Gov. Cuomo says New York may split ventilators between two Covid-19 patients

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) says that New York needs ventilators so desperately for the Covid-19 patients that they will test splitting a ventilator between patients. Cuomo then chastises the federal government for not doing more to get ventilators to New York like using the federal Defense Production Act to make companies produce ventilators.#CNN #News

MyFriendlyPup 6 時間 前
As a doctor, i can tell you Cuomo is lying.
Prino Gita
Prino Gita 日 前
And then they found out he had thousands of Ventilators in storage not being used.
Arsyadi Ahmad
Arsyadi Ahmad 2 日 前
Its how President suppose to do
Johnson Pink
Johnson Pink 2 日 前
Why didnt Cuomo order those 15,000 ventilators when he was advised to in 2015?
raven cardinal
raven cardinal 3 日 前
we need to treat the entire region as one hospital streets are empty you can build hospital in times sqaure or in the middle of a highway
The Professional
The Professional 3 日 前
I think this guy is only smart enough to say the word ventilator.
The Professional
The Professional 3 日 前
I'm pretty sure those masks would be doing better on nurse and doctor's faces, rather than sitting as a prop behind him.
lee jones
lee jones 3 日 前
Man this guy keeps winning!!!
lee jones
lee jones 3 日 前
Knock em out baby...
lee jones
lee jones 3 日 前
Cuomo Cuomo Cuomo Cuomo Cuomo Cuomo Cuomo Cuomo
jdvert4 3 日 前
More Bs lies
Fuck Google
Fuck Google 3 日 前
Remington offered to help make them.... Cuomo rejected the offer, he would rather let people die because he hates guns that much and wont take help from remington
Fuck Google
Fuck Google 3 日 前 But they wont report on that.
BJMC acc
BJMC acc 4 日 前
He needs to grow some Horns! You people worship him like a God!
Greg Baldwin
Greg Baldwin 4 日 前
Great, an elected official sending armed militia to strip local hospitals of the capability to save their own local residents. He is denying hospitals the ability to provide ventilation to accident victims, those requiring emergency surgery, ventilation for sepsis, neurosurgical pathology, cancer surgery, fractures, and the many other patients requiring intubation and ventilation during a normal hospital day. Cuomo has decided that lives of New York City residents are more valuable than those of people living elsewhere. Worst of all, these armed militia are seizing protective equipment preventing doctors and nurses from getting infected and then transmitting the virus to patients and colleagues. Countless of innocent healthcare providers and patients will be sacrificed because of this decision. This is a monstrous crime against humanity choosing New York City residents over those living outside the city.
raven cardinal
raven cardinal 4 日 前
jon dogg
jon dogg 4 日 前
BJMC acc
BJMC acc 4 日 前
New York City has a higher population, so more people get a better chance to live, why can't the more people be in a different state. It would still be saving the same amount of lives, just from the other hot spot cities. That's ok just keep New York City growing larger and larger and larger! Draining the whole Country unfairly! Or maybe their population could stand to go down some, so other cities can survive. It's not the Big Healthy 🍎 It's the Big Fat 🐖 All the other Cities have to take a loss for New York City and that's disgusting!
BJMC acc
BJMC acc 4 日 前
He's the most evil self centered politician I've ever listened to!
BJMC acc
BJMC acc 4 日 前
Oh yeh, the federal government should always think of New York first and sometimes only New York City!!The whole country needs them, I can't believe his selfishness! Disgusting!!
BJMC acc
BJMC acc 4 日 前
New York City shouldn't get all the ventilators! Can he please speak of other cities that are hot spots! He teaches greed when he can't show empathy for other states! Feed the Pig!
Ted Clarke
Ted Clarke 5 日 前
Here, Gov. Cuomo is complainig that there aren't enough ventilators to go around...that the smart way is to "deploy the ventilators around the country as they are needed". Yet in the linked video, he defends his decision to withhold a stockpile of ventilators from desperate patients in anticipation of future needs. So which is it? Should the ventilators be deployed immediately to save lives now? Or should they be stockpiled for a rainy day? If I didn't know any better, I'ld say that he is attempting to exacerbate the situation in order to score political points against Trump. The more people die, the more he can point an accusatory finger at our president. Check out his blatant dishonesty. Cuomo is rotten to the core.
