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I’M FINALLY BACK. And I missed you so much! Today we’re chatting about editors: How you find one, how you hire one, and do you even need one? Drop any editor-esque questions you have in the comments below and I’ll try to answer them in my upcoming editor Q&A video.
Much love!

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omer ali
omer ali 11 日 前
Everyone: watching this video to see how they can hire a video editor Me: watching this video to see how I can work as a video editor for other JPchatrs
urboypete 8 日 前
You've got E-Mail! :)
Tom Beats
Tom Beats 年 前
Hey guys if anyone needs an editor i can edit videos for really cheap
RapidGamez 年 前
How do you use it?
Jane Ridgewood
Jane Ridgewood 年 前
Thank you so much for this video! Seriously helpful information.
Christy Shuler (C.R. Shuler)
Christy Shuler (C.R. Shuler) 年 前
I really appreciated this video. I plan to hire an editor very soon for developmental edits, so these tips will be put to good use!
Melissa Campbell
Melissa Campbell 年 前
Yes, talk about the different styles of editing, please.
santanasg 年 前
This was great! I’m planning to traditionally publish my novel, but I’m always fascinated in the self- publishing world, because well- you never know! Please do the Q&A/ expiation video with the types of editors, cause I’ve heard there are many, but it’d be interesting to know the extents of each :) Thanks Natalia!
Shann Tajiah
Shann Tajiah 年 前
Hi Natalia! I have been wondering about the editor phase, so I deeply appreciate you sharing this series with us! I would love to see a video about the different types of editing/editors :)
iWriterly 年 前
It was awesome to hear about your experience working with a freelance editor! I’m curious-what made you choose to jump right to copyediting (vs. a developmental editor)? So glad you found the resources (EFA and RevPit) helpful!
Vixen Black
Vixen Black 年 前
I missed you too
Patrick Skramstad
Patrick Skramstad 年 前
I have heard there are several different kinds of editors. Line editors, and so on. would it be alright to test their skills? how do you test an editor? how do you judge a skill level of an editor?
Miss Amber
Miss Amber 年 前
Fantastic timing! I used camp to revise/edit. I had 3 out of 8 betas who were almost editorial with their beta reading. I've been donating plasma to try to save for an editor, but they're so costly and I'm not sure I'll be able to afford one by the time I need for my book release :/ but your video is helping relieve the stress I was starting to get from this part of the, grazie mille!!!
Peggy Spencer
Peggy Spencer 年 前
Oh thank you!!!!!! You have no idea how this has helped me. I kept eyeing the cost of editors and cover art and thinking...i can't afford both. I'm willing to do as many edits and beta rounds as possible.
Sam Gibbins
Sam Gibbins 年 前
I'm so glad things are going well, there was SO much useful information in this video, thank you! I'm looking forward to the rest of the series. Also it's lovely to see you back after your break. Your passion for your work is so evident in every video you make and you speak with such warmth and positivity, I can't help but feel inspired every time I watch your videos. It puts a smile on my face every time I see you've uploaded again, so thank you!
Natalia Leigh
Natalia Leigh 年 前
Thank you so much for your kind words Sam! Your comments and messages always bring such a smile to my face
Create with *Timi*
Create with *Timi* 年 前
Your books are so amazing as they are, High Born is one of my fav books that I read recently, I think you made an amazing job. I also loved reading Song of the Dryad and cannot wait to have it in my hands and helping with the launching if you will need any help, with the cover reveal and reviews or interviews. This video was really helpful. You are so awesome, Natalia! Have a blessed day!
Greg Watson
Greg Watson 年 前
Good topic. For my novel (It Could Happen Here), I used Arnetta Jackson from She is a good proofreader. Also, I used Grammarly premium edition.
Greg Watson
Greg Watson 年 前
I really recommend it. It catches a lot of punctuation and other errors. Also, it's good for word variety and conciseness. I repeated certain words too often and used "really" or "very" where they weren't needed. On the silly side, Grammarly flagged "freshman" as in insensitive word, suggesting "first-year" instead."
Natalia Leigh
Natalia Leigh 年 前
Hey Greg! What did you think of Grammarly? I've never used it before, but from what I've seen, it seems helpful!
Alison F. Haring
Alison F. Haring 年 前
Thank you so much for this video Natalia. I'm so happy by how author-friendly your words are! So many (too many!!) first time authors are renouncing to self-publishing because of the "YOU MUST HAVE AN EDITOR" advices we see everywhere. That often leads to disappointment and anxiety, making htem think they will never be 'real' authors and it's the kind of things that makes me so sad!! Writing is about joy and loving your story. I do think an editor is a key element to end up with a good book and well-built story structure, but it absolutely mustn't be a reason to hold back sharing your story with the world! If you do it seriously and with dedication, quality will be there even if not perfection (no book is perfect, ask any author)! I'm so happy you pointed it out because I think it will help first time authors feeling better and less nervous about sharing their work! PS: I'm sooo excited about SOTD!! Can't wait for a release date! PS2: my question would be what are the price ranges for basic copyediting and what is to be considered "reasonable"?
Natalia Leigh
Natalia Leigh 年 前
Hi Alison! I really appreciate this comment. I know exactly what you mean and how it can feel to hear an unwavering, "You MUST use an editor." It shuts you down and makes you feel incapable if you don't have the budget for it. I certainly didn't have any money for an editor when I wrote my first two books, so I've been in that boat before. But we can do sooo much on our own, as long as we're willing to work hard and learn as much as we can. We ARE capable!
Kerri B
Kerri B 年 前
You did a great job explaining how to find an editor! I'm a freelance editor and I find most of my clients through facebook. Due to my own anxiety, I only talk with clients through email. I've found a lot of editors prefer to work on the manuscript and not be bothered by the client. I, however, love it when clients ask questions during the process or just a 'hey, how's it going?' email. If the manuscript is longer (like with Song of the Dryad), I'll try to update the client on a weekly basis. Always, ALWAYS ask for a sample edit before picking an editor! A lot of my clients have horror stories about skipping this step and paying all this money for a bad edit because they went with the first editor who came along. I've only been an editor for three years, but I absolutely love my job! PS: I'm actively seeking clients right for anyone who is interested in a free four page sample edit. 😊
Crislyn 年 前
This was SO helpful!! Exactly what I needed!
Zaranie Shields
Zaranie Shields 年 前
Yayy! I missed you so much! Thank you for such a wonderful video and the info that came with it! Much love and can’t wait for Song of the Dryad to be out!💕💕
Courtney Vestal
Courtney Vestal 年 前
Such a great video! So many fantastic ideas! I was really wondering how editors worked! Thanks Natalia!
Natalia Leigh
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