Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin for the treatment of COVID-19-Review of study by Didier Raoult

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Let's be clear. We hope that hydroxychloroquine will be successful in future clinical trials. We just want to point out that based on this one trial, hype is not warranted.
Beware what you hear! President Trump recently Tweeted out a message saying Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin taken together, have a real chance to be one of the biggest game changers in the history of medicine.
He is referring to a study by Prof. Didier Raoult and coworkers from Marseille France. Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin as a treatment of COVID-19: results of an open-label non-randomized clinical trial.
In this video we review the major problems of this study - groups not being comparable, incomplete testing in the control group, patient dropouts, which might have significantly changed their conclusions, inconsistent reporting of data, and a potentially dangerous combination of drugs.
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Internist & Founder at Medmastery
LinkedIn: at.linkedin.com/in/franzwiesbauer
PubMed: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Franz+Wiesbauer

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TheKrystof1 21 分 前
Politicians made shit scientists and work for big business not for health of their voters. tramp, micron, mare kel are clowns in corona circus!
TheKrystof1 28 分 前
Ventricular tachycardia plus COVID19 pneumonia a deadly cocktail, shaken not stirred!
Rust Nation
Rust Nation 6 分 前
explain more?
Professor Foxtrot
Professor Foxtrot 55 分 前
If the medicine works, Trump will be regarded as one of the most tremendous heroes in human history.
Philippe Fabre
Philippe Fabre 時間 前
Raoult's experiment looks promising. Before investing millions in this treatment, further trials are needed on larger scale with a flawless protocol. Hopefully it will confirm. Right now, it cannot be use as a proven treatment. Dosages and secondary effects must also be addressed clearly...since the 2 molecules have drawbacks so that nobody dies from the remedy!
listen2meokidoki 2 時間 前
20200330: Criticising the French results is fine. But the FRENCH information is presented here almost exclusively to determine (or undermine) the efficacy of Chloroquine. So this video's conclusions should also add nothing to our knowledge other than we now know the French results are flawed. Or not useful. What I expect should be appreciated and studied are the results out of (in this order) Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and China. So let's not dismiss Chloroquine yet. Keep digging. As maybe the efficacy of Chloroquine may increase the earlier it is given. And stop the scare mongering over Chloroquine. People have been self administering it as a prophylactic for decades because the risk of malaria outweigh the risk of the bloody drug. Putting on a DOCTOR's tone of voice can be falsely reassuring. But Trust Nobody - BTN. Especially what you read in the newspaper. That was a common saying before the Internet. Have we forgotten everything? And so I advocate the taking of Chloroquine as a prophylactic (allowed for malaria) should also be allowed as a human right. Subject to supply. And fuck the doctors. Fuck the W.H.O. As for the risks of Chloroquine for people over (say) 60 and the rare few at risk from personal health complications, let a doctor do an assessment. Except they would have to bear a huge work load. But it could also be via a self assessment. Someone just has to type up a check list.
strayblackcatsmeow 2 時間 前
You would have to be really disturbed to give placebos to a dieing patient. This is not a university study, these are battlefield conditions. Right to try was set up to get around medical bureaucracies and give people a chance. These treatments did not fly out of someone's butt, they were in use in other countries and were showing promise. We do have a baseline and that is rhe percentage expected to die. If the treatment improves the numbers, then it's a win. Please keep the placebos for youself, I'm not your lab rat.
didyuknow 2 時間 前
here is your balanced group from results published by a doctor in NY: 669 patients with breathing issues were treated his protocol with those 2 popular medications you mentioned plus zinc sulfate: 0 dead after 9 days. One would need to be blind not to see a trend and not need a double blind study that could take a long time. The probability for those 669 patients be all alive given the statistics everywhere are low? search for video on youtube using code CjerxV9Aclw jpchat.info/show/bideo/fJ2ep967bKSUo6g.html
didyuknow 2 時間 前
Doctor in NY is adding Zinc to that protocol. That is a game changer. see his video at: youtube using code CjerxV9Aclw jpchat.info/show/bideo/fJ2ep967bKSUo6g.html
didyuknow 2 時間 前
interesting protocol with great results on youtube video shows success by a doctor in NY: if link does not appear just search for video on youtube using code CjerxV9Aclw jpchat.info/show/bideo/fJ2ep967bKSUo6g.html
I'm NotHere
I'm NotHere 3 時間 前
FDA issues emergency authorization of 2 anti-malaria drugs for coronavirus treatment Italy Finally Starts Mass Treatment with Hydroxychloroquine
Greg Aldridge
Greg Aldridge 4 時間 前
There are two key factors here: 1. No patents and control for big pharma with this drug regimen. Therefore since congress and the fda are bought and sold by big pharma it’s better to let people die until a treatment can be found that allows greater profiteering. 2. Trump made the mistake of being hopeful about this treatment. It’s more important to let people die if we can somehow smear trump and make him wrong in the process. This is politics at play with a giant dose of capitalism, but there’s nothing altruistic gong on here.
