Hairdresser Reacts To E-Girl Hair Color Transformations

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Brad Mondo

Brad Mondo

ヶ月 前

Hi Beautiful! I girls are known to have the coolest hair color. The girls I watched today did not disappoint.
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Brad Mondo
Brad Mondo ヶ月 前
I’m wanna be an e-girl
Alexandra Eliise
Alexandra Eliise 8 日 前
There are e-boys. You could be an e-boy. I think it would look nice on you!
୨ mirukiia ୧
୨ mirukiia ୧ 9 日 前
Brad Mondo I wanna be a e- girl too (:
Sasha P
Sasha P 29 日 前
Literally sameeeee
Twisted Unicorn Fleet
Twisted Unicorn Fleet 29 日 前
"Jet black" hair is (I'm pretty sure) named after the gemstone Jet which is a super dark black color.
Inked Butterfly
Inked Butterfly ヶ月 前
I had no idea what an e girl is until after watching this and I realized I gave myself an e girl look after bleaching and dying my bangs while bored in quarantine
Ruffles Bd
Ruffles Bd 40 分 前
Instagram id riyana_hasan7
Always_ So_Tired
Always_ So_Tired 7 時間 前
Low-key wanna get my hair dyed blue silver and this gives me the confidence in doing it (I'm getting mine done by someone else cuz im stupid af)
Brionys Journey
Brionys Journey 12 時間 前
It’s called jet black like a jet engine because when they turn the engines off the inside is black 💁🏼‍♀️ #Themoreyouknow
Isiah Antuna
Isiah Antuna 14 時間 前
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="318">5:18</a> cut to brad snorting bleach
Baro Bk
Baro Bk 17 時間 前
Shut the fuck up up coz ur an asshole
Anni Blue
Anni Blue 19 時間 前
Brad Mondo: has over 5 million JPchat followers, is probably the most watched hairdresser on earth, does hair die reactions frequently Also Brad Mondo: is surprised every time some girl mentions him in a diy hair die video
Kara Foley
Kara Foley 23 時間 前
I want to dye my hair when I'm an adult but I don't know if it seriously damages hair please advise me if it seriously damages
Miss Bizy
Miss Bizy 日 前
Did anyone ever comment on the jet black thing yet? Jet is fossilized wood and its buh-LACK black.
Gracie-Lou Stephens
Gracie-Lou Stephens 日 前
Lol Jett black comes from an ore called Jett which is the darkest colour I think 🤷‍♀️ idk but I’m actually contemplating dying my black virgin hair blue 😂😂😂 what do u think
Lyric서정시 日 前
nOh oFfEnCe , bUtT u kindo remind me of james charles .-.
Eva Gallagher-xoxo
Eva Gallagher-xoxo 日 前
Wait I am doing this? With a frosty lilac colour, can't wait🥰
apoc 2 日 前
You're very wrong actually. An egirl is a term for a girl who plays video games. Egirls are often referred to a slutty girl in video games. Coming from a girl who's played video games her whole life. That's what an egirl is. "egirls are usually girls who play games online and can be found on either twitter or discord, they send nudes/ thirst traps or even sell them. They can also be found on twitch, the difference between a normal girl who plays video games and an egirl is that an egirl begs for money or sells herself for it." Emo kids are still emo kids. 🤣
Queen McKenzie
Queen McKenzie 2 日 前
Ight imma go dye my hair now😂😂
Abagayle Myers
Abagayle Myers 2 日 前
I'm doing the e-girl style next week😊 but I'm gonna do it professionally cuz I don't want to fuck up my hair... I hope it turns out good
Kitty Kat Mew!
Kitty Kat Mew! 2 日 前
"This is the first thing I saw so I bought it" GOOD JOB
Samantha Mooney
Samantha Mooney 2 日 前
(first video) That looks like a hairstyle an early 2000s cyber-goth would rock! lol I feel like I saw similar on zenon.
