Guppy and Swordtail World Champions in China 2019

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Aquarium Co-Op

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We were lucky to get special access to film cause it was an absolute madhouse when the barriers were off the next day.
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Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op 年 前
I currently buy my Fancy Guppies use my affiliate code: *aquariumcoop* to save 5%.
Jamie Lynn
Jamie Lynn 3 ヶ月 前
Do you know if it's possible to get those aquariums here and how much they would run? They would be perfect for my bettas. I'm currently using Spec V's.
Richelle Pinson
Richelle Pinson 10 ヶ月 前
Hey can baby guppies have babies cause one of my older babies looks big in her belly and she's old enough to tell that the baby is a female and I did have a baby male guppy in there for a little bit and will it hurt them to have babies?
Some of these clearly have some Endler blood.
Craig Bailes
Craig Bailes 6 ヶ月 前
Why does China not have youtube?
Runs around with the camera, as if stung. My eyes ached / Бегает с камерой, как ужаленный. Глаза заболели
Travis Tran
Travis Tran 7 ヶ月 前
some look deformed from force bred or mutate from gamma ray and super serum injection
bella acio
bella acio 8 ヶ月 前
I’m sooo in love with guppies 😍😩
Алекс Глу
Алекс Глу 11 ヶ月 前
ни чего интересного...
baikia777 11 ヶ月 前
Cool sword tails. I'll call those pompadour platys lol
yeasin 9224
yeasin 9224 11 ヶ月 前
Thanks a lot for a great beautiful calm & nice perfect presentation u presented💜💜💜
Marlon Lasic27
Marlon Lasic27 年 前
0:28 that's albino IVORY MOSAIC I have one of these breeders :)
Vikash Gupta
Vikash Gupta 年 前
Nice video...thanxx
Breanna 年 前
i think think my guppy was the coolest looking one ever, it had a long tail that gradients a bold red to a neon yellow and back to a bold red. it was also spotted like a cobra guppy and the patterns were pitch black
robbie cole
robbie cole 年 前
And I thought my guppies and swords looked cool lol
Rakshith G
Rakshith G 年 前
Hello everyone... is it OK to have 2 angels,1 baby turtle,2 rainbow sharks nd some guppies or 2 sword tail in a single 25 gallon tank...
Cosmic Soul
Cosmic Soul 年 前
Oh I have two guppies but they are nowhere near as fancy xD just a simple little orange guy and a little silver-white-ish one. These guys are really pretty haha
Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op 年 前
Arowana championships!
Hunter 年 前
Those tiny show tanks look quite nice couldn't find them with a quick google search, very nice to see many different strains
sameer deorukhkar
sameer deorukhkar 年 前
How they can maintain fish colour...
Eddy Ortiz
Eddy Ortiz 年 前
Amazing cauliflower swords 😍❤😍❤😍❤👍🌿
Ryan Blauser
Ryan Blauser 年 前
Do a update on your red mosaic dragons from guppy Train
Brian's Fish Tanks
Brian's Fish Tanks 年 前
Wow, amazing guppies!
oskarelmee 年 前
i hate that people play with other lives to make them look good when it's clearly hurting them... A fish should not have to get tired from swiming beccause someone wanted it fins to be longer. sick imo
Corona Ken
Corona Ken 年 前
thanks for sharing this with us
Rexena 13
Rexena 13 年 前
What type of sword tail are those? I've never seen a dorsal fin like that before
Rexena 13
Rexena 13 年 前
@illou7ion thank you!
illou7ion 年 前
Found it: Cauliflower Swordtail
illou7ion 年 前
I'd really like to know aswell. And how to possibly get a pair of those
Rexena 13
Rexena 13 年 前
This makes me want to get back into guppies!
Megan Moncure
Megan Moncure 年 前
So awesome!
Mellé wedin
Mellé wedin 年 前
I feel if the fish can't swim and needs to rest like that, then you probably shouldn't breed them like that and it shouldn't have placed. That's just cruel to fish in my eyes.
HawkEye93 年 前
Any chance you could do a top 10 on a 15 gallon tank? I know it's an odd size. Curious if you'd learn towards what you'd put in a 10 or a 20 normally.
HawkEye93 年 前
@Deku Kitty okay, so basically treat it as a 10 with a little extra forgiveness. Thank you :)
Deku Kitty
Deku Kitty 年 前
hawkeye93ify You'd lean toward a 10. Always reference the smaller size for stocking, that's the general rule for oddly sized aquariums.