rrs1550 4 時間 前
dr.s trying to pretend to care...lets use dr.s as guinea pigs.
Clayton King
Clayton King 4 時間 前
See if they have a cure for your TDS.
Rifle Shooter Channel
Rifle Shooter Channel 2 時間 前
Clayton King Boom 👍🏻
Simon Levy
Simon Levy 4 時間 前
In a second test trail The French study group tested 80 patients. 4 out of 5 patient recovered.
Roger Williams
Roger Williams 5 時間 前
Fake news? Hair splitting? Does not explain the following: Amazing what a little research and reading reveals: "BREAKING: New evidence shows CDC knew since 2005 that chloroquine is effective against coronaviruses" (techstartups.com/2020/03/20/breaking-new-evidence-shows-cdc-knew-since-least-2005-chloroquine-effective-coronaviruses/ ) And is the success in South Korea explained here?: "COVID-19 Update 8: Zinc and Chloroquine for the treatment of COVID-19; jpchat.info/show/bideo/e3yyoszfoadokHI.html
FixPraySing 5 時間 前
Breaking: "Debate Ends Over Chloroquine as France Officially Sanctions Usage" - tinyurl.com/v6ymza6 This very recent decision was apparently based on a 80-patient follow-up study done by Raoult. You could also argue that the follow-up study has the same problems, but in such a time as this, decisions have to be made to save lives, and better studies will have to wait.
BizAutomation Automating Small Business
BizAutomation Automating Small Business 6 時間 前
He just say it looked very promising. Trump derangement hater !
Robert Pace
Robert Pace 6 時間 前
You are a doctor, but a dumb ass. I dont give a shit what you think... If you have the slightest chance for survival it is 1000% better than what is available. Both the products are allready approved products on the market... No problem to take it then besides a few side effects that is common..... You are trying to make money of youtube, you are obviously a marginal doctor... One of those that passed your degree with the mininum requirements. Get a life you dumbass
fake shadow
fake shadow 6 時間 前
all media are trying so hard to spread panic, I dont know why should I tell somebody he is going to die you are next, there is no cure, there is no treatment, that is what the are all doing all day long , somehow I fell the virus is going to spread more and more bc they want that the mothefuckers
Simon Ford
Simon Ford 7 時間 前
South Korea has a very low death rate...they have been using this drug
Fat Ass
Fat Ass 7 時間 前
How about intravenous Vitamin C? Or stem cells?
Rex King
Rex King 8 時間 前
This thing is a bioengineered weapon that's been released to destroy the economies of many countries around the world. Just the latest little treat brought to a hospital near you from our Globalist Vampire Overlords. SMH
How Christian
How Christian 8 時間 前
Jewish doctor in New York has treated over 600 patients with 100% success rate with one additional ingredient Google or youtube Vladamir Zelenko
Aaron A.
Aaron A. 9 時間 前
Alwan Tamalus
Alwan Tamalus 10 時間 前
In a pandemic situation, with thousands deads daily, no time to do academic tests like for a new unknown molecules, chloroquine is known since the 19th century. Dr Raoult just emeteted an hypothesis and tested a well-known molecule for a new desease. And happily it seems working.
mar c
mar c 10 時間 前
dan kurth
dan kurth 10 時間 前
Prof. Didier Raoult is in all recommended rankings the # 1 ranking infectiologist in the world. He has a many years long experience with coronaviruses in general. And this nothing blablaing in this video seems to be nothing but a mouthpiece of Big Pharma
David Gair
David Gair 10 時間 前
Chloroquine with azithromycin is very effective, but chlorine dioxide with zinc is even better.
