's coming from cute parents The family: SOO CUTE
SmileToTheWorld. 3 日 前
That was the most sweetest thing ever!
Emma Demonet
Emma Demonet 3 日 前
She has a kid
Emma Demonet
Emma Demonet 3 日 前
She has a kid
Kane Healey
Kane Healey 3 日 前
Who thinks josh and Katie actually need to have a baby
Sarai Cova asmr
Sarai Cova asmr 3 日 前
Josh: when do I get to see her Also Josh: we need to get a handshakes
Big Apple United
Big Apple United 3 日 前
I felt like Josh would be mad like she cheated and made a baby with someone else
Haivin Harvey
Haivin Harvey 3 日 前
Haivinh1029 676203
Fiona Dang
Fiona Dang 4 日 前
I’m team Katie B
Claire Huntley
Claire Huntley 4 日 前
Iff l was the kid l wood say you,ve got some big muscle, s dad
Claire Huntley
Claire Huntley 4 日 前
When are you going to have a baby
Rayan Tabbaa
Rayan Tabbaa 4 日 前
She is so cute
haley comeau
haley comeau 4 日 前
Dont they spend every day together? How'd he believe this? Lol
Adalyn Ford
Adalyn Ford 4 日 前
She even looks like a mom Ilysm💗💗
Lori Lee Brandon
Lori Lee Brandon 4 日 前
karim santiago
karim santiago 4 日 前
Katie’s gonna be a good mom
Ian Gacii
Ian Gacii 4 日 前
Where did you find Leah?
Oodles Of Doodles
Oodles Of Doodles 4 日 前
She has a kid
Amsaveni 4 日 前
Just saw ryan and Danielle and came straight here😂
Wow Nairobi blonde version
Crazed Jukes
Crazed Jukes 4 日 前
Josh is gonna be the best dad ever 😂
Family Wakefield
Family Wakefield 4 日 前
This broke my heart 🙃but its the cutest reaction EVER 😍🤗
Laila Stein
Laila Stein 4 日 前
She has a kid
cloe ann
cloe ann 4 日 前
I am team josh
axkaa 1234
axkaa 1234 4 日 前
Not gonna lie that kid look like adi & Emily,s kid 😂
Xania Vlietinck
Xania Vlietinck 4 日 前
Josh would be a great dad
Justine Whittington
Justine Whittington 4 日 前
Oh josh is a dad what 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Princess Gracie
Princess Gracie 4 日 前
Is this bad I laughed at his reaction? I love y’all #katie Y’all would be a great parents
Kaylee Pryor
Kaylee Pryor 4 日 前
Josh was so cute!
Taki Ch
Taki Ch 5 日 前
katie not to be rude but you are a relly bad actor ps:i am not a hator
Am L
Am L 5 日 前
Awww 🥺🥺
amani omar
amani omar 5 日 前
I’m surprised he didn’t ask who her dad was I would’ve at the beginning I would’ve died of curiosity 🥴
Alanah Belanger
Alanah Belanger 5 日 前
Omg joshes reaction was the cutest
Floral Roblox
Floral Roblox 5 日 前
I wish this was real he would be such a good dad 🥺🥺
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