How I Got Away With Ditching Class

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So I ditched class and got away with my story CHUN CHUN noise from that one show
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SomeThingElseYT 年 前
Fun fact, I finished this video (after losing a chunk of the finished animation cuz my computer is garbage) on a 13 hours flight to Australia where I'll be attending Vidcon!
Sid -nova
Sid -nova 24 日 前
I replied just to make the amount of replies 500 exactly
Drawing Pistachio
Drawing Pistachio ヶ月 前
the dimension travler
the dimension travler ヶ月 前
I have adha and dyslexia I did the same thing
the_malicious_ ducky_bandit
the_malicious_ ducky_bandit ヶ月 前
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Cody Birch
Cody Birch ヶ月 前
Maggie From Undertale
Maggie From Undertale 4 分 前
Somethingelse: don't eat paper my mind: OH SHOT I EAT PAPER I'M DEAD AND DO THE SAME THING WITH LEAF'S
FlowerPower48 4 時間 前
Adam is right Doug is adorable!!!!!!!
adrians jakusovs
adrians jakusovs 8 時間 前
Stephanie Delgado
Stephanie Delgado 9 時間 前
I laughed so hard when you said in there little gold carts
Jebruh 12 時間 前
Omfg Mr blah blah blah is just like my Indonesian teacher. THEY FREAKING DO NOTHING THEN TELL U OFF FOR NOT KNOWING ANYTHING. I feel your pain.
O K A Y 12 時間 前
fuck school
Bts rap monster God of destruction
Bts rap monster God of destruction 16 時間 前
Bring goldfish to school, crunch it and spit it out and it looks like throw up. Hi adam
Floofdoggos1027 Oofer
Floofdoggos1027 Oofer 17 時間 前
Hold up let me like that smash button
Paige Hinton
Paige Hinton 19 時間 前
I love math!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Death Row Series
Death Row Series 19 時間 前
At my school we’d leave the classroom to use the bathroom and we’d meet up with any of our friends we’d find in the hallways and just talk. But the teachers found out and two don’t care but two do and now we have bathroom passes(Your given 5) for math class and the teacher said “If you run out of passes your gonna have to wait until the next trimester for more.” And that’s five passes to last us at least three months for one math class. As for the other class we just have to actually sign out and you have to be like her fav student and rarely use the bathroom and she’ll let you leave 😁
Lacking Anger
Lacking Anger 21 時間 前
As soon as the video started laughing cause all the memories came back and punched me in the face
Lacking Anger
Lacking Anger 21 時間 前
Sometimes I just wait for a the clock to reach a number which was almost at the end of class, I would ask to go to the bathroom and take as long as could to get there and back.
XxGamerWolfxX ;-;
XxGamerWolfxX ;-; 21 時間 前
Wolf-leader300 21 時間 前
My teacher never let me use the bathroom to j peed at the corner on the class room a give my teacher a deadly stair.
Boiling Donuts
Boiling Donuts 22 時間 前
I literally like went to the bathroom and skip either science or social studies no one questioned me because everyone knew I have troubles using in the bathroom so ha
Adrian Garci
Adrian Garci 日 前
I'am going to escape
P.K Is weird
P.K Is weird 日 前
Did you really break a toilet
Toasty The cornball
Toasty The cornball 日 前
No offence tho
Toasty The cornball
Toasty The cornball 日 前
The teachers voice tho
Casey Lancaster
Casey Lancaster 日 前
b for bathroom destroyer
XxxIam Ex0ticxxX
XxxIam Ex0ticxxX 日 前
Does this answer your question? BOOOOOOOOM
Jayden Valle
Jayden Valle 日 前
Adam hates math ok what’s 300 +727-1027
imani messiah
imani messiah 日 前
4:48 I pomise
Twinkle Bean
Twinkle Bean 日 前
Gachia Galaxy
Gachia Galaxy 日 前
I agree so fricking much 😑
Heather Karavas
Heather Karavas 日 前
Omg this is SO FUNNY
Gracie Wright
Gracie Wright 2 日 前
Mr. Blah blah blah: Adam sit ya butt down and listen. Adam: Can I use the bathroom? Mr. Blah blah blah: Yes- WAIT....