Baade Tudabawn
Baade Tudabawn 12 時間 前
Know your comorbities before taking the drug, the side effects can be fatal in many cases (mostly the elders). That's why the concern about the methodology. The message is "don't gamble with people's lifes"
Chris D
Chris D 12 時間 前
Medcram disagrees, as does multiple off label outcomes in South Korea. Not disputing this french test, just the overall message.
Eric T
Eric T 13 時間 前
South Korea using it death rate below 1 percent. Italy not using it death rate over 7 percentt
Eric T
Eric T 13 時間 前
When I started farming I have to admit I didn't know much about sheep. So i started with 4040 sheep and out of these I took 40 sheep and divided them into two groups of twenty. One of the groups of twenty got water and the other group of twenty didn't get any water to drink. What I found out after about a week the group of twenty that didn't get any water all of those sheep died but the group getting water were fine and healthy. So I concluded by this study that sheep need water My only mistake was I never gave any water to the other 4000 sheep while I was conducting the study so they died also.
kasper Bonsignore
kasper Bonsignore 13 時間 前
another moron liberal who does not want a cure just wants more deaths
Ale Sh
Ale Sh 13 時間 前
This is a great video from analysis of clinical studies point of view. However, it should be more humble in what it’s conclusions are: That the French clinical study had serious flaws. Nowhere is it said that the FDA should approve this treatment just because of a foreign clinical trial, however much perfect that trial was. The FDA will need to do its own (hopefully better designed) clinical trial and from there arrive at its decision to approve the treatment or not. Again, Trump has no power to authorize this treatment, only the FDA can do that. Trump merely said he has a good hunch about this particular treatment. Subsequent clinical studies by the FDA will prove or disprove Trump’s hunch, but everyone, including Trump should be free to have a hunch.
Ale Sh
Ale Sh 13 時間 前
To be fair, Trump didn’t endorse this treatment. He said he has a good feeling about it and can’t wait for it to go through FDA approvals.
Morning Star
Morning Star 14 時間 前
Your a lier
Triforce 14 時間 前
It has been verified by physicians of all infected nations that hydroxychloroquine can indeed effectectively treat coronavirus cases. It is indeed currently utilized in treatment protocols all around the world along with another existing antiviral drug called ramdesivir. If you inquire a little, you are going to surely find a really long research paper by the initial responders in China. The WHO has also confirmed the efficacy of the drug in question. Raoult was particularly bashed by the an ex-minister of France, who currently has vested interest in a pharmaceutical company. Basically, she was furious that this man promoted the use of an already available and cheap drug. Obviously, she wanted to come up with an expensive alternative and earn huge profits from it. They silenced this man. Not only that. They even forced the French government to prohibit use of this drug. It was only recently allowed after suffering so many deaths.
Alex 14 時間 前
I'm normally against Trump but he's right on this one. Mark my words
kamal Ramgoolam
kamal Ramgoolam 14 時間 前
This is nonsense. If there is any % of success, then it's good to go.
DaProphetNawlins 15 時間 前
I need hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin now.
James Kliewer
James Kliewer 15 時間 前
Are you going to totally ignore the trial that was done in China, which concluded with the recommendation for Hydroxychloroquine 400 mg BID day 1, then 200 mg BID days 2-5? That was completed and published Feb. 17. Is the CDC going to recommend what Taiwan has done to limit the spread, or does Taiwan's exclusion from the WHO invalidate them? Get with the program. This situation calls for what the military refers to as "field expedient." That means you use the best info you've got at the time, because without it you're going to die. Look also at the other work Dr. Raoult has done for the past few years on virus treatment with hydroxychloroquine. This is not a new arena for him. Could China's use of hydroxychloroquine be the reason they are seeing so few new cases in the past few weeks?
WooKongNinja 16 時間 前
Keep collecting data and we'll revisit this as the treated patient numbers increase. This episode should be titled Medhamstringery. Franz's gaggle missed the prime factor of elevating the intra-level zinc of the patients by the action of the zinc-ionosphere hydroxycloroquine. Plus, you can immediately detect the sickening hatred for Donald Trump that's skewing the Franz's logic.
Debra Fernandez
Debra Fernandez 16 時間 前
Is Azithromycin being given because CoVid-19 (can) quickly bring(s) on a secondary bacteria infection like pneumonia?
