Global National: April 6, 2020 | 3M reaches deal on respirator masks for Canada

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ヶ月 前

As 3M reaches a deal with the White House to keep sending face masks to Canada, the country's top doctor, Dr. Theresa Tam, has new advice on wearing face masks in public. Mike Drolet explains, and looks at the competition among countries around the world for critical medical masks.
Eric Sorensen looks at the steepening mortality curve in Canada, while Abigail Bimman reports on the push for more COVID-19 testing in Canada.
As well, Crystal Goomansingh reports on what the British government is saying after U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson was admitted to an intensive care unit just one day after being hospitalized for persistent COVID-19 symptoms.
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Giuseppe Gnazzo
Giuseppe Gnazzo ヶ月 前
Canadians are slow dumb and ignorant. America has heart you have a crappy Anglo culture
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei ヶ月 前
What amazes me how the word spreads in the community.
Xander T Saint
Xander T Saint ヶ月 前
theresa tam has gingivitis and jaundice and shes our what ? lmao
Xander T Saint
Xander T Saint ヶ月 前
this is all u got for us to watch......masks..
Xander T Saint
Xander T Saint ヶ月 前
boris looks like he eats covid for dinner to begin with
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei ヶ月 前
test run of global pandemic response when it's all said and done.
Xander T Saint
Xander T Saint ヶ月 前
3m this 3m that SET UP A FACTORY AND MAKE THEM ourselves JESUS canadians are the most spoiled lazy wait for others to do it for them #$@!#
asioe kiou
asioe kiou ヶ月 前
Much love from America Boris Johnson
Truckingit ヶ月 前
Do not use any mask,THERE IS NO VIRUS,these masks could be contaminated,we are under a satanic agenda that controls media,doctors, governors,and more,these people are destroying your way of life via TELEVISION VIDEOS you have not met a person with this virus just movie stars,priministers,etc you will never think that your government will be involved in a NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA to destroy humanity,you have no idea what these devil's are capable off,but yet you believe everything they tell you on TV all these countries are working together from China to Italy Canada USA,all this thing about the border is to keep you entertained they are all together in this and they want your freedom,you need to research and stop believing in tv,this is a satanic agenda,these devil's are well educated and professional LIARS. they want to test you,what is in those tests?, You can not trust this government or any government puppet pushing this LIE,you have no idea how evil these well dressed man are.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou ヶ月 前
test run of global pandemic response when it's all said and done.
bssni touir
bssni touir ヶ月 前
Whining is not a vaccine for the virus...physical distancing and staying at home is the vaccine at the moment
PCBoardRepair ヶ月 前
Why don't you do a story about SIEMENS MILLTRONICS in Peterborough that isn't sending it workers home......instead hundreds cram into its factory and offices everyday....making products for China market is not an essential service......why don't you profile the companies that are putting their employees in danger and not helping the community by observing the requests of the health department
asioe kiou
asioe kiou ヶ月 前
Much love from America Boris Johnson
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy ヶ月 前
If mask doesn’t protect, why the front line health care workers wear it then? There are just not enough for everyone. Government is buying some time
bssni touir
bssni touir ヶ月 前
would never be allowed to be a candidate! Boys club!!! An orang-utan with a rich daddy could have done the same.... Wait a minute!!! Lmao!!
logicdeep sound
logicdeep sound ヶ月 前
I think Canada should take the same line up at Morocco's door, as some big european countries are starting to do, in the next coming weeks the country will be exporting masks, and there's big chances of doing the same with respirator, because in record time the country went from 1 level respirator, to 2nd level of respirators with sensors and all what doctors might need, they're making some 500 machines by next week for local use, but probably going for larger scale by upcoming weeks. We better stop counting on Americans all the time, they have failed us so many times.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou ヶ月 前
test run of global pandemic response when it's all said and done.
a randome Blue spy
a randome Blue spy ヶ月 前
USA can make it's own stuff fac china
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy ヶ月 前
Randy Bell
Randy Bell ヶ月 前
>>>Is a reporter going to finally ask Trudeau why he's acting like a coward hiding at home when he doesn't have too???????????????????
asioe kiou
asioe kiou ヶ月 前
sail1999 ヶ月 前
3M says that they can manufacture 100 M masks per month in June, that's 3.3 M daily. Taiwan says they can make 15 M per day in April. Canada should call Taiwan.
