How the Coronavirus is changing the future of work | Covid-19 Special

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The coronavirus has forced millions of people into quarantine and self-isolation. Lots are working from home, some for the first time. Others have to keep going tow ork despite the danger. We take a look at how people cope with working from home and ask an expert how the crisis might change how we work for good.

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DW News
DW News 14 日 前
What are your most pressing coronavirus questions for our science correspondent Derrick Williams? Our upcoming specials will tackle the spread of Covid-19 on the African continent as well as how doctors are trying to treat the virus
C H 13 日 前
I am curious why people talk so much about the availability of vaccine but not the medicine? At this stage, a curing medicine is more important than a vaccine. Are the media steeling us to something?
John D
John D 13 日 前
@Nephron z 1: It won't. 2: You'll be taking the shot(s) in September... 2021... at the earliest. Unless, of course, they REALLY REALLY rush it, in which case, you might as well have one of the experimental ones right now, because there's absolutely no guarantee it won't kill or cripple you, or even work at all. Worst case scenario: rushed vaccine proves worse than the disease, giving the anti-vaxxers a shred of truth to stand on. A generation later, a measles pandemic kills half the kids on Earth.
shanaka jayatilake
shanaka jayatilake 14 日 前
Hi Derrick, I would like to ask, 1. why has the world's best health services failed with relate to Covid-19 even though some countries still have more than sufficient ICU units available(eg. Germany, Swiss)? 2. The general hypothesis in Italy for most aged people falls negative as Japan has the most aged population (Statistically) than Italy and lies in close proximity to China (hence trade + movement of people). What do you think, what Japan has done but not Europe.? Thank you very much
Leander Barreto
Leander Barreto 14 日 前
@Screaming Eagle High cost of testing
Screaming Eagle
Screaming Eagle 14 日 前
Why extensive testing is not used but only people with travel abroad history or that have been in contact with somebody who has tested positive are being testet. I know cases of people with fever, cough, diarrhea and muscle pains who were told just to stay at home and nobody came to test them. Are they just testing the tip of the iceberg and leaving all the others?
Yo Li
Yo Li 15 時間 前
What to do if your company doesn't allow you to work from home? Most guys from our office could easily do their work from home. 日 前
less music
Evo Antz
Evo Antz 2 日 前
The covid19 virus is total bs, its a test, I kid you not, covid(s) have been around since the 50's, self isolateing and work from home, next we will have to have vaccination or no travel or maybe even buy food, heaven forbid we have to get chipped,. This is all contrived by government's around the globe. What's happening with Iran? What's happening with Julian Assange. France protests Hong-Kong rioting Must I really go on? The clocks are ticking away now.. Media mistrust was just the beginning. It's terrorism by our governments to keep us in an 'economic' regime rather than a spiritual globe, united as one. The best thing to do is go outside and take a walk in your local park (if you're allowed to lol) take your freedom back before its too late, Have a great day and turn the TV off, May you all have a great day❤️❤️👍
Liza Urena
Liza Urena 2 日 前
Climate change action project COVID-19.
coinboy86 4 日 前
No matter what society "expects" from me, I WILL be returning to work PROPERLY after the pandemic. My rights to be free in this country will NOT be taken away from me. Past pandemics have been much worse, and people went on with their lives afterwards.
Jake Hamblin
Jake Hamblin 7 日 前
Oh yeah. People with kids don’t have dishes and laundry and books and a refrigerator too...
tinimeanie 8 日 前
Who least they still have their jobs..
sistematic1 9 日 前
Im an uber driver how I'm gonna work from home??? Any tips???
Daniel Munoz
Daniel Munoz 9 日 前
I still have to go to work and not from home ,, so I don't consider it a quarantine if I still have to go to work and be around 300+ people from a vast array of locations from the Midwest in illinois
Martin Sage
Martin Sage 9 日 前
My wife is a 5 Star Chef. Working at home is not an option. She has been laid off her job. Unlike S.Korea we in the US are waiting to test After you get real sick and After you have infected All your Family +Friends + Strangers. REAL SMART! What a money saving idea...NO!
Jacob Lindberg
Jacob Lindberg 10 日 前
Bushra Siddiqui
Bushra Siddiqui 10 日 前
Is the Coronavirus Shaping the Future of How We Work?Let the expert help you out- here's Jason Averbook's insight on the changing workplaces to create meaningful
Ankur Boruah
Ankur Boruah 10 日 前
The whole video, I'm just into her, isn't she Georgious.