Ray Ziebro
Ray Ziebro 17 時間 前
450-500 treated in NY with zithromax, hydroxychloroquine, and zinc ALL excellent results. Why isnt this plastered all over the nation's news. Instead. terrible agenda driven reporting! Watch "EXCELLENT NEWS: Hydroxychloroquine Treatment Effective on 699 Patients" on JPchat jpchat.info/show/bideo/aoeDmdDNl8KJfmk.html
David Nguyen
David Nguyen 17 時間 前
Stop lying
gabman62 17 時間 前
ok ok, where is YOUR study ????? Available in 3 monthes ? when people die by hundreds per day in France ?
Adam Caldwell
Adam Caldwell 19 時間 前
Well at least we know you do not want to heal people. And let history show your time in this field should soon come to an end
Paul Round
Paul Round 19 時間 前
So we now have results from numerous trials in China, South Korea, France, Australia and in the US all have shown positive results but because they didn't follow the normal long winded procedures guys like this dismiss them. The anti-viral properties of this chloroquine and zinc has been known for 10 years which is why it was tried. We don't have the luxury of a two year trial for this, these drugs are already well known and widely used for other purposes and are known to be reasonably safe when taken properly so it's a no brainer to use them. My understanding is that in the NY trial no one given these drugs has so far died and the length and severity of their illness has been greatly reduced.
Melly and Leon Vlogs - BAHASA INDONESIA
Melly and Leon Vlogs - BAHASA INDONESIA 20 時間 前
May I suggest that you do a new video since more people has now taken part in the trial? New data from said trial being released next week apparently
SirShizuka 21 時間 前
If used on many people, the treatment will eventually cause some deaths. As the known side effects show. So the treatment should be used on all infected people with a higher chance of dying from the corona virus than dying from the treatment. Pragmatically that is the logical thing to do, even if that means the treatment will kill some people. In the rare cases that may have a higher risk from the treatment (heart disease, abnormal blood pressure...) They should carefully weight the risk either way.
kingbillybob 21 時間 前
We will chalk you up to someone that wants it to fail. Lay off the soy.
Fredo 21 時間 前
you are a chill. It diminishes the viral discharge, making people less contagious and also heals them. That works if you give it when first symptoms occur . It doesnt work at terminal stage.
Gary Churchill
Gary Churchill 22 時間 前
Oh no......I have to discourage a possible game changing treatment because I have TDS. I can’t let him win again. We need Joe Biden.
Raphael Letzelter
Raphael Letzelter 日 前
professor Raoult is in the top 5 research world wide for micro virus and the hospital in Marseille is top 1 for all europe
Raphael Letzelter
Raphael Letzelter 日 前
marseille hase less death in france due to professor Raoult TREATMENT that is real look
iamjresposito 日 前
now time to review the proper one they just put online, making it understable for pple like the narrator of this video
Ed Cronin
Ed Cronin 日 前
If I was sick & I could get this drug I would take it
RandonTvStuff TheRealFun
RandonTvStuff TheRealFun 日 前
This video is idiotic ... It's not a new drug .. it's been around for almost a hundred years
BassManBobBassCovers 日 前
What about the study in New York with the 500 patients where none of them died or needed a ventilator?
Samuel Bastian
Samuel Bastian 日 前
This is clearly mumbo-jumbo pretending to be science. Hydroxychloroquine + Azithromycin is now being used all over the world for treatment and prophylaxis.
Quetz M
Quetz M 日 前
Please, somebody tell doctor Didier to remind doctors to saturate the patient's Blood with zinc. Research groups around the world are not getting good results against covid19 for not providing zinc, which stops virus duplication inside the cell. Supplements of zinc picolinate or gluconate are good.
Rafael Evangelista
Rafael Evangelista 日 前
Dude, that was the saddest video I've ever seen... :/ Hopefully different tests with better methodologies will be done and we'll have good news in a few weeks. There are plenty of patients who are probably willing to give it a shot.
Stephen Siewert
Stephen Siewert 日 前
Trump didn't endorse it merely said they showed promise y the negativity toward Trump when this study came from Europe
Sam Schafer
Sam Schafer 日 前
This guy only made this video to Hate on Trump..