Willow 2 日 前
ProbablyCheating IV
ProbablyCheating IV 3 日 前
Whenever I see the neon green with black hair my mind instantly goes to jolyne from part 6
Lorelai Anya
Lorelai Anya 3 日 前
Brad: she has jet black h- Me, in a 5SOS shirt: HEEEEAAAART!!! AND THERE'S A HURRICANE UNDERNEATH IT---
Mary Catherine Schutzmann
Mary Catherine Schutzmann 3 日 前
I remember watching mias video😂😭
Kate Taylor
Kate Taylor 4 日 前 නැවත ඔබ ලබා ගන්න නිසා ඔවුන්
ttpzb 4 日 前
Jet is a black gemstone.
MiuNya 4 日 前
This e girl hair reminds me of Rogue from the cartoon X-Men: Evolution lol
Huggable Luna
Huggable Luna 4 日 前
One if my friends did the red stripes and when she braided it when we went to train jiujitsu it looked SO PRETTY Lowkey was jelly. Until my coach got mad tho bc the mat had red stains on it 🤣🤣🤣
Leylamaria C.
Leylamaria C. 4 日 前
Watch him just talking to the computer like as if they hear brooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
em0tional wreck
em0tional wreck 4 日 前
did- did he just call e-girls scene girl-
Heather McFarland
Heather McFarland 4 日 前
I feel like by saying “I hope I don’t end up in a Brad Mondo video” you jinx yourself. You should start off by saying “I hope I end up in a Brad Mondo video for how amazing my hair looks”. Just for good luck 🍀 😉
Hailey Gibson
Hailey Gibson 4 日 前
Mine has turned pink instead of red 😂
Heather McFarland
Heather McFarland 4 日 前
“Jet black” comes from the black stone jet. It’s actually compressed coal that was creat from fossilized wood.
Liv Walter
Liv Walter 4 日 前
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="810">13:30</a> I’m obsessed with her hair omg
nixon campirano
nixon campirano 4 日 前
Anyone else waiting to see if the third girl hair falls out cuz she used a whole bottle of bleach on like a few strains😬
Charlotte Eldred
Charlotte Eldred 4 日 前
Who misses blonde brad??
Karys Parker
Karys Parker 5 日 前
Just when I’m on my last video for the night, I hear cardinals outside my window 😰😬
Rachael Wilson
Rachael Wilson 5 日 前
Haha 'get with it' ur so extra and real, love it ✊
Cat Sushi roll
Cat Sushi roll 5 日 前
why is everyone so confused with Brads shirt 😂
Human Being
Human Being 5 日 前
Sheila Voss
Sheila Voss 5 日 前
Jet is a type of lignite, a precursor to coal, and is a gemstone. Jet is not a mineral but mineraloid. It has an organic origin, being derived from wood that has decayed under extreme pressure. "Jet-black," meaning as dark a black as possible, derives from this material. LOVE the videos...definitely keeping me entertained in this quarantined life.
Lupe Martinez
Lupe Martinez 5 日 前
I fuckin hate the 2 strands of hair that they call " e - girl hair", because it's just cringey.
Alexa Martinez
Alexa Martinez 5 日 前
The second girl said “I’m not high anymore so I’m gonna smoke more” Bruh
Summer Bryan
Summer Bryan 5 日 前
jet fuel. I think jet fuel is black and slightly blueish that's why jet black hair is a cold tone of black rather than a warm tone of black
Caitlen Davis
Caitlen Davis 6 日 前
Brad you are the cutest person EVER 😂😭
Giovanna Jamal
Giovanna Jamal 6 日 前
Brad, react to "hi nalim doing dua lipa's hair" pleaaasseeee lov u
Marissa Crum
Marissa Crum 6 日 前
e girls love brad mondo
Monijae Jemmott
Monijae Jemmott 6 日 前
The x-men jet is black lol
Tjay Verzar YuNgzT1
Tjay Verzar YuNgzT1 6 日 前
who else thought the second girl looked like cardi b at one point <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="815">13:35</a> like if u agree
Roxy Rymland
Roxy Rymland 6 日 前
yeah jet is a dark black rock
Stephanie Lewis
Stephanie Lewis 7 日 前
I have been binging your videos for at least 5,000 hours and for some reason the shirt you're wearing with the undershirt mark is the most disturbing thing I've seen thus far. P.S. you're awesome. ....but that shirt doe
Bianca Aquino
Bianca Aquino 7 日 前
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1185">19:45</a> his reaction are same wirh meeee
Chaniy Rowe
Chaniy Rowe 7 日 前
the first girl was a vibe!!!