Makta972 10 日 前
I know it's lockdown time right now, but boy you need to go out more and meet real women
Damian Davis
Damian Davis 10 日 前
Damian Davis
Damian Davis 10 日 前
Man Kok Lau
Man Kok Lau 11 日 前
It's WUHAN virus, cause I haven't been bribed like WHO cares, probably more then the usual 50c a post.
Dennis Cerletti
Dennis Cerletti 11 日 前
Coronavirus is preparing us for travel to the Red Planet!
Dutch Kushman
Dutch Kushman 11 日 前
All lies!!!! A animal can not infect a human. so the people who are talking about that are telling lies!!! wake up people
yourtv 11 日 前
I can’t wait to do my surgeries from home.
yourtv 11 日 前
Stop touching your face!
YouFixTube 12 日 前
Ebola killed way more people with coffins everywhere, than Corona virus has done so far. Yet, ebola never shutdown or lockdown anything. Why is it that when something happens in the west all of a sudden it a global pandemic. This is an agenda to take people's rights away. This is where its going.
Abhishek Shingala
Abhishek Shingala 12 日 前
Sex Education!!!
Nova Verse
Nova Verse 12 日 前
If this actually becomes a thing then i think the way houses are build should change too, build local communities with stores and other amenities for local groups instead of going to the bus to go to a mall or something.. And encourage more cycling then driving since distances are relatively close you don't need a car, these things are very normal here in The Netherlands.
Dan Cameron
Dan Cameron 12 日 前
Yeah the dishes and laundry are still needing done when you have kids. Theres just more of them to do. That's just to clarify for everyone who saw a person compare simple house duties to the duties of a someone caring for a child.
iwonthelottovac 12 日 前
I love it! I wish my company would make this permanent.
Officer Barbrady
Officer Barbrady 12 日 前
How to Police Officer from home.
James Hong
James Hong 12 日 前
the host is extremely beautiful and elegant😊
staan dobber
staan dobber 12 日 前
Over half of the people working from home are not necessary
Porter 12 日 前
may seem great until you realize it gives companies a reason to lay people off or an excuse to remove benefits
mike stone
mike stone 12 日 前
Music so loud she is hard to hear. Is instructional or s music video. To annoying to continue watching..
Ismayil Arifoglu
Ismayil Arifoglu 12 日 前
Sumi looks sexy to me. And Dr. Tedros is disaster.
M Bec
M Bec 12 日 前
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="358">5:58</a> "#cabin fever" for real, guys, please make sure that you get at least B-Grade personal... this is embarrassing...
Fuck PigChina
Fuck PigChina 13 日 前
Kiyo is funny! I like! 👍🤪😂🤣🔥
Fuck PigChina
Fuck PigChina 13 日 前
Dose it really work?
Kamal Kunwar
Kamal Kunwar 13 日 前
Smart Baba
Smart Baba 13 日 前
It's #WuhanViruse or called it #ChineseCOVID19.
No need to panic, Just stop spending on automobiles and save money for food.
Crystal Ma
Crystal Ma 13 日 前
I really Thankful for Dr Williams (Scientist) talk. I like hear his explanation.
perkyzombie 13 日 前
90 push ups first thing when I get out of bed then 30 or more on the hour and pulls and crunches throughout the day I try to do more everyday; it seems to keep me focused, 260 today. I completely hope I am able to keep working from home, no more two hours commuting daily, or spending 8 hour in a dungeon of an office. Instead, I've my homey pleasent environment, good music, zoom when I need to colaborate; stricktly, as work is concerned, I love it... while the job lasts. -There is reality, you know, the CCP-apocalypes -economic and the countless surffering. Yeah, so as long as I stay away from the news, I can work in happy ignorance...
Catalytic Contreras
Catalytic Contreras 10 日 前
Are you an INTP by any chance?
Cutting Arrow
Cutting Arrow 13 日 前
Count this as a popular holiday season guys.
Chris Baumgarten
Chris Baumgarten 13 日 前
I believe exactly NOTHING out of China. Trust is earned. It's going to be a while...
samarhafeez 13 日 前
Work from home is the future 😆
Elizabeth Francis
Elizabeth Francis 13 日 前
It's changing 'Everything' exactly as it was planned out for the livestock cattle
KostaAtlas 12 日 前
Elizabeth Francis support livestock
Dulcie Lambert
Dulcie Lambert 13 日 前
We are China Weibu Network Technology Co., Ltd. Our company has a large number of covid-19 detection reagents. Covid-19 detection reagent can detect 50 people
Cade Redfield
Cade Redfield 13 日 前
I never liked people sitting right next to me EVEN BEFORE CoVid-19 in a Movie Theater, High School, Airplane, Houston Texans Game anyway 🙌 I like a breathing room in my personal space??? !
