How to Trim Your Videos with the Video Editor in YouTube Studio

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11 ヶ月 前

With the video editor in JPchat Studio, you can cut out the beginning, middle, or end of your video on a computer. You don't need to re-upload a video to trim it -- plus, the video's URL, view count, and comments will stay the same.
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Zxn 6 時間 前
Theres no god dam save button.
TeamYouTube [Help]
TeamYouTube [Help] 6 時間 前
Hmm, try doing the basic troubleshooting steps first if you can't find the save button as this usually does the trick: You may also check here for a more detailed steps on how to edit and trim your videos. The save button is usually at the upper right side corner of the page after you finish editing or trimming:
StoryDive 12 時間 前
Could you please add a video and audio crossfade option! As a pro editor having to make JARRING cuts to a video with music in the background is killing me. When company copyright claims a video you slaved over when it hits 150k, you basically have cut up your masterpiece with a buzzsaw. I'm just asking for a few options to make it smoother and also an option to manually mute sections you want to mute. You can mute the claimed sections but again it's jarring. Some parts of the audio stay, others go and there is a hard, jarring cut from audio to no audio. PLEASE!!!
TeamYouTube [Help]
TeamYouTube [Help] 9 時間 前
We understand where you're coming from, and we're actively making improvements based on user input. Could you also share this through our feedback tool: This will help us prioritize the request, thanks!
Elena Anguiano
Elena Anguiano 日 前
mine says “oops your web browser is no longer supported, please upgrade to a modern, fully supported browser” can someone help :( I’m just trying to trim a video !
Elena Anguiano
Elena Anguiano 日 前
mine says it’s not supported :( do I have to do it on a laptop ?
TeamYouTube [Help]
TeamYouTube [Help] 日 前
Hmm, make sure your browser's updated to the latest version to avoid any issues. You can also try it on a laptop if you have one - just be sure you're using an updated browser as well. Let us know if it works.
vekua 日 前
It wont work.When i press save a message pops out that it wont work
TeamYouTube [Help]
TeamYouTube [Help] 日 前
Hmm, that's odd - if you haven't yet, try clearing your browser's cache and cookies then perform the same action to see if it fixes it. Using a different browser (like incognito) might also help. Let us know how it goes!
vekua 日 前
@TeamJPchat [Help] It says ,,There was a problem in processing your video.As a result your recent edits were not saved" . I trim the part i want removed,preview it and save it.And this message pops up
TeamYouTube [Help]
TeamYouTube [Help] 日 前
Thanks for letting us know - mind sharing more details about the error message? We'd like to understand what's happening.
Some Guy
Some Guy 3 日 前
id like to download videos to make little funny clips of em : ) but i cannot : ) the amount of hate i have for this site is unbelievable.
Abi The Artist
Abi The Artist 4 日 前
Save button is not enabled after trim. This seems to be a bug and not working
holtergeist 2 日 前
you have to select "preview" before you can hit save
trouvaille - by Aamir
trouvaille - by Aamir 2 日 前
@Abi The Artist Any luck? I have the same issue..
Abi The Artist
Abi The Artist 2 日 前
@SpacePod TV yes
SpacePod TV
SpacePod TV 3 日 前
you have to go to preview before the save button becomes visible
TeamYouTube [Help]
TeamYouTube [Help] 4 日 前
Appreciate you trying - mind sharing the experience via our Send Feedback tool: That's how we collect and prioritize requests. Thanks!
Abi The Artist
Abi The Artist 4 日 前
I'm able to trim and preview the video but Save button is disabled. Any guess what I missed while trimming?
SpacePod TV
SpacePod TV 3 日 前
u gotta go to preview before u can hit save
ChrisCanCode 4 日 前
This UI is unbelievably bad. Have you ever used your blur editor? It gave me cancer last night it was so bad.
Birdyroxas 5 日 前
How long does it take for the video trim to change the video length to the trimmed video? because it keeps turning back to original video length and not the trimmed length. or u must wait 1 day for it to change the video length to the trimmed length?
TeamYouTube [Help]
TeamYouTube [Help] 9 時間 前
Jumping in to clarify - in most cases, you should be able to see the updated video length as soon as you are done trimming. If it's taking longer, try clearing your cache and cookies then, relaunch y our browser. If this doesn't help, let us know so we can continue troubleshooting.
Itsjustboltz 12 時間 前
Birdyroxas same. What happens to me is that my audio cuts but not my gameplay
Mariana Ferrari
Mariana Ferrari 6 日 前
I can't find the editor button on my YTB studio for a recorded live stream. Where is it?
Mariana Ferrari
Mariana Ferrari 5 日 前
@TeamJPchat [Help] Thank you. It worked.
TeamYouTube [Help]
TeamYouTube [Help] 5 日 前
Sorry for the confusion - here are the tabs you need to click on to get to Editor: In JPchat Studio go to Videos > hover on the video you want to edit > Details (pencil icon) > Editor (clapper board icon) on the left side of the screen, under Analytics. Make sure you have the browser on full view so that the icons will also show the corresponding label. Hope this helps!
Mariana Ferrari
Mariana Ferrari 6 日 前
TeamJPchat [Help] thank you but I still don’t see the editor. I get Analytics and details. When I click on details it only allows to change title, thumbnail etc no efitor😰
TeamYouTube [Help]
TeamYouTube [Help] 6 日 前
Hey there, you have to select the video first from your list in JPchat Studio. After selecting the video, the Editor option will be on the left side of the screen. If you're having toruble after following these steps, let us know.
Kami Kaze
Kami Kaze 6 日 前
ok boomer
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