James Baz
James Baz 日 前
Hospitals want to fill all ICU beds because that makes the hospital money. Health care providers want to work 16+ hour shifts back to back treating multiple critical patients that might die when they could just prescribe hydroxychloroquine+azithromycin and go home and sleep because money. All the dead nurses and doctors are a conspiracy by the mainstream media, healthcare providers are actually in a secret cabal with a hidden stockpile of pills to pop while everyone around them dies. Fucksake. Yes, everything is a game where evil liberals are “winning” money from you. This isn’t a fucking miserable and frightening experience for everyone. Medmastery posted an educational video, which happens to follow another video that discusses why this medication combination might actually be effective. It doesn’t say azithromycin+hydroxychloroquine isn’t going to be effective. It just points out why further validation is urgently needed. Unfortunately, this point of view doesn’t flagrantly suck Donald Trump’s dick. If the combination treatment is revealed to be effective in any of the current clinical trials-ones that aren’t PCR swabs on 40 some patients in TOTAL with 6 patients in the hydroxychloroquine only treatment group conveniently disappeared (hint: 3 in ICU 1 dead) and other patients conveniently excluded from treatment due to “reasons”, it’s going to be presented here as well. I’m going to remember how liberal vs. republican radicalism and gamesmanship has weaponized this pandemic.
Supremacy 日 前
Perfect Result.👌 I have done experience after using these medicines...
mac curtis
mac curtis 日 前
Put human life over Dam Politics, plus what's the Left answer panic.
Chuck Cox
Chuck Cox 日 前
Does he ever make a point?
kevin shriver
kevin shriver 日 前
Jam O
Jam O 日 前
Product Design Club
Product Design Club 日 前
Medical schools must include war time strategies courses for doctors. Are you kidding me u r complaining about no placebo tests and scientific methods not being used when thousands of people are dying? as an analogy when ur brakes in car while driving don't work you don't do structural simulations to identify the root cause of failure, you just apply handbrakes
DeltaXY 日 前
I'm French - Bordeaux, South west, Atlantic coast, and have been quarantined/confined for already two weeks. Very interesting video. Detailled analysis. Raoult - I've been watching since early january all videos of his Marseille insitute - including many unrelated to covid19 to gauge how the man thinks and Goodness knows that being quarantined I got time - Raoult really thinks it works. So too do his colleagues. Pr. Zhong Nanshan in China - whose study Raoult initialled relayed, Raoult's institute belonging to the French watchdogs when it comes to emerging diseases - thinks that too. If the side effects are statistically small, the risk may be lower than not having these two drugs. If one out of a thousant person dies because of the medecine, if everyone has it, the consequences may be more dramatic that the havoc covid19 is already wreaking. I'm not a specialist, let alone an expert. I defer to these guys. But your video is the first I come across - and it's a JPchat suggestion, mind you! - which truly analyses Raoult's team's preliminary results. Many specialists in France sided with him. A staggering number of others did not, pointing to flaws in the study. Many are not experts in his field, though. And his anti-establishment stance poses a problem - doesn't suit up, long hair, thinks Darwin's evolution is not how nature works, about as much a contrarian as Christopher Hitchens was. Thank you for explaining all those biases. I honestly tend to side with Raoult's team (authority bias, I know...). But it is my opinion, and it's not an informed one. I'm ignorant in those fields - mine is Physics. On a side note, congrats for making the effort to perfectly pronounce all french locations and names, it was very good. Le bonjour depuis Bordeaux.
PerthesExercises 日 前
You think you're too smart when there is no time to act and sadly you don't provide better alternatives.
Yourheartdoc 日 前
great video i did a similar one and got so many hateful comments ! We just trying to be objective and explain science - not compromise peoples hope. Makes me wonder what some other media outlets and channels are spinning.
Think and change the way you think
Think and change the way you think 日 前
A lot of Blabla while thousand of people die In six days you can have the accurate results if you test the medecine on thousands of positive patients
boniek 日 前
please trust dr raoult 870 patient with chloroquine only one died www.mediterranee-infection.com/covid-19/
Diginema 日 前
Where There’s a Wheel, There’s a Way
Where There’s a Wheel, There’s a Way 日 前
I respect your thorough analysis. As health care providers (Im a pharmacist) we can not jump to conclusions with out scientific evidence as we practice science based medicine . However, given the mechanism of hydroxychloroquine (zinc ionophore) I have a lot of faith that this medication will work. Lets just hope for the good news
salemsurveying 日 前
you did not talk about chinese trials or why in addition to china south korea uses chloroquine. They added this to there treatment protocol before any french trial was published.
Neron 日 前
you wanna make the study say what it didnt ! its that simple !
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