How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio

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Principles by Ray Dalio

Principles by Ray Dalio

6 年 前

Economics 101 -- "How the Economic Machine Works."
Created by Ray Dalio this simple but not simplistic and easy to follow 30 minute, animated video answers the question, "How does the economy really work?" Based on Dalio's practical template for understanding the economy, which he developed over the course of his career, the video breaks down economic concepts like credit, deficits and interest rates, allowing viewers to learn the basic driving forces behind the economy, how economic policies work and why economic cycles occur.

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[Also Available In Russian] Как действует экономическая машина. Автор: Рэй Далио (на русском языке):
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Przemek Niedźwiecki
Przemek Niedźwiecki 7 時間 前
SFB 8 時間 前
This is how The Economic Machine USE to work. Now the FED bails out everyone, prints trillions in currency, monetizes ALL Gov debt so they can pay you to stay at home instead of work, interest rates are set to below zero and its the Never Ending Bubble!
Eric Ho
Eric Ho 9 時間 前
great educating clips, thanks for sharing!
Courtney Martin
Courtney Martin 13 時間 前
Totally agree Love the economic system america lives on for ever I used it to the advantage
Happiness Warrior
Happiness Warrior 13 時間 前
Love Ray Dalio. The most down to earth, knowledgable and helpful Billionaire you'll ever meet.Thanks Ray!
Lucas Garcez
Lucas Garcez 13 時間 前
Thank you soo much, Ray Dalio. This is the best economics class I have ever attended. I'm a guy from Brazil, please translate this to Portuguese, there are millions of people here that need to understand this video.
Cryptopia 13 時間 前
dont buy Chinese goods
Jamsheed Begum
Jamsheed Begum 15 時間 前
marc999 15 時間 前
Thank you
HamzaConnection 15 時間 前
I paid 5 k USD to get this knowledge and this video is for free on youtube thank you so much for the video it was amazing!
Jasper Dale Samaniego
Jasper Dale Samaniego 18 時間 前
I dont think that's how should an economy works!
Amrit Mehta
Amrit Mehta 19 時間 前
Who's watching this whenever the hell they're watching this lmao
Tibor Bóné
Tibor Bóné 20 時間 前
This is pure genius. Something extremely complicated explained simple, clear, visual.
Out of the Box
Out of the Box 20 時間 前
Motion Data
Motion Data 20 時間 前
Check out who has the greatest stock market value in history here!!!
damdamatuko 22 時間 前
Dr. Sam Robbins is talking !!
7 Trumpets
7 Trumpets 23 時間 前
It’s a good video but Ray Dalio is a sellout. He traded America for China. You can find his portfolio online. He invests in China NOT America!
Master Rich
Master Rich 23 時間 前
Watch Des is helpfully
squirrel days
squirrel days 23 時間 前
What a great video! Ray is a good explainer with a voice that's nice to listen to, and the visuals are engaging and helpful. That said, did anybody think rules 2 and 3 kind of came out of nowhere? It seemed like he spent the whole video explaining why rule 1 should hold true, but then the thing about competitiveness and growing productivity in rules 2 and 3 caught me off-guard
Frederik Høyrup
Frederik Høyrup 日 前
Btw Dalio fails to mention who owns the "Central Bank" AKA the federal reserve. And NO its not that simple. But someone wants you to think that... Think about economics on youtube as presidential elections. The ones whos got the fewest "Likes" are often the ones who are telling the truth...
Frederik Høyrup
Frederik Høyrup 日 前
Im piss poor tried of dumbfucks saying "Why didnt my highscool teacher tell me this". WELL HE FUCKING DID! Then he got threaths from MANAGERS and SUPERVISORS to be "Diciplined and punished". He didnt like threaths. He told them to go x themselves. He quit and are now no longer a teacher...
Coolvidal 日 前
Im Davis - Personal Finance, Career, & Wealth Tips
Im Davis - Personal Finance, Career, & Wealth Tips 日 前
Who's watching in 2020, the deleveraging is happening now.
MrShopjulius 日 前
Coronavirus changed all that shit.
John williams
John williams 日 前
Well explained
Frederik Høyrup
Frederik Høyrup 日 前
60% bullshit. But it sells...
King Trump
King Trump 日 前
Ray Dalio, why are you such a Communist?! Not good, brother!
Jeff Cooper
Jeff Cooper 日 前
This is great, my only critique is that the sound effects and music in the background are distracting. People watching a 30 minute video on the economy should be able to pay attention without the musical gimmicks.
PlasmaBurns 日 前
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="246">4:06</a> - "Credit can help lenders and borrowers "Get What They Cant Afford." Fixed it for ya.
hammer string
hammer string 日 前
The best part in this video was your voice !!
kryurr 日 前