The Aquapedia
The Aquapedia 年 前
*Love you Co Op*
The Aquapedia
The Aquapedia 年 前
*Help me*
Pappa Fett
Pappa Fett 年 前
Beautiful guppies..i should enter mine they look just as good..🐠
UhhhWinski? 年 前
"wow look at the magenta on that fish" me:i want that fish "who doesn't want that fish" okay so fair enough
Manny M
Manny M 年 前
Basic guppies, I was expecting some guppies like twin cities
Alan S Bias
Alan S Bias 年 前
This event was part of 2018 China International Pet Show (CIPS), Guangzhou China. Hosted by China Guppy Club. It was a pleasure to attend, judge and when Best of Show (BOS) in the Guppy competition. In both 2018 Guangzhou and 2017 Shanghai. Alan S. Bias, Lewisburg, WV.
el papi black norteño
el papi black norteño 年 前
I love your videos bro are amazing like you
Ted Hawk
Ted Hawk 年 前
Thanks a lot Corey very cool to see all those great Guppies in one spot like that have you ever saw Asian betta Alliance t-shirts for sale over there in your travels I can't find anyone that sells them online
Redacted Xx
Redacted Xx 年 前
Amazing guppies. I need so many of those in my life. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
Yirabeth 年 前
I really liked the roundtails/spadetails.
Christopher Tam
Christopher Tam 年 前
This video was great, I always love seeing the white tuxedos!
Bryan Riendeau
Bryan Riendeau 年 前
So cool. I'd love to see more competitive breeding. I have only ever seen one competition live.
KG cichlids
KG cichlids 年 前
Now those guppies are a thing of beauty!
Juradic 年 前
I’ve always been a Central American Cichlid guy but some of these are absolutely stunning and definitely makes me think about getting some guppies. Great video!
LRB Aquatics - Natural Aquarium Keeping Adventures
LRB Aquatics - Natural Aquarium Keeping Adventures 年 前
Dee From Brooklyn
Dee From Brooklyn 年 前
Those sword tails are exquisite. They make me want to breed swordtails
edstar81 年 前
Great video
Crystal J
Crystal J 年 前
Wow, there are some really beautiful guppies and swords here! Some I would love to have, some are just a little too over-bred for me. But what a great thing you're doing Cory, showing us these videos! If I had any of these I'd be glued to my tank all day, just watching them 😁. I finally got to come to your shop Cory! I've been wanting to for quite some time, and some friends of mine were going last Saturday and invited me along for the ride, so we made a day of visiting aquarium shops and it really was a lot of fun. I was also quite amazed by your puffer, what a centerpiece she is! The Cardinal tetras and black tetras I got from your shop made it all the way back here to Port Orchard with no problems and they're still doing great. That right there is the difference between an owner that cares about his fish and business, and the big box stores. The health of the fish. Thank you for this video, I just love these guppies!
savannah sylken
savannah sylken 年 前
hi cory, one of my male guppies has a pale purple/blue body (i'd call it periwinkle specifically!) with BRIGHT orange finnage (persimmon by my reckoning lol) he is the most gorgeous guppy i've ever seen, and i've not been able to find another that looks like him. is there a name for this colouration that you know of?
savannah sylken
savannah sylken 年 前
by coincidence i saw some platinum fire tails today that looked similar. i may try to procure some of those...
Getthat Cornouttamyface
Getthat Cornouttamyface 年 前
Those are some amazing fish! Thanks for sharing. The next tank I am starting is going to be a guppy tank so this got me anxious!
G Temple
G Temple 年 前
U should do a top ten to fifteen fish for a fifty five gallon
Paul Mace
Paul Mace 年 前
WoW they are so beautiful, how much would a pair of guppies like those cost £££ please?
Bjorn Serapio
Bjorn Serapio 年 前
Sweet guppies i could spend all my money right there, it's like guppy heaven👍👍
bcd182 年 前
The big tails make them look ridiculous.
JWA79 年 前
Some truely stunning fish , tho its a shame that some get so selective bred that the fins get too large for the fish to carry
Peyman Shamtoub
Peyman Shamtoub 年 前
Love the content thanks for putting in the time to bring us the best content you rock
ER1C0 5U4VE 年 前
so a swallowtail gupppy is the same idea as like a crowntail betta? as a generalization lol
Luke Mulkern
Luke Mulkern 年 前
As a complete beginner to aquariums, what sort of animals should I get to have a tank exclusively filled with? Red cherry shrimp, some sort of aquatic snail, or small fish? I'm looking to have a small tank (5-10 gallons), and to not do much maintenance, but the tank to be planted and look good
andy stokes
andy stokes 年 前
I pity the judges. Where do you start comparing fishes which are so different in appearance, colour, body shape, finnage etc etc.
Jose Montalvo
Jose Montalvo 年 前
Very interesting vid! Thank you for sharing! Enjoyed watching!
CrystalShack Aquatics
CrystalShack Aquatics 年 前
It's 2018.
Davidova 年 前
Thanks for sharing very much
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