Essene Gnostic
Essene Gnostic ヶ月 前
Bullsh*t alert !!
Lainne O
Lainne O ヶ月 前
China just lifted the lockdown in Wuhan.. and they still wont allow their Wuhan citizens to enter their capital city Beijing and here we are still debating whether we should wear a mask.. in case you don’t know..I’m rolling my eyes .. 🙄
asioe kiou
asioe kiou ヶ月 前
Enough with the masks clownery. Is Hydroxychloroquine an effective treatment? How about some real reporting?
emerald1one1 ヶ月 前
not so global news huge error in apparent gossip of news.. trudeau is in deep trouble check the court requests. for Canada to have months already aware of this or any virus..girl guides and boy scouts and brownies are more prepared.... .. by slanting a report .. between 2 countries.. is irresponsible of media... wondering of medias involvement in 9 11 and child trafficking. even trudeau with willy pick-ton pig-farm and uranium one.. Russia and Hillary clinton... and bit more...
Wayne Lau
Wayne Lau ヶ月 前
pathetic. The personal trainer is scraping by being creative in a time where her business is non accessible. She should get something at least. Shame on you SC
waterdragon 541
waterdragon 541 ヶ月 前
What are they hiding? Do they really expect us to believe that the two greatest health advisors in the world, WHO n CDC, are unaware of basic PPE like masks. Our government leaders following their lead and no one is capable of stepping up to be authentic to at least put an effort forth to help others. Someone at the top decided the public is too stupid to figure out mask usage and if they recommended both social distancing and mask wearing people would only wear a mask? This is not 1918, the general public is much more educated and we deserve to have the facts laid out accordingly. Making sure you are controlling public panic when it's you who cannot think for yourself at this time is resulting in genocide. Hope you can sleep at night. Pretending the masks aren't a necessary part of prevention is on you. Make sure you pat yourself on the back for a successful test run of global pandemic response when it's all said and done.
jay long
jay long ヶ月 前
Much love from America Boris Johnson
Dan Trottier
Dan Trottier ヶ月 前
We are all congregating in food stores but going to work is too risky!!! What am I missing here? I think the lockdowns are ineffective overkill and is far more damaging than anything! Is this some sinister plan at work? We hear nothing from science or any promising plans!!! Just hurry and go home the sky is falling!!! Talk about how this virus was designed and not nature's revenge! Our civil rights are at risk as well! This increasing control is getting worry some ! Like a script in a bad movie! Eventually we all die... But to live under rule of law with no freedoms.... That's scary!
Jami Hensley
Jami Hensley ヶ月 前
Is anyone immune
Jami Hensley
Jami Hensley ヶ月 前
A weeks worth is still good,more will come. America has ALOT more. Most Americans do not have masks or resrs
Dan Trottier
Dan Trottier ヶ月 前
People are people mr trump!!! Why is everyone an enemy for you!? This is not you attacking a country that won't bend over for you!!! Especially when there is codependence on both sides of your borders! Oh yeah I forgot your just going to flex your military might! You need some humility in times of crisis like this... Not hoard and be the bully that you are! Maybe your perfect world would be yourself as the last person alive!!!! Then what??? Do your happy dance??? Ffs! Such a disappointment even as a human being! Having a spoiled silver spoon fed president is the worst choice Americans citizens could have ever made. But then again there was no right choice... Anyone who would do a good job would never be allowed to be a candidate! Boys club!!! An orang-utan with a rich daddy could have done the same.... Wait a minute!!! Lmao!!