Loretta Curtis
Loretta Curtis 7 日 前
lol I just need you to know, I love you. And you would absolutely be so disappointed in me for the shit I have done to my hair... okay byeeee
golden over load
golden over load 7 日 前
He sounds like fix it Felix No offence
Tatia Holt
Tatia Holt 8 日 前
Jet in a black stone.
Virginie St-Pierre Dumont
Virginie St-Pierre Dumont 8 日 前
Jet in that context refer to the black semi-precious stone of the same name
Journeys In This Crazy World
Journeys In This Crazy World 8 日 前
Cute Dracula strips is what I called them back it in the day 😆 bcuz I'm older 😆
Caitie Regan
Caitie Regan 8 日 前
oh god im OLD
Crystal Araniva
Crystal Araniva 8 日 前
Pretty sure we're all down to watch you nap
Maxine Lahote
Maxine Lahote 8 日 前
Jet is an extremely dark stone, lmfao.
Lexi Gacha
Lexi Gacha 8 日 前
who else is watching this during corona | | | | \/
Gabrielle Thomas
Gabrielle Thomas 8 日 前
omg I am gonna buy that product rn for my natural hair because i always want to straighten it and do blow outs but im always SOOOOOOO afraid of heat damage. im taking your word for it and ill do a review !
mnd a
mnd a 9 日 前
Brad Mondo is out here making me think I can actually probably bleach my hair, this is a dangerous reassurance 😳👉👈
jazlin paterson
jazlin paterson 9 日 前
why does brad remind me so much of Damon Salvatore in this video???????
CaptainBlunt 9 日 前
The first girls hair looks AMAZINGGGGG
CaptainBlunt 9 日 前
I'm glad I'm not the only one wondering what's up with his shirt
Lucky Ducky
Lucky Ducky 9 日 前
Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande 9 日 前
I’m kinda scared of dying my bangs... 😬 I never dyed my hair before so... what do I need to do so.. brad help me pls.. 😭
Lindcey Romero
Lindcey Romero 9 日 前
It’s called jet black because “jet” is a black gemstone.
Alex Tejano
Alex Tejano 9 日 前
I want to do this type of thing to my hair- but I have bangs and it wouldn't look okay ,-;
Andrea Manning
Andrea Manning 9 日 前
Awwww the first girl looks fucking adorable 😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤💯💯💯
Holly Drucker
Holly Drucker 9 日 前
The white around her eyes and nose are distracting me.........
sarabell 21
sarabell 21 9 日 前
Loovvve the second one
sarabell 21
sarabell 21 9 日 前
First girl had me shook. I didn't think it would turn out that good!
Andromeda Rose
Andromeda Rose 9 日 前
Jet black meaning the crystal which is called Jet which is Black in color.
RoxyMoron101 9 日 前
I'm doing this to my hair right now. Just leaving it white/blonde
Alicia Duncan
Alicia Duncan 9 日 前
My friend tried to dye her hair purple Le and now she has grey and white and purple and light brown hair
CinemaSkins 10 日 前
I thought this was Jerry Trainor based on the thumbnail haha
Monika Lyutskanova
Monika Lyutskanova 10 日 前
I did this exactly when this video came out lol (i think i look good :-) )
quirkygeekgirl 10 日 前
Jet is a black semi-precious stone.
Celeste Knox
Celeste Knox 10 日 前
Jet black comes from the smoke that gets put out in take off
Playgirl Tati
Playgirl Tati 10 日 前
I STAN for the first girl 😍😍
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