Fischer's Underrated Technique | Bobby Fischer vs. Samuel Reshevsky, 1962 U.S. Championship

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John Bartholomew

John Bartholomew

年 前

Bobby Fischer's most famous games often showcase his brilliant calculation and superb feel for the initiative, but did you know that he possessed fantastic technique? In this 1962 U.S. Championship encounter against Sammy Reshevsky, Fischer demonstrates sterling play against Black's multiple weaknesses.
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Photo of Bobby Fischer courtesy of Photo of Samuel Reshevsky from the Dutch National Archives and made available under the Creative Commons CCO 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication.
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John Bartholomew
John Bartholomew 年 前
The excellent article by GM Bryan Smith on the 6.h3 Najdorf:
Impulse 年 前
Mr. Bartholomew, what do you play against the sicilian najdorf? Is there a particular course on chessable that you would recommend for teaching white a line that can actually get an advantage out of the opening?
Andrew Brenneman
Andrew Brenneman 年 前
John Bartholomew I’m convinced Fischer was the best play of all time. His understanding of the game blows my mind every time I see one of his games.
மோகன் குமார்
மோகன் குமார் 年 前
I completed my graduation 2 years ago. I love chess but haven't got the opportunity to play though India produces a huge number of good chess players recently, Cricket gets the priority here. So i wanted to learn chess and i googled top 10 chess JPchat channels. I went and saw each one like thechessnetwork, MatoJelic, thechesswebsite, SaintLouisChess, etc. and also you. I loved your videos and never ever watched other channels. I have some 40GB of your JPchat archived videos. A few months ago i came up with another fast growing chess channel, agadmator's chess channel. He does reviews on videos of great players and even covers current matches. His videos are short like 10-20 minutes. Though they are great, he skips a lot like openings and many others and he only concentrates on great tactics and blunders. Only a few days ago i was thinking like "Will John ever do videos like this?". Here it is. Thanks for this and hope you will do more of this. This would be a great series. It would be great if you do series on Immortals like "Kasparov's Immortal", "Fischer's Immortal-The Game Of The Century", "Tal's Immortal", "Anand's Immortal", "Smyslov's Immortal", etc Or, you can cover a tournament, not completely all matches. But just great matches from a single tournament like games from Vienna 1882, Linares 1992,1993,1994, AVRO 1938, Wijk aan zee 1999, etc. some of the great matches from candidates tournamnets, world cup and Championship matches from Tal-Botvinnick, Fischer-Spassky, Kasparov-Karpov, Anand-Topalov, etc. You are a great teacher and a player. We can't understand all the brilliance of these great players like you. So you could help us understand what runs inside these great players mind. (If you have time).
Krazy Lobster
Krazy Lobster 6 ヶ月 前
Damn, John. You're one handsome dude.
Simon 8 ヶ月 前
Just watched that 11-05-2019 just amazed by how good you are John at explaining chess games! I am trying to go up the latter to reach 2000 before 2020 and this video taught me more than many more i've seen! I would recommend you do more of these, obviously for my own benefit but also for you, you could easily launch your channel to 100k-200k in no time! :) You explain really well, you understand grand master level play but you explain in a way thats quite easy for us (below 2000) to capture all the strategies. Anyways, keep it up John!
Tom Scott
Tom Scott 9 ヶ月 前
This was really enjoyable to watch John. Bobby really had an amazing ability to manipulate the game into just crushing positions. As Nigel Short once said “his games are very clear to understand but who else could play those know after the fact it’s very clear but to see everything before” Thanks for the video
Steven Tisdale
Steven Tisdale 11 ヶ月 前
You're a damn fine teacher. Thank you.
John Caputo
John Caputo 11 ヶ月 前
Hey John, at 16:44 you offered Qd5+ as an advantage for white, but I think simply gxf wins the house!
joe montana
joe montana 年 前
Hey John, this was a really instructive video. I know there are a lot of masters already reviewing these games, but you have a special talent for teaching, and I think you should do more of these games.
MjrLeegInfidel 年 前
I know you don't do these often for us, but wow...this was more than a game review. Thanks!
Seth Farnsworth
Seth Farnsworth 年 前
Fantastic video. Thanks for making games like this accessible to us regular players.
African MusicGenuis
African MusicGenuis 年 前
Pure light-square strategy by Fischer.
Largescale Skills
Largescale Skills 年 前
Do more of these!
I really enjoy these instructive games with slow positional play. These positional ideas that you convey are very instructive and important for someone to improve their chess skills. Games with full of tactics and crazy sacrifices are entertaining but these games I enjoy more than that
Alex 年 前
Good stuff :D
Sakthivel V
Sakthivel V 年 前
This is by far excellent series John ! Thank you
Vitaly Dmtry Svidler
Vitaly Dmtry Svidler 年 前
Karpov felt relieved when Fischer abandoned His Crown.
tubertom 年 前
27:35 With d5 allowing the White Rook to infiltrate Black's position I'd that isn't almost zugzwang but technical zugzwang. Edit: Fischer appears to win by force as soon as he gets his pawn to g5.