Individual Joe
Individual Joe ヶ月 前
If his heart stops is there a do not resuscitate order..... like rest of citizens???I BET NOT!!
Parker Avery
Parker Avery ヶ月 前
Seb San
Seb San ヶ月 前
Nr 11. Flat above nr 10
Craig Pond
Craig Pond ヶ月 前
You should be safe after two weeks then you don’t need it
Deborah Diduck
Deborah Diduck ヶ月 前
When is Global actually going to report factual news? Clap for the care workers whose jobs government leaders have destroyed. Go figure.
John Tech
John Tech ヶ月 前
Enough with the masks clownery. Is Hydroxychloroquine an effective treatment? How about some real reporting?
Susan Anderson
Susan Anderson ヶ月 前
Yes China certainly does need to explain the truth Though doubtful the truth is ever given. Their people are too fearful.
Gheorghe Georgescu
Gheorghe Georgescu ヶ月 前
I wish I was American
Addam Trizna
Addam Trizna ヶ月 前
BILL GATES KILLS MILLIONS WITH VACCINES+!!!!!!!! BEWARE!!!!!!!! STAY AWALE DON'T FALL ASLEEP. STOP WITH THE FLU SHOTS!!!!!!! MASS MURDERERS. Even with Ebola and other previous viruses. Sign of the times.
Lewis Meeten
Lewis Meeten ヶ月 前
Both countries would lose out....hmm I'm Canadian btw, and proudly so...but you do realize the difference between the United State's and Canadas military is akin to one man with a pellet gun going to war with an entire army of automatic weapon wielding trained assassin's....whether we like it or not if the US wants something from us ..what's stopping them just taking it? we aren't going to be able to put up much of a fight...
Roger C
Roger C ヶ月 前
Why would we need ventilators. This is racist against the Chinese. We need to just all die from this and make sure we are politically correct. Just like Trudeau not banning travel from China.
John Franklin
John Franklin ヶ月 前
WHY did she say you don’t need a mask and people “haven’t been taught how to use a mask” Why did Trudeau send 16 tons of medical supplies to China including masks? This is how Leftists handle government they mess up everything they touch!
ruth payot
ruth payot ヶ月 前
Hospital or other health facilities much have centralized air/ water ventilation with disinfectant. Please make Personal Protective Equipment that can be sanitized by washing or air disinfectants for reuse.
꧁Cat G꧂
꧁Cat G꧂ ヶ月 前
Why has no one infected that orange monster in the white house? He is starting a war with Canada. My hate for America grows every day.
FreeBird Safety Services
FreeBird Safety Services ヶ月 前
I Know a doctor that was successful making his own mask from a 3D printer. Specialty Industrial Vacuums designed for Asbestos, silica and other hazardous substances have replacement HEPA Filters. Just make sure it is at least 95% efficient for particles ".3 microns" at least.
Yaska Gates
Yaska Gates ヶ月 前
trumps not giving PPE To American either to the USA. We are buying on the Market.He said it is not his Job to provide it to States in the USA 🇺🇸
Shasha8674 ヶ月 前
God bless Boris Johnson and his wife and child.
bill hill
bill hill ヶ月 前
If I am stuck home and doing everything online, Shaw and Telus are making a fortune. I don't know about your phone bill, but it's not hard to do the math. I should take my money out of the bank and invest it in them.
tigress63 ヶ月 前
As I was reading through the comments in the last few days, I noticed something very interesting - the postings are not reduced to the normal bickering and trolling. Although there might be some disagreements no one has resorted to Godwin's law or worse. People are having productive discussions. It's unfortunate that it has taken a global pandemic and people being isolated for us to have civil discourse.