Marc Stielitz
Marc Stielitz 5 日 前
Maybe a good candidate for President?
Let’s Talk
Let’s Talk 5 日 前
There is no shortage at this time.
bubbiesdad 5 日 前
Cuomo is stockpiling ventilators, he's a hypocrite.
bubbiesdad 5 日 前
Cuomo is saying New York is the only state that matters?
Ernesto Ruiz
Ernesto Ruiz 6 日 前
You don't take away the peoples freedom away just cos you have money and power to abuse the minorities civils movements that is against the civils rights and God authorities not man in government so live the civilians alone is the people Are going to get sick they will get sick at home and in the streets regardless all the people have to do it's protect them selfs at all times but not oppressed the freedom of humanity just cos you wants to protect your billions and family . As a government your response is to help and serve the people not kill them all take their freedom away like they are some kind of animals
Ernesto Ruiz
Ernesto Ruiz 6 日 前
I hear now that they wants to give fines and if you have no money you will be arrested and get 6 months in jail time. Gets what that is taking the peoples liberties and freedom,this is the same shit that they did in Auschwitz camps in Germany when the Nazi diabolics dictators Adolf Hitler was in power that is the reason why I know definitely and for sure that Donald Trump started all of this coronavirus and is only one reason that Donald Trump did all this coronavirus attack on people and that reason of racist and hate
Ernesto Ruiz
Ernesto Ruiz 6 日 前
This assholes have taking everything to damn far with this bullshit coronavirus now they re trying to incarcerated the people at home.all the have to do is find the vaccine and stop all this nonsense talk.have everything go back to normal open all the stores schools and have everything tho way it was before and just deal with the vaccine and medicine and cut the bullshit talk
raven cardinal
raven cardinal 6 日 前
c j
c j 6 日 前
What a moron. Guess his brother does not get one.
MsEvilgenius101 6 日 前
I forgot what a respectable politician sounded like. 👏
PeggyAnn 6 日 前
This idiot doesn’t know what the hell he is saying. Hiding ventilators in a warehouse and lying about it. Trying to act like a doctor and a president don’t work for him. Horrible at speaking too. Go home moron.
知行合一 7 日 前
I have no idea whether the real sick American need ventilator..... I am pretty sure God will give your enough ventilator. And I too sure no Americans have chance to enter the heaven.
poodle dog
poodle dog 7 日 前
this lying creep has them stocked up and a warehouse in Edison New Jersey waiting for them to be shipped to the hospitals who is kidding who what are you waiting for to ship them when this is over
Matthew Cataldo
Matthew Cataldo 7 日 前
One week later....."we have been stockpiling venitilators"
D Storm
D Storm 7 日 前
Now we know Cuomo had the ventilators all along. Of course, Cuomo and CNN can only blame Trump.
Ilkan Ali
Ilkan Ali 7 日 前
They didn’t take care of my Grandfather all these lies he was put in the hospital in NY and they discharged him 2 days later and he died they lied to our entire family !!!!!
Victor Wheeler
Victor Wheeler 7 日 前
Why is Andrew Cuomo complaining when he could be getting his state resources to MAKE VENTILATORS. Instead, his words are classic "I am a victim" crap.... Total B.S.. Cuomo -- I got new for you -- it's not Trump's job to "provide New York with ventilators" -- it's YOUR JOB! Get off your ass and starting doing something effective!!! And WHY is the CNN actually airing this crap? Are they in bed with these criminals as well???
Tok King
Tok King 7 日 前
Soooo real.
Tok King
Tok King 7 日 前 You’ve been given 30k, but they are all in STOCKPILE? That’s by your own admission. You owe Trump an apology and a thank you.
Connee Harris
Connee Harris 7 日 前
Please help us Andrew. Your father Mario would have been so proud. Please accept vice president and save America. Please help us!!!!!
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez 7 日 前
Cuomo admits to having a stockpile of ventilators in a warehouse
bella50008 7 日 前
Liar!!! He already had ventiators stockpiled.