Tarka Jedi
Tarka Jedi 年 前
Always loved this game and it was wonderful to see your excellent commentary. Thanks.
dellh86 年 前
I really enjoy the depth of analysis in this game John. You do a really good job of explaining the positional aspects of a chess game. I find that many youtubers who analyze chess games just gloss over the positional aspects of chess and focus so heavily on sacs and complicated tactics.
john 年 前
Sigh.. The good ol days when u could chain smoke cigarettes while playing to give both players cancer... Such finely tuned athletes..
Badbentham 年 前
Tongue-in-cheek, the title felt a bit like clickbait: I always thought there is exactly one name that comes to mind when the title is "Player with the best Technique, Ever". :D (More so than e.g. Carlsen, even.) - Otherwise, fantastic video, as instructive as it gets, full of warm passion!
John Bartholomew
John Bartholomew 年 前
You know that because you're probably an experienced player. There are a ton of new or casual chess players who think Fischer was primarily an irresistible attacking force (probably because his most notable games are tactical victories, e.g. The Game of the Century), and the title is meant to push back on that perception. Btw, one thing I've learned from JPchat is that anytime you try to give a video a mildly interesting title, someone out there will accuse you of clickbaiting. Just saying. Anyways, thank you for your positive feedback on the content!
gtrmusic69 年 前
Excellent video John. I HATE the knight move arrows on chess. com. Why can't they just do what has become standardized a long time ago with all other chess software and websites? LiChess and ICC rock for stuff like this.
David Mbonu
David Mbonu 年 前
Funny enough I remember a while ago I was trying to study the greats I guess but had no clue what I was doing so I just looked up Fischer in the Najdorf. And I just remember I had a note that said Fischer Reveshky d5 weakeness as a note to come back and look at some game but I never did...and then this video comes out.
Hugo tupac
Hugo tupac 年 前
Apesar de não entender o seu idioma entendi os lances e a ideia,ganhou mais um inscrito
Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam 年 前
Great Vid! Keep it up!!
Aldo Camilleri
Aldo Camilleri 年 前
John you're a phenomenal teacher. Thanks for the video
John Bartholomew
John Bartholomew 年 前
Aldo Camilleri Thanks, Aldo!
Neil Hwy
Neil Hwy 年 前
Hey John, I really love this new series. Keep up the great content. More 15 minute games would be nice. I am.a massive fan of your content. I have learned all of your 1. d4 repertoire on Chessable.and have learned about half of your Scandi book.
Seth Manning
Seth Manning 年 前
Good job, I love that you dug deep and took your time.
123okpaul456 年 前
Here's a link to the photo of young Reshevsky (it shows up some 10 seconds in):
DoofusConvention 年 前
Dragodorf 😂
African MusicGenuis
African MusicGenuis 年 前
It's not a new term.
nayls1987 年 前
Really enjoyed your deeper review of an instructive game!
Jashe Poon
Jashe Poon 年 前
Thank you so much for the excellent analysis of a great game played by my favorite chess player! This was a joy to watch. Since 16:45 gxf6 was already pointed out, I just have two questions left: 14:25 If Qxd5 why not Nb4 instead of Qxg4? That's a double attack on the queen and on the C2 pawn, no? And white has no good checks. And if exd5 Nb4 doesn't c3 just trap the knight?
Cabbage92 年 前
:) sugswang
nuagor 年 前
14:34 If ..d5, exd5 Nb4, c3 wins a knight.
keelasever 年 前
in the variation Qxb7 00?? loses on the spot after the simple gxf6 where black cannot capture with rook or bishop and is threatened mate on the next move
dandelion 年 前
Nice addition, John! One very desirable aspect of your streaming that tends to feature less prominently in other chess content online is the discussion around strategic strengths and weaknesses, pawn structures, strong / weak squares, piece mobility, etc... Many other game review videos tend rattle off possible lines, which can be very interesting but don't always lend to a better understanding (at least for me) that is broadly useful outside of the exact position at hand. So maybe that could be your niche! Anyway, I'm very appreciative of the time you invest in these videos!