Master J. Muhammad
Master J. Muhammad ヶ月 前
All Surgical (Face) Mask's From China Are Contaminated PERIOD!! With The Real->Virus Triggered By (5G) Smart Phone Systems and Smart Meter's->WOW! Wake Up People
HighStreet Killers
HighStreet Killers ヶ月 前
5G is harmless
PG ヶ月 前
Man made virus. Wake up. All planned. Agenda 21. Event 201
Peter Torbay
Peter Torbay ヶ月 前
You must stop listening to 146.52! This is brainwashing! Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! The $5,000,000,000,000 Mil.Gov.Fed is the ENEMY! They are destroying truly small businesses while bailing out Corporate franchises. 10% of those listening will not be rehired!! Tune it out! Turn it off! They are crushing truly small business and honest tradespeople with this prolonged business and worker shutdown! Read a book. Go for a walk. Take a nap. You are being BRAINWASHED! They are not leading you, they are not 'experts', they are LOOTING us, CRUSHING our future! All we get are 12 Fiat Franklin's, just like Judas, to betray our own children into slavery. History will lament, "They sold their children to the traffickers for $1,200!"
HighStreet Killers
HighStreet Killers ヶ月 前
Read N95 mask instructions!!!!!! Says right in there the mask does nothing for viruses. A virus is so small it can't be seen with an optical microscope. Whole medical community clearly never reads instructions. Last year a doctor tried giving me a N95 mask to protect me at work cause I inhaled Meythl Either Ketone. I have zero faith in our doctors. Told him read the instructions, also says N95 mask does nothing for VOC vapours. Same hospital doctor complained at me cause I told her to put on gloves when she went to touch my genitals without handwashing. Gross. I get sick I'll be refusing treatment, wish I'd be allowed tp go to USA hospital. Canada has low amount of cases cause they test nobody. I called with a fever, cough, and severe chest pain 3 weeks ago, no test for me, so dumb. When this is over I'm getting my PAL license and a gun
Mike Burns
Mike Burns ヶ月 前
Well what do you expect from Donald Hitler Trump
Dave William
Dave William ヶ月 前
Just wait until the virus gets into cattle, milk
Wise Words
Wise Words ヶ月 前
Start manufacturing business in America so no need to import from China which are used to supplying substandard products. They claim to help out with testing kits sent to countries but ended up not being used because it’s either substandard, faulty and/ or unreliable adding to the rubbish we’re all trying to minimise.
huasoquillotano ヶ月 前
China 🇨🇳 must back all money for the world damage after monopoly economic for decades
Lauren McVicar
Lauren McVicar ヶ月 前
Francois Champaign sounds like a super fake made-up name. Like an American going undercover in Quebec. French mob guy: oh yeah? What's your name then American undercover guy: uh.... my name is.... Francois Champaign?
william wang
william wang ヶ月 前
This virus is artificially synthesized by the CCP, not the sin of the Chinese. Therefore, the CCP launched a nuclear-grade virus that poisoned countless people in the world. Therefore, please acknowledge the evil and lies of the CCP. Let us boycott the CCP together! Eliminate CCP.
PrettyChillPham ヶ月 前
Didn't Theresa tam and a bunch of doctors 2 months ago say that these masks wouldn't do anything ... And and now they are saying they will .
HighStreet Killers
HighStreet Killers ヶ月 前
Read the instructions! Explicitly states in every type of mask instructions they do nothing for viruses. It's a placebo for the fearful. Feel bad for nurses and doctors, they should have what a viralogist wears and hospitals should have sterilization machines to limit waste. This should've all been planned for decades ago. But our government is a joke and universal healthcare is horrible
william wang
william wang ヶ月 前
The virus should be called CCP virus.
Aliece ヶ月 前
Pregnant = entrepreneur female lmao
Matej Mazur
Matej Mazur ヶ月 前
Please kill the gullible TV watching sheep first. Breaking news! Gather all in community hall for special announcement!