M H 8 日 前 listen to my new track about coronavirus 😷🥰 thank you 😻😻
Jo Brown
Jo Brown 8 日 前
Yes he is a great politician. Really he doesn’t give a shit about anybody but himself and his filthy rich buddies. All talk and the action is to make himself more popular and rich. His brother is an idiot too!
Tonya Duvall
Tonya Duvall 8 日 前
LOl, he tries to take credit for the ventilator split but this video shows he is following hospitals that were actually prepared!!!
Tonya Duvall
Tonya Duvall 8 日 前
So why are you stockpiling them instead of sending them out to hospitals who need them?? Can't stand this fool.
William R
William R 8 日 前
Then a few days after this NEED for ventilators... it comes to light there are a lot... STILL IN STORAGE not being used. Yet he rags on the President. Typical DimShit. Cuomo's ventilators... are stockpiled in a NY wear house.
Sabertooth 8 日 前
trump did this out of spite for chris.
kueh si mon
kueh si mon 8 日 前
This is a leader
Justin Donaton
Justin Donaton 8 日 前
Media is making Cuomo a Hero and People in Here are eating it up, Amazing, Fact Check 1. Shortage and Restocking Of essential pieces of equipment such as Ventilators are State Responsibility, Cuomo Ignored, 2. Inventory of your essential pieces of equipment is State Responsibility, 4000 Ventilators hidden in Warehouse when it was needed, Why Bullshit in time of crisis, trying china Crime to Hero Bullshit. Do your Fucking Job. Stop crying to Trump, Bunch crying little Bitches and lying at it. Work together, Not hide from the people of NY.
波波的姐姐 8 日 前
I must say that I have tons of respect toward Governor Cuomo!
Ben smith
Ben smith 9 日 前
Why does Cuomo have 20,000 Ventilators in a warehouse and people are dying in Detroit because they dont have enough. Over 60 you dont get one
Socrates 9 日 前
Damn, eventually they might have to share a ventilator between 4 people. One gets to use for half an our and then has to pass to the next in rotation...
raven cardinal
raven cardinal 9 日 前
Awesomus Maximus
Awesomus Maximus 9 日 前
He is a Liar and corrupt i pulled the comment below from a news outlet NY Gov. Cuomo Rejected Buying Recommended 16,000 Ventilators in 2015 for Pandemic
Hrundi Bakshi
Hrundi Bakshi 9 日 前
Cuomo responded to a comment from President Donald Trump on Twitter that there were *thousands of ventilators in New York not being used.* “Yes, they’re in a stockpile because that’s where they are supposed to be, because we don’t need them yet,” Cuomo said. “We need them for the apex, the apex isn’t here, *so we’re gathering them in a stockpile.”*
brian logue
brian logue 9 日 前
Get it done.
Don't Be A Sheep
Don't Be A Sheep 9 日 前
Hey. Everybody kissing this guys ass, here ya go!
raven cardinal
raven cardinal 9 日 前
every world leader every governor every doctor nurse emt paramedic cop firefighter and one else needs on earth work together to fight this for some thats stay at home and be careful when they go out for food and other needed things and for others that means more where are all at risk all for all
raven cardinal
raven cardinal 9 日 前
S Goodman
S Goodman 9 日 前
If Cuomo is such a 'leader' why does he need President Trump to tell him what the 'F' to do! Notice all the desperate Covid 19 States are DemocRAT ran! Or I mean all the Democrat states are in Desperate need of President Trump Now! Get A clue People...
The Makeup Therapy
The Makeup Therapy 9 日 前
Wow Gov Cuomo!!! You are amazing!