Pens Suck
Pens Suck 年 前
This was great. More of these, please. As a middling player, I appreciate that there were no engine evaluations or endless variations offered. While that may help some, I think it hurts most of us average players. We don't do anything very well, so helping us see deeper, without that vision getting clouded with countless variations or computer moves which cannot guide our chess plans, is a great benefit. I saw concretely why Fischer wanted to fix Black's pawn on e5. I saw concretely as he planned to exploit Black's weak h-pawn and later how he created another weakness to exploit in Black's a-pawn. I could almost anticipate White's rook moves -- but I thought he would lift the a-Rook, which of course was inferior to lifting the h-Rook -- lesson learned again. To me, that's a great lesson firmly implanted. It's not just a lesson of "create two weaknesses" -- but a clear one regarding the a-pawn and the h-pawn. I can return to this if it ever arises in my games. And the more such examples I have, maybe one exploiting the b-pawn and the h-pawn, or the b-pawn and the g-pawn, then I will have built up an arsenal of attacking themes and the maneuvers that go into executing them. The problem with most chess books is the endless variations they offer. How many chess books have any of us really read cover to cover? I have almost 200 chess books and haven't read a single one cover to cover. Maybe that's an indictment of me alone, but I doubt it. I think we start with great intentions, play through a couple of games, but then we drift off into chess oblivion when confronted with the endless variations we're supposed to play through and of course never fully understand. This game, though, I followed along with your explanation, could do my minimal analysis on some moves you were silent about, and walked away feeling like I truly learned something useful today. Well, as useful as chess can be at least, which is to say not very useful -- but I got better at chess today!
African MusicGenuis
African MusicGenuis 年 前
You need board vision and blindfold exercises. No excuses.
anonymous62810 年 前
Great format - please continue this style of teaching!
Brian Jones
Brian Jones 年 前
Thank you so so much for this video !! Learned a lot from it !! Thank you so much for your time !!
Ashperov 年 前
Really an enjoyable 36 minutes and every single intended lesson hit home! Nicely done.
metterklume 年 前
One of your best videos! (also, you're turning into wolverine)
Kevin Davis
Kevin Davis 年 前
John, I miss this format. I feel like you used to do it more, and of course KingsCrusher cut his in half depth wise. Love the Master games deepish analysis. Thanks as always,
Matthew Kim
Matthew Kim 年 前
The photo referenced around 2:30 Great video John!
Al Depantchu
Al Depantchu 年 前
'This bc4 move is not considered dangerous today'...thats cause its not Fischer playing it. Trust he, he made it dangerous.
NoM vanhoutte
NoM vanhoutte 年 前
Excellent video Minnesota Fins. Your love of the game is quite obvious to see when watching this. You are a credit to the chess world. More videos of this nature would be a great idea. I've read that Tal was quite the attacker, one of his games would be fun.
Richard lancelot
Richard lancelot 年 前
This was so great to watch. Fischer really was something, huh? Crazy accuracy. He just always seems to play slightly good moves that over 30 to 40 moves start adding up. I really like how well he played against the weaknesses of his opponent. Three weaknesses at the same time is way too much... Great video! I sat through it and just realized at the end that I had watched it for more than half an hour. Did not feel at all like it was that long, which says a lot about the quality!
Preposterous4 年 前
Thanks for the upload John! I hope that someday, maybe not too long from now, Bobby will regarded not just for his chess but will also be validated for his conspiracy theories...and how he was targeted and humiliated by the conspirators he fought.
number94 年 前
Excellent, thanks, more please. Shows how it is so often the quiet moves that are difficult to find.
Ben McDaniel
Ben McDaniel 年 前
Apparently Reshevsky's days of being "cute" or having any other redeeming qualities as a human being were limited. See John Fedorowicz vs Samuel Reshevsky Lone Pine (1981), Lone Pine, CA.
mark clements
mark clements 年 前
Thank you very much for the clear analysis. Very instructional for a beginner player like myself. Please, more like this !
Mikhail 年 前
8:00 even worse, I think: Bxh5 gh; Nf5 (otherwise it's hanging). Edit: noticed the bishop. But still the knight on d4 is hanging. Cool beard though! Nice look! :)
愛は人生ですDayZ 年 前
JB = Justin Bieber?!?!?!? Is John actually Justin Bieber?!?!?!?
TheBuddhaBilly 年 前
I could see an 8 year old John in a sailor suit, beating a room full of top players :). Your explanations are top notch John. Thanks for your work. Keep it up!
Regz Zuse
Regz Zuse 年 前
Hello everyone! Oh wait...
Tranzo 年 前
I like this! While those long twitch streams are obviously fun too, I mainly come to Your channel for instructive content and this one delivers in spades. Great job.
Pulsering 年 前
Very interesting!It would be great if you could show us more games. Perhaps a "My favourite games" series.Mirak from Chessable
Greencarm 年 前
I do really like this kind of content, even if it’s different from your regular videos. Your way to explain positions it’s very easy to follow. More like this. Thank you John .
Filippo Stella
Filippo Stella 年 前
I'd like to be as precise as Fisher :_)
Bob Whoosta
Bob Whoosta 年 前
Love the video. I might put this game into a lesson for my Wednesday class. I always thought Fischer's technique was well known. Of course he had so many world class level talents in chess that it would be easy to underrate any of them.
Synecdoche09 年 前
Like Silman says in his Endgame book, "don't do in one move what you can do in ten"
simon christensen
simon christensen 年 前
I loved the video. Great game and great analysis. Hope you continue this series.
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