Relaxing Nature
Relaxing Nature ヶ月 前
Blue mechanics shop towels protect 95% if 2 layers are used ....scientific tests have be done on using them as mask material
HighStreet Killers
HighStreet Killers ヶ月 前
lol, read a N95 surgeon mask instructions. Explicitly states a mask does nothing for viruses. Look up what a viralogist wears
She's making 5 to $7,000 a month that we know of and she's complaining about not getting more money from the government???????? WOW
Dernick Rawmeat
Dernick Rawmeat ヶ月 前
I know a lot of people in London Ontario that had it and couldn’t get tested it’s gonna blow up here in like two weeks .
HighStreet Killers
HighStreet Killers ヶ月 前
Funny Windsor has 3 Covid blamed deaths, yet all 3 were people in their 80's, lol. Drama
HighStreet Killers
HighStreet Killers ヶ月 前
Windsor has tested 1300 people with only 500 results. Meanwhile USA has results in 15 minutes and has tested over 1 million people. Universal healthcare, you gotta depend on government to spend money money on your healthcare and they make the decisions. They don't want to test, results make Trudeau look bad
Gomez Addams
Gomez Addams ヶ月 前
To little to late
Nothing Less Than Epic
Nothing Less Than Epic ヶ月 前
Politicians everywhere were too busy filling their pockets rather than take the warnings about viruses like this serious and stock up on the supplies they are begging for now when it's too late. SHAME ON ALL OF THEM FOR LEAVING US EXTREMELY UNPREPARED AND DYING.
animerlon ヶ月 前
I'm mighty curious about the US surgeon general's choice of t-shirt for his presentation, 'got naloxone?'. Was it just random, or was he trying to get 2 birds with one stone & send a message? If the latter, why?
Awenda ヶ月 前
What a slap in the face this is. China gave us this pandemic and Trudeau puts a Chinese medical officer all over the place. Come .
Jayden the singer dancer boy
Jayden the singer dancer boy ヶ月 前
Pls, all leaders make mask compulsary virus will stop spreading,n u will need less ventilators n medicine n death n fast ecnmy recvry n save lives.
Tippycanoe 117
Tippycanoe 117 ヶ月 前
Viruses aren’t airborne they cannot live outside of your body ..
Tippycanoe 117
Tippycanoe 117 ヶ月 前
At this rate we’re not gonna make the flu season this is a total joke but they’ll praise themselves for what they’ve done
Either way it's dépopulation time. You can't escape death.
HighStreet Killers
HighStreet Killers ヶ月 前
Clear out the old and useless. If only it only targeted welfare bums
Scott S.
Scott S. ヶ月 前
Breaking news??? Where is the news about Nevada, Texas and Florida class action suits / sue CCP in court?
Scott S.
Scott S. ヶ月 前
Breaking news??? Where is the news about Nevada, Texas and Florida class action suits / sue CCP in court?
Joao Martins
Joao Martins ヶ月 前
Tell the teachers if there getting CERB ? Nope full pay, my #2 friends they are teachers tried to work with the students online did not work out.
El Mostrito
El Mostrito ヶ月 前
Mainstream media telling sheep what to believe. What else is new. Too bad you tools are under house arrest and can’t see the near-empty hospitals.
Richard Drolet
Richard Drolet ヶ月 前
Trump.......your gone .....rick ...canada.........prick.
Lorenzo Landig
Lorenzo Landig ヶ月 前
PM Boris you will be okay,, we need a leader like you...
Richard Drolet
Richard Drolet ヶ月 前
You keep fighting sir.....canada is with you sir.....keep fighting......
William Fraser
William Fraser ヶ月 前
Oh god Dawna you are pathetic, and so is your so-called news, which is simply Liberal talking points, pathetic!
Aline Dorsaint
Aline Dorsaint ヶ月 前
Can someone tell Captain Noclue in Ottawa to also order mass production of made in Canada masks made from our companies?
HighStreet Killers
HighStreet Killers ヶ月 前
Why would anybody work making masks when Trudeau offers everyone free money? It'd be better to follow Trump's example and get sterilization machines sent to hospitals to reuse masks. Poor enviroment. Ban single use masks, right?
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