Very nice video! Hats off to both , person explaing and the person who created the animations!
A fantastic deconstruction of the economic machine.I have done a lot in terms of polittico-economic models in my youtube channel 'KENNETH AMONDI TV'
Gerhard Kutt
Gerhard Kutt 日 前
The glitch at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1380">23:00</a> on raising taxes on the wealthy is today, the wealthy are not money rich. They are asset rich and you cannot tax assets. This is where the system falls down.
Chew My Fat
Chew My Fat 日 前
Every school should teach this stuff instead of useless crap that has little real world application
curious sapiens
curious sapiens 日 前
What a masterpiece of video this is simple explaining great animation no ads awesome examples
Peter Smith
Peter Smith 日 前
I wonder how much wealth redistribution billionaire Ray Dalio has done
Don Shay
Don Shay 日 前
We have to work and work together for things to work and keep working
Yojimbo 日 前
Universal Basic Income can also create productivity. You need money to make money.
ahmed wagdy
ahmed wagdy 日 前
the first time in my life to understand how economy works
Eric Tsai
Eric Tsai 日 前
How does debt deconstruction cause income and assets to disappear, as mentioned at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1320">22:00</a>? I'm confused about this part, but this video is very educational overall!
家宇 2 日 前
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Heinrich Stonewood
Heinrich Stonewood 2 日 前
David Herrera
David Herrera 2 日 前
M S 2 日 前
Here’s my take. The income of the common person has not risen for 40 years, yet prices for good and services rise. Supplying more money to the common person, keeps them buying goods and services, which keeps companies and the rich people holding debt richer because they give the common folk just enough to pay the interest on their debt and buy things. The inequality of income isn’t addressed and keeps the common folk poor. Hence, the easiest way to fix the inequality is to take from the haves and give to the have nots, which is deleveraging in favor of the common folk, not they way the rich have done. Once the poor people understand this and the rich people refuse to abandon their excess, we find ourselves where we are today. Creating the illusion of division in society based on race or cultural difference is the only thing that keeps the pitch forks from YOUR front door. Once the police and military realize they are merely pawns for the rich, all they need is the promise of a better deal and this world you’ve created crumbles. A revolution is the only solution
Brandon Stone
Brandon Stone 2 日 前
Love all the positive responses. Makes us all more educated and responsible citizens that are more informed to hold our government accountable to enact policies that promote the well being of our country.
Cees Timmerman
Cees Timmerman 2 日 前
Don't just give new money away. Have public works or loan it out.
Akshay Deep Sharma
Akshay Deep Sharma 2 日 前
Read tons of editorials and articles, and this is where I finally understood the concept. Thank you so much.
donald teeple
donald teeple 2 日 前
already knew this
Fatriya Fahru Ramzi
Fatriya Fahru Ramzi 2 日 前
"Everyone can be an economist, the things to understand are supply and demand". Paul Anthony Samuelson
Matthew Roepke
Matthew Roepke 2 日 前
What happens when you mix in record level unemployment, record level stimulus, and record level unpaid debt...? I’m asking for a friend.
Arunabh Awasthi
Arunabh Awasthi 2 日 前
Thanks for enlightening us in such a simplified manner
Erdem Tosun
Erdem Tosun 2 日 前
I do not understand 2nd rule of thumb. Can anybody explain it a bit in detail? "Don't have income rise faster than productivity"
Jeanjean Souvarov
Jeanjean Souvarov 2 日 前
Sure,credit can be good when it creates growth and jobs at home,certainly not when it creates jobs in other countries.
Nitish Joshi
Nitish Joshi 2 日 前
What an amazing video! Hats off to the maker 😃 Thanks a lot for your efforts!
Amit Gurav
Amit Gurav 2 日 前
Wow.. Just an awesome explanation.
Yubel 2 日 前
Why don't we just outlaw borrowing then? It's only because of people's selfish greed to spend more than their income that we have these swings.
WatchFix 2 日 前
This video was valuable time well spent. All the shitty videos I've watched on JPchat were a waste of time - hence, a debt. Watching videos like this, helps offset that shitty-video-debt I've accumulated - but I need to increase my viewing of videos like this to see a beautiful deleveraging. And the animation was amazing too.
Michael Williams Jr
Michael Williams Jr 2 日 前
Chetana Sin
Chetana Sin 2 日 前
Shailendra Sawant
Shailendra Sawant 2 日 前
Success new way do any busssiness ....develope our skill ....create job....create new investments ....that no will be poor only two generation will be there rich v/s middle income ...
