Highlights: Japan v Scotland - Rugby World Cup 2019

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World Rugby

World Rugby

ヶ月 前

Short form highlights of Japan v Scotland at Rugby World Cup 2019. Extended highlights will be published 21:45hrs on Monday (JPN time)

M. Scott McKenna
M. Scott McKenna 2 日 前
One thing which can never be taken from Japan is their determination and spirit. As my son is 1/4 Japanese, I know "crazy" when I see it. :)
Alexander Garvey Holbrook
Alexander Garvey Holbrook 5 日 前
1:30 Without a doubt, the try of the tournament.
Ramon Abelardo Bacit
Ramon Abelardo Bacit 8 日 前
"The Rugby World Cup has an Asian quartefinalist for the first time". The proudest moment for the Asia nation.
Ron F
Ron F 9 日 前
Fukuoka hes like a little energizer bunny just doesn't stop keeps on going and going and going
ビッグパッキャオ 10 日 前
I love scotland and I love scottish Rugby Big respect from Japan 🇯🇵🤝🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Matthew Hilton
Matthew Hilton 10 日 前
Well done to Japan for the great rugby they played am Scottish and was dissapointed with how we started against Ireland and Japan it was catch up rugby from then we need to improve massively on our defence. But well done to Japan you did your nation proud
123 456
123 456 11 日 前
1:48 俺ラグビー全然知らないんですが、 このパス、スーパープレイですよね?
neo hunt
neo hunt 12 日 前
fukuoka lexus rx
スペシャル Doggu
スペシャル Doggu 14 日 前
most entertaining game of the show so far imo
carlostaipei 15 日 前
Well done Japan!
りり 16 日 前
0:13 スクリーンの写り気にしててわろた
Mai Kim Dang
Mai Kim Dang 18 日 前
Japan played great
Take The Red Pill
Take The Red Pill 24 日 前
doing the minute of silence in a 3 minute video?!??!
Karthik Shettigar
Karthik Shettigar 25 日 前
Congratulation Japan(my favorite country after India) from India
board donkey
board donkey 25 日 前
Congratulations ; Look forward to watching you in the finals against the All Blacks , could you imagine - going to the finals with 2 New Zealand coaches ...Priceless Moment
MrAMYJACK 25 日 前
What a game this Rugby is, just the Best
ひろぽん 25 日 前
Fukuoka =speedy Gonzalez
chavinda perera
chavinda perera 25 日 前
The Scotish team had so many gaps in their line the defence was horrible.
るる 25 日 前
0:13 マジで恥ずかしいから😂これ見て海外の人は歌舞伎って分かるのかな?
ワニワニパニック障害 26 日 前
ikeruzo nihon gannbaleeeeeee
Phillip Cox
Phillip Cox 26 日 前
A scotsman walks into a bar, normally there would be an englishman, a welshman and and irish man there as well, but they're still in japan...
MR!! ZTRENGTH!! BROTHOR!! E!! 26 日 前
Utsu Kuru
Utsu Kuru 26 日 前
When I am looking at the comments section I am starting to believe this is a really sporty sport. Instead of hatred I see respect for the opposing team. Nice!
J K 26 日 前
Why are only two of Japan’s players actually Japanese?
29AUG2010 2 日 前
I'm Japanese. Japan have 7 foreigners. The rest are Japanese. They are all Brave Blossoms and the people of Japan are proud of all of them.
26 teishin
26 teishin 26 日 前
scotland team = 12(foreigner) Japanese team = 15(foreigner) 16👈 Japanese🇯🇵
Moreover, if the rugby ball looks square, you should go to ophthalmology Lol
The Moore Clan
The Moore Clan 26 日 前
Japan is basically the All Blacks b class
Mickey balloons
Mickey balloons 26 日 前
Scotland won the 2nd half by a country mile
Ron S
Ron S 27 日 前
Lol is this a joke?
Alberto Gomez
Alberto Gomez 27 日 前
Oh waoooo!!
the fighting irish
the fighting irish 27 日 前
A lot of the Japanese players don't really look, well, erm, Japanese
26 teishin
26 teishin 26 日 前
scotland team = 12(foreigner) japanese team = 15(foreigner) 16👈 japanese
the fighting irish
the fighting irish 26 日 前
@METAL- KNIGHT can you translate for me?
Does an Irish who is bad at rugby look like that
musica 27 日 前
You look like poor racist.
r blake
r blake 27 日 前
Sorry to say but this weekend sees the best hosts with the best brand of rugby exit the competition. However the gracious Japanese people will continue to be incredibe hosts and hopefully support their victors for the remaining games. Come on Boks. Boks by 20 on Sunday
jenisly jensen
jenisly jensen 28 日 前
Scotland lost to little Asia lol. I'm dead. Scotland most have felt at least a little embarrassed😂
Tamatii McDonald
Tamatii McDonald 27 日 前
And Ireland.
Sheldon Betteridge
Sheldon Betteridge 28 日 前
The Japanese must be proud
俺も[CHOCO] fat is so good
俺も[CHOCO] fat is so good 28 日 前