Damian Davis
Damian Davis 10 日 前
I would love to be alone now. Alas, i am a necessary business and I have to work. Lucky & unlucky
rhythmandacoustics 13 日 前
How to work at home guide: 1) Build a physical robot 2) Remote control that robot 3) Build Artificial Intelligence to auto-control robot 4) Retire 5) Death
rhythmandacoustics 11 日 前
@Hope Forbetter NICE!!
Hope Forbetter
Hope Forbetter 13 日 前
The robot will kill you before you retire and then collect your pension!
Bart B.
Bart B. 13 日 前
How to deal with Cabin Fever: With: 5.7/10 IMDB, 56%MC & 62%RT, 75% of the amateur critics gave a thumbs up. Looking positive? Do please heed this warning! What, at first glance, seems to be 1.34h of regular, mildly dated, Horror/Comedy entertainment and easily assumed to be a nice home office watch; the overarching theme of this story might be a very bad choice due the current pandemic. This, as a group of school friends rent a cabin in the woods and kill an ailing man, whose disease spreads among them. Forcing them to take drastic measures to survive! Given the latter, watching this movie could lead to many people taking much to drastic measures against the Covid19 crisis! Better keep the entertainment in the safer regions, like Shrek; as Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life! Finally, for all that experience (to a certain degree) "issues with authority", during regular lunch hours, there is a graphical curve that can be increased even further, as was presented in the latest figures from a certain hub (online). Extra word of caution when increasing the before mentioned curve, ensure you pause/mute/turn off any virtual meeting-room software! No matter what, stay safe and healthy and when the walls truly are coming at you, kind but firmly, remind them we really should take 2 meters distance from each other!
S G 13 日 前
☝️ *It seems that there are many viruses from "bats"* 😮
Kay 13 日 前
S G i think they r lookin for the one which can turn them into maniacs
mark galetti
mark galetti 13 日 前
It's the other way around, the sheeple are allowing the virus to change their way of life. Don't give up your cash, don't give up your personal freedom, and most important, don't give up your guns! This pandemic was brought on to the world by the United Nations agenda 2021 - 2030 .
jimmy Ryan
jimmy Ryan 13 日 前
learn to peal carrots properly.
fritz reimer
fritz reimer 10 日 前
Does not the peal have most of the vitamin??
world citizen G
world citizen G 13 日 前
valentinbeholder 13 日 前
Sumi SEXI Somaskanda
NBaimf 13 日 前
The corona bio weapon is meant to attack freedom and train people into accepting dictatorship control. The psychological aspect of the weapon will only be effective until people understand what freedom is.
vincent chiong
vincent chiong 13 日 前
PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. Coronavirus does not move; it cannot come to infect you. People move and the virus move with them. Stop moving and stay put and the virus stop moving and stop spreading. Do not go out to get the bug or give thd bug to others
KeroBero 13 日 前
Extroverts: "Oh my God. How do people live like this?" Introverts: "Nothing's changed really."
Jonathan Lebon
Jonathan Lebon 13 日 前
Stolen comment. It is true extrovert friends are going nuts at home. Meanwhile it's business as usual except I have even more excuses not to go out! Awesome!!
NBaimf 13 日 前
Kero: "I'm a unoriginal drooling dork" World: "We know that"
Shanjan Usman
Shanjan Usman 13 日 前
The fast food industry is finished now. I cannot see myself returning to McDonald's again in my life. The fact that this virus is connected to the immune system is why people will change their ways. Allotments and cooking is coming back.
Dman9fp 4 日 前
McDonald's is trash- I've given them chance after chance if not just for nostalgia- their food is subpar (especially for the price) they never put ice in the coffee, takes forever to get your food usually oh and they never put ice in your coffee xD
Dennis Cerletti
Dennis Cerletti 11 日 前
Just eat the burger and maybe lettuce and maybe a slice of pickle,drink with carbonated water sugar free your in.
Natty Wallo
Natty Wallo 12 日 前
It won't change.
mcscootie 14 日 前
Lets cocoon the elderly and weak, isolate them, and lets get on with proper life again. To the normal person this virus is going to feel like NOTHING. I know because ive had it. Shutting down the planet is not the right option, unless there is another agenda.