Shailendra Sawant
Shailendra Sawant 2 日 前
Thks for making this beautiful video..teach me .create value of money & relationship....till date i have go through so manny positive &inspiration videos one was best like this before ..i really thnks from my hrt ...all we only know good studied &good education...good job good life ...but all one things was common..that was book teaching notes only do or dnt..but no one teaches i real life be successful
Roberto Velez
Roberto Velez 2 日 前
awesome video
ChefGourmet 2 日 前
This is probably one of the best videos I've ever watched on JPchat. This has given me lots of insight into the economic crash that's happening right now. I learned more from this video than this entire semester of school. Also, no ads! Education just like it should be.
Graham R
Graham R 3 日 前
Fully applicable in 2020 even though it was made in 2013.
Isabelle Lee
Isabelle Lee 3 日 前
One of the best and most concise summary on the how economy works!:)
K C 3 日 前
If the central bank in the US had never been created: world war 1 would've just been a European oonflict that the US would not have entered. Upon eventually fiziling out, Germany would've been more content with the cease fire truce without the lopsided help to England from the USA. With Germany having better cease fire terms, the political climate would not produce the dictator Adolf Hitler. In fact he would've eventually died a regular ol unknown painter. World War 2 would've never happened. The cold war would've never happened. The vietnam war would've never happened. The korean war would've never happened.
Mafiosi3333 335
Mafiosi3333 335 3 日 前
The current system explained here has some major flaws, which is why decentralized cryptocurrencies were created only shortly after Lehman Brothers went bankrupt in 2008. Here‘s why: Since 08/09 we’re basically in a death spiral from which we can’t escape anymore. The interest rates are the lowest they’ve ever been and with negative interest rates not working nothing can prevent the next collapse of the system. Furthermore, printing money only increases inflation, so also no help from that. Meaning of this: The current system is bound to fail. That’s why I like bitcoin so much. I trust mathematics more than ppl or the FED. Bitcoin is a decentralized, independent, global & censorship resistant digital currency, which has a max cap of 21 million. Nobody can print it out of thin air. It’s best if everyone does his/her own research of this to choose which system works best, but don’t complain to me that you lost everything during the TOTAL collapse of the system, since it was foreseeable since 08/09.
the dragon warior
the dragon warior 3 日 前
I teach this in my forex lectures.
Fred Winslow
Fred Winslow 3 日 前
I still do not see anything beautiful
kckcmctcrc 3 日 前
IMO - Student Loans. If you're buying a home or car the Bank evaluates your credit worthiness to determine how much to lend. The amount the Bank will lend regulates the home/car price. The bank would not lend me 500K for a Farrari or 5mm for a home, I would default and file for bankruptcy, the Bank loses for making a bad loan. With Student Loans however the bank can lend nearly risk free as there's really no way to get out of the loan not even Bankruptcy. Even if you die, the bank still gets their money as nearly every parent co-signs a Student Loan. This is why universities continually increase the cost of tuition. If the laws governing Student Loans were more like the laws governing EVERY OTHER TYPE of loan, College would be less expensive AND fewer people would have less Student Load Debt. IMO this longer term solution solves the Student Loan Crisis and Lowers Tuition. Thank you.
Dinesh Shukla
Dinesh Shukla 3 日 前
Best video i have watched on utube about economy
I Created An Account For This
I Created An Account For This 3 日 前
I thought the economy was fuelled by cocaine.
James Aindow
James Aindow 3 日 前
So.... WW3 in 2030 then?
suraj mastan
suraj mastan 3 日 前
This is the most fundamental and the most important lesson in economics ...Thank you, Ray :)
Serraios198 3 日 前
Any resemblance to actual events is purely coincidental
marte thompson
marte thompson 3 日 前
this guy assumes that the working class calls the shots. it doesn't.
marte thompson
marte thompson 3 日 前
we are currently seeing how the working class generates all the energy to move the economy.
marte thompson
marte thompson 3 日 前
our current system is feudalism.
marte thompson
marte thompson 3 日 前
every generation is more and more in debt, thanks to this type of magical thinking.
marte thompson
marte thompson 3 日 前
when you regard the economy like a "machine" you regard people as "machines."
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