2004 Japan 8 - 100 Scotland 2019 Japan 28 - 21 Scotland not video game it's real revenge 日本かっこよすぎるほんと泣きました!!!
Oshadha Vishwajith
Oshadha Vishwajith 28 日 前
Congratulations to Japan...all Asia with you...love from Sri Lanka 🇱🇰
Cassie 28 日 前
Gooo japan gooo 🇯🇵 support from your best friends turkey 🇹🇷
7Sgr Se
7Sgr Se 28 日 前
大ー大万大吉 勝って兜の緒を締めよ
Stephen Ford
Stephen Ford 28 日 前
Offload kings! Japan are amazing!
imfromtambunan 28 日 前
Lol look at all those native Japanese players
Cassie 28 日 前
Congratulations Japan Rugby Team
Aqeel Basson
Aqeel Basson 28 日 前
I can just watch this over and over. I am South African but I hope we lose to Japan on Sunday. Even if they dont I am sure this world cup will be rememberd for the way Japan played. Some of the rugby I have seen in a long long time.
Aqeel Basson
Aqeel Basson 27 日 前
@Field River Thank you very much. Japan and it's people has made this the best world cup ever. We are honoured to play against you.
Field River
Field River 27 日 前
South Africa team is a super strong team in the world, we Japanese are proud of playing with you.
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 28 日 前
Japan is winning in all of sports and especially in combat sports as well
John Wayne
John Wayne 28 日 前
Kenji Fukuoka is a beast
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 28 日 前
Woohoooo! This is so cool! Go Japan 🇯🇵
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 28 日 前
As a proud NZ born kiwi I want the All Blacks to win the RWC ...but my grandson is half Japanese...so happy to see Japan do so well. Kia kaha Japan !
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 28 日 前
Japan VS South Africa II Cant wait for rugby match
Dannie 27
Dannie 27 28 日 前
Jamie Joseph just might be the best Rugby coach in the World!
Zion Tanuvasa
Zion Tanuvasa 28 日 前
Japan went from 0 to HERO
Scoot Jockey
Scoot Jockey 29 日 前
Was the game fixed ????
Matika Shepherd
Matika Shepherd 29 日 前
Bravo japan.super game
vijil 29 日 前
1:31 dat try doe. Stunning. Try of the tournament so far?
Amelia Tuicakau
Amelia Tuicakau 29 日 前
Japan rugby ..what a passion from players n fans 👏 they are on fire 🔥
浦フェチ 29 日 前
I see so much people encouraging Japan 🇯🇵 from all around world 🌎 We’re so grateful for that🙏❤️
shizu 29 日 前
手に汗握る素晴らしい試合でした。25分過ぎのトライまでの繋ぎは圧巻でしたね。 終盤のスコットランドの執念も凄かった。あと5分時間があったら、と思うと寒気がしましたよ。 負けるなー!と思いながら見てたら勝手に力が入って身体が斜めに傾いてましたw
クローク 29 日 前
shizu まるで映画のワンシーンかと思いましたよ それくらい展開が凄まじくて
Sungmo Yang
Sungmo Yang 29 日 前
Go Japan!
Rock girl
Rock girl 29 日 前
Best game of the 2019 world cup so far. I hope Japan win the world cup, would be just what rugby needs.
Puppet lover
Puppet lover 29 日 前
injured, especially Neymar...
Rock girl
Rock girl 29 日 前
NKLifts 29 日 前
Unbelievable!!! Just like Russia at the FIFA World Cup on their own turn last year beating Spain!
Topu Creations
Topu Creations 29 日 前
Congratulations Japan Rugby Team
Muffin Ninja
Muffin Ninja 29 日 前
Japan is winning in all of sports and especially in combat sports as well
Puppet lover
Puppet lover 29 日 前
As an England fan, I'd prefer to see Japan win the RWC over England.
埃纳西 29 日 前
Japan VS South Africa II Cant wait for rugby match
DM8 29 日 前
Woohoooo! This is so cool! Go Japan 🇯🇵
L Sio
L Sio 29 日 前
Hey Scotland... still want to proceed with a lawsuit? The whole world is laughing at you including me. Even if you made the quarters what would you have done!
Marius van Dyk
Marius van Dyk 29 日 前
Nothing but delight from this side of South Africa for the way they played against Scotland, improvement is bit of an understatment. This Sunday we will face of against Japan, but I know it won't be a easy task, last time South Africa underestimated you, but this time we know what quality of rugby Japan plays. Great world cup, many thanks from us to you.
Joanna 29 日 前
SO cute...I love it! Perfection!
Haxprocess 29 日 前
This comment section and all the class and respect it has is why I love rugby.
Miya Taira
Miya Taira 29 日 前
自分は今回のラグビーW杯でこのスポーツのルールや面白さを知った、いわば「にわか」です 今回の試合も熱い試合で、両チームの選手が死力を尽くす姿にこみ上げるものがありました が,スコットランド協会(SRU)のとMark Dodson氏の発言などで複雑な気分になったのも事実でした 試合開催未定:スコットランドが台風の「巻き添え被害」を受けるわけにはいかず、試合がキャンセルになれば法的措置に出る可能性もある 試合開催決定後:準備に関わる全ての皆さんに感謝したい。そして、日本で台風の影響を受けた皆さんの無事を願いたい(SRU) 自分でも醜いと思うが「なんて傲慢な国なのか」と思ってしまい 試合が終わった後もスコットランドへのマイナス感情を完全にはぬぐえずにいます ノーサイドの精神には反するのでしょうが… 試合以外の要素で純粋に楽しめなかったのは少し残念です
黄猿 29 日 前
Joanna 29 日 前
You're so beautiful! Great video?
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