Christian Edwards
Christian Edwards 13 日 前
Not true please research more before spreading ignorance about how this is an old person virus which just simply isn't true. Yes they are more of the deaths, but half of people hospitalized from corona are under 65.
NBaimf 13 日 前
Mc, yes the agenda is to attack freedom. But they will fail.
G-FREE DK 14 日 前
well, when u r workin at manufacture company, or shipyard company and u r workin as an operator there.. how should u work from home ? using some avatar or a robot that u controllin from home?
crystalidx 14 日 前
First of all, find a job that you can work at home.
PHK79 Same
PHK79 Same 14 日 前
Louder the music or else we might hear what she says
Tobias Gnädig
Tobias Gnädig 14 日 前
The XI-Virus is a Communist Bioweapon
Huidige TLOF
Huidige TLOF 14 日 前
Background music is so loud 😑 🤦‍♂️
Frank Nil
Frank Nil 14 日 前
Essentially, except for modes face-to-face communication, your behaviour and mentality should stay the same, a.k.a. professional.
Totomoa 14 日 前
What's wrong with her lips
undershirtless colfer
undershirtless colfer 14 日 前
Why is <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="389">6:29</a> the whole glee cast?? Lmao memories
UnoWild 14 日 前
Whoever edited this video obviously did it from home in the, shower.. and should be fired. *music over voice, couldn't hear a thing
Witold Pilecki
Witold Pilecki 14 日 前
pamela alum
pamela alum 14 日 前
Still being it home is a lot of stress.i have akids who don't wonna be it home.i don't know what to do.
call of duty ruined my life 987
call of duty ruined my life 987 14 日 前
Your spelling is off.
Your’s Pretty Me
Your’s Pretty Me 14 日 前
I falled in love in Derrick Williams. Sorry, but he is really cute.
DaGleese 14 日 前
Anyone else not doing a damn thing at "home office"? :D
jane gallagher
jane gallagher 13 日 前
Ha...that is funny. I'm certainly not doing much. Thought I was the only one.😄
Nicolas Hegedus
Nicolas Hegedus 13 日 前
Ask Jonathan pie 😂
utubewatchinhesk 14 日 前
Imagine the fright of human interaction after this virus. It seems apocalyptic already.
Natty Wallo
Natty Wallo 12 日 前
Zero Four 0.4
Zero Four 0.4 14 日 前
Plz Stop criticizing, blaming, subjective... Be always careful but no panic. You can only believe and do follow governments Plz
G-FREE DK 14 日 前
well.. i'm panic coz my gvrmnt not do so well
Shadow hadz
Shadow hadz 14 日 前
This is nuts! How can I drive the vehicle at work from home! Upgrades to my playstation? Lol
G-FREE DK 14 日 前
maybe using an avatar or a robot that u controllin from home would help ..
systematic self organization
systematic self organization 14 日 前
Chef Edchua
Chef Edchua 14 日 前
nice coverage
The Paladino
The Paladino 14 日 前
The intro report by Miss Dörrer was terrible. Both in content (which was useless and clickbait-styled) and in editing (which didn't even allow me to understand half her words) ...
ChanoineStraub 14 日 前
It's not because of the virus crisis that people are made to work from home. This is happening because someone engineered this virus crisis to use it as an excuse to change everything. It's terrorism, period.
mike dike
mike dike 14 日 前
yes you can stay home and make dumb video's now....great job
Aman Khan
Aman Khan 14 日 前
Crazy She don't know When she will go
Felix Okafor
Felix Okafor 14 日 前
Story story story, if you are operating machine in your working place you will still work from home right? story.
lamebubblesflysohigh 14 日 前
I cant wait to do my factory job from home over Microsoft teams ... a dream come true :D
JC Denton
JC Denton 6 日 前
lamebubblesflysohigh I thought the inference was blatant.
lamebubblesflysohigh 6 日 前
@JC Denton you spelled "instead of you" wrong :)
JC Denton
JC Denton 6 日 前
lamebubblesflysohigh Automation will do your job for you!
sara deen
sara deen 14 日 前
Lmao😂😂😂yeah me too
Elroy 14 日 前
Boring self-aggrandizing Millennial nonsense. "Get you tech together." How about getting your estate, fiances and will together?
DaGleese 14 日 前
So you are anti Trump and anti Millennial. Interesting combination!
GG 14 日 前
Elroy bc they most likely will not have an estate?
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