Lilly Ann
Lilly Ann 9 日 前
That's why the doctors, the president other politicians cannot understand why he so panicking about a possible 30000 more ventilators that he MIGHT need in 2 months Which by the way are being built as we speak for 2 months or a month from now and we have enough for right now but he knows THAT HALF of the New York public AKA Democrats is a bunch of fucken morons that will believe anything he says and so hes telling the ventillator company guy whoever hes dealing with for his kick back yet man add another 15000 on to each one of those things 7500 for you and 7500 for me would you fucken crazy wake up people you're supposed to be new yorkers and you're dumb you're not fucken street smart you don't know what this fucken a******'s foin?? Ya dumb if you believe this Matilda neeeds new pair of shoes this guy is a fucken con artist, A snake oil salesman a snake just like his father Mary O the snake was just like his son fredo is and I can say it I'm fucking Italian
Lilly Ann
Lilly Ann 9 日 前
Yeah hes got a scare you that's why hes pushin for his 30000 now that he just might possibly need in 3 months are now because hes afraid he might not need them and then hes not going to get the kickback from the inflated price on the fucken ventilators get the flock add here hes trying to scare you and you fall for it cause you're stupid!!! Obsessed with the ventilator because he sees his money that he was going to make going down the drain and hes in a race against time because if they don't need the 30000 that is not gonna make his extra money you get it dummies
Lilly Ann
Lilly Ann 9 日 前
This guy is getting a kickback from these ventilators And you're just a silly rabbit who likes tricks if you think it's anything other than that that's why hes soooo gun Ho on getting another 30000 NOW , Hes probably afraid that we won't need it and then hes not gonna get his kickback from it and telling you that the price is going up are you fucken kidding me or people this fucken stupid. Wait a minute let me answer that myself yes they are oh what about his hand sanitizer shark tank style PROCLAIMING OPEN THE CURTAINS PLEASE INTRODUCING NYS HAND SANATIZER HAHAHAHAHS OHHHH KAY INTRODUCING another way to line my pockets how's that doing governor did you make any money yet Yeah the price went up on UP on the ventilators so that he could tack on something for him and his son O and let's not forget maybe a nice new recliner for MATILDA please You are a fucken disgrace to Italian people everywhere
Lilly Ann
Lilly Ann 9 日 前
And if we're not then stop taking our fucken money
G Man
G Man 9 日 前
Explain to us Cuomo why you’re not distributing the 2,000 Ventilators you were sent and instead storing them in a warehouse in NY...what else are you hiding?
Southpaw 76
Southpaw 76 10 日 前
He cares? Really? If everything offered is just going to be shot down by this cry baby, then how are you going to get help New York? How? No matter what is offered, given, suggested, this whine bag jackass is going to be on TV (no surprise there) complaining it isn't good enough. Sorry New York, you are screwed.
Lilly Ann
Lilly Ann 10 日 前
What the h*** about Long Island man are we not part of New York fucken state And if we're not then you can stop taking our tax money now
raven cardinal
raven cardinal 10 日 前 oddly enough small testing sights located by the entrance of subways that limit the line that forms to a few people so testing doesnt case lines around the block many small test sights most blocks covered take swab wait close soicaly distanced for safey return postive or negative use subway as a transport vain to get treament or some type of quarantine hotel with a quarantine room service and why not make movies free as most hotels have some kinda of pay-per-view system already existing you can quarantine nicely mabey quarantined cars to handel that traffic as subways tend be near places like hotels and hostpitals and other key places
raven cardinal
raven cardinal 9 日 前
also mabey the medical staff as they use the subways and buses could wipe down there seat and and naboiring ones otherwise with anitseptic and like they would do for a medical bed when they ride to and from work i did that with my amblance as a genral precaution
raven cardinal
raven cardinal 10 日 前 boredom can cause people to do irrational things like seek consequences or break quarantine at home or a hotel room or simlar anxiety and boredom can bad mix
Pete, con chó đốm
Pete, con chó đốm 10 日 前
To all Americans young and old, black or white, brown or yellow, please stay at home, and practice social distancing. Protect yourself and others. This is not the time to fight among ourselves and blame each other because we are in it together!! Let’s fight this virus together and we will win! God Bless America🙏🙏🙏 and the World🙏🙏
statesmanuel 10 日 前
Why is Governor Cuomo passing "judgement" on ANYONE. His screwup and political games are why New York was completely unprepared for the Virus...and remains that way. Resign in Disgrace Andrew Cuomo.
Cobone 10 日 前
He should have closed his borders and limited travel..But instead he and his party was calling Trump a racist for doing so..What a bunch of hypocrites..I live in New York all my life this man is incompetent.;..ALL LIBERALS ARE INCOMPETENT..They base their incompetent decisions on ideology NOT reality..