BloxVerse 2 日 前
I need to poop
Lucky Fuyo
Lucky Fuyo 2 日 前
Yo Adam I realy like ur voice
Arnav Tripathy
Arnav Tripathy 2 日 前
I see how you are friends with TheOdd1sOut and Jaidenanimations. You have good vid
Mr. Yeet
Mr. Yeet 2 日 前
That first one was illegal
tiffany 2 日 前
Can anyone tell me what Eric said at 05:12?? Because I can't understand what he's saying here
Garen Edbrooke
Garen Edbrooke 2 日 前
The odd1 out like math
Lizzypop RBX
Lizzypop RBX 2 日 前
Me: can I go to the bathroom Teacher: idk can you? Me: yes..
Balloons td master
Balloons td master 2 日 前
GachaRoblox 2 日 前
*White BOARD
WaterFalls101 2 日 前
ha ha ha
Kenji Bennett
Kenji Bennett 2 日 前
HHa ha ha that girl that writing is so funny
Draw Cookie
Draw Cookie 2 日 前
In second grade I alwaYs went to the bathroom in a French class my friend always went at the same time so my teacher asked. Somebody to see if we where the ones stealing the toilet paper (later we found some in a kids desk) and it turned out we did not so 😑
Frankie and pinkie
Frankie and pinkie 2 日 前
Funny moments in this video: 0:40 I NEED TO POOP! | 0:46 hmm, I donno? *CAN YOU!!!!?????*
McFarland Geoffroy
McFarland Geoffroy 2 日 前
My algebra 2 teacher is the best
Crimson 3 日 前
Your Local Weeb Lexi
Your Local Weeb Lexi 3 日 前
“White board. Board. Bored? Bored! White!” Idk why but that part made me crack up so much 😂
Pizza Mc Cool
Pizza Mc Cool 3 日 前
I like your video Adam 😂😂😂😂😂
ThatGurl2002 3 日 前
Let’s be honest: *The only time you like the pen typing sound, a pencil moving and, chewing gum is when YOU make the sounds*
_Silent ẞøw_
_Silent ẞøw_ 3 日 前
"like that smash button" Me:Wait-
Tuyen Pham
Tuyen Pham 3 日 前
Jensen Prach
Jensen Prach 3 日 前
SteelStorm LPS
SteelStorm LPS 3 日 前
I just draw in class, but when the teacher calls on me, I just asked to call on a friend XD
michael 11629
michael 11629 3 日 前
He just described my Seventh Grade math teacher.
Charlie jones
Charlie jones 4 日 前
I love math and im 7
Noelia Sloan
Noelia Sloan 4 日 前
"That's important in mexican" me: uhh no
S16-1-12 Accounting
S16-1-12 Accounting 4 日 前
I did the exact same😂
Katherine Macaspac
Katherine Macaspac 4 日 前
hey why do you not make any animations yet maaaaakkkkkkeeeeee!!!!!!! one
Ellie DaSilva
Ellie DaSilva 4 日 前
Like that smash button
ElleSilk 4 日 前
Do you ever regret ditching class? I do, I really do.
Jason Persaud
Jason Persaud 4 日 前
RandomPlayerCalledaka_Pat AndPlaysRobloxYAY
RandomPlayerCalledaka_Pat AndPlaysRobloxYAY 4 日 前
teacher:...and hes gunnuh be writing his resamation early for やれやれだぜ...
ケーキ[ g â t e a u ]
ケーキ[ g â t e a u ] 4 日 前
“Súper importante” HAHAHA i love him.
Hoseok and Namjoons Hypewoman
Hoseok and Namjoons Hypewoman 5 日 前
Currently getting away with ditching lol
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