Billy P
Billy P 10 日 前
Lol meanwhile there’s an entire stockpile of them that he’s hiding and trying to blame it on trump
Karim Dakkon
Karim Dakkon 6 日 前
@Don't Be A Sheep soo... you watched that video, and think he's still hiding it; that video in your comment did not clarify your skepticism.. In a hundred or so years there is going to be a phenomenal sociological study on the cognitive dissonance during this epidemic, and that video will be a chapter of it. You are amazing.
Don't Be A Sheep
Don't Be A Sheep 9 日 前
Ah! Fellow Skeptic. Ive been posting this everywhere. Thanks for spreading truth!
Travis Arms
Travis Arms 10 日 前
He had over 4000 ventilators from the fed for days in a warehouse and denied it. He has over 15,000 most not being used. He blames Trump at every turn but you forgot what Cuomo did after Trumps task force was suggesting to stay at home. heres a headlines from 11 days ago“ New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday night waved off the idea of putting New York City under a shelter-in-place policy due to the coronavirus - just hours after the city's mayor, de Blasio, told residents they should be prepared. "I don't think shelter in place really works for one locality," Governor Cuomo said in an interview with CNN. We're very good at getting around the rules," Cuomo said. "You say shelter in place - if you stay in New York City, I'll go stay with my sister in Westchester, right? I'll go stay with a buddy in the neighboring suburb. that was aired on 3 -17-2020. Cuomo and de Blasio had pushed back against the possibility of closing schools in America's largest and most densely populated city untill ir reached 814 confirmed cases. New York becoming ground zero and the 2 that had the power to shut it down were Cuomo and de Blasio.
Mark Paytes
Mark Paytes 10 日 前
Go get them out of your WAREHOUSE you shit bag!! Your such a liar now your trying to talk your way out of it since you been caught!! You and FAKE NEWS go hand in hand!!!! FU you piece of SHIT!!!!
Raymond Johansen
Raymond Johansen 10 日 前
Im from Norway, and he could be my Governor any day! Great leader who gives it all!
Cobone 5 日 前
Welcome to
Cobone 5 日 前
@Raymond Johansen Again look into a mirror to see the corrupt psycho in YOURSELF...Where is your compassion for your own people you nihilistic pig.?Whats the matter.?..Afraid you're going to be called a racist...Its unbelievable the brainwashing you Scandinavians have gone through..
Raymond Johansen
Raymond Johansen 5 日 前
Cobone psycho!
Cobone 5 日 前
@Raymond Johansen
Cobone 8 日 前
@Raymond Johansen psycho!.?..LOL.LO.L..When you cant hold an argument for your own decadent political philosophy.?..You result to name calling..How tolerant of you..LOL..You should change your name to HYPOCRISY.
Brave Sol
Brave Sol 10 日 前
Mm shared medical equipment among two people...high chance of cross contamination in our current state and imploding in the peoples face? Ill just have to wait and see though it does seem painfully obvious whats gonna happen
Hana T.
Hana T. 10 日 前
I'm a Canadian but I am so in love with this man. He is a true man for every human who needs a leader in this end times. He knows what he is doing and he cares for lives. He understands the needs to tell every American citizen including Trump of how things can be done and as simple as 1, 2 and 3. Cuomo is like the health leader in Taiwan who is working 24/7 to protect his people. I respect Cuomo as he must be holding himself real hard not to swear bad words at Trump administration. After this pandemic, he should be the president.
Cobone 10 日 前
Jesus Christ..You are delusional beyond belief...I am sure you voted for that idiot Trudeau..Wait you haven't seen anything yet in Canada...He didn't close your boders because he is an ideologue pig ...
Mike Ziav
Mike Ziav 10 日 前
no, this guy is not working 24/7 he is playing the game, If this guy working that hard should In CNN TV Waste 5 HR PER DAY. Also, NY Have 4000 ventilator stays in the warehouse.
Hülagü Han Öztürk
Hülagü Han Öztürk 10 日 前
He really cares about New York like a father. If I were an American, I'd do anything to support this man.
Cobone 10 日 前
Another useful idiot praising incompetence..
raven cardinal
raven cardinal 10 日 前
Bad Cattitude
Bad Cattitude 10 日 前
Impeach Cuomo
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