Fast Food Challenge with my Sister LOL

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Bretman Rock

Bretman Rock

ヶ月 前

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Yeissy Hernandez
Yeissy Hernandez 2 時間 前
honestly princess is my favorite person
Baddie 4 時間 前
"Without turtles , we wouldn't have any turtles " -Bretman Rock
party box goodybags
party box goodybags 5 時間 前
Hey princesse why you built like that
Krystine Marie Pre Castro
Krystine Marie Pre Castro 5 時間 前
9.06 dose anyone else hear Fopcorn *popcorn*
Nicole_29 11 時間 前
Princess needs to close her mouth when she eats 💁🏽‍♀️😂💀
unicorn universe
unicorn universe 13 時間 前
Dis is how many times they said bitch,you
Lucinda Archuletta
Lucinda Archuletta 13 時間 前
the undefined truth
the undefined truth 14 時間 前
Love them ❤💛💚
Kamaka Fonoti
Kamaka Fonoti 23 時間 前
Why did I know every single one like am I that fat
Mel 日 前
idk if it’s the pregnancy but Princess has just been looking bomb af. Like even without makeup bitch she’s a goddess
Shamanda Nevarez
Shamanda Nevarez 日 前
Selina Toshua
Selina Toshua 日 前
When your sops to eat your pregnancy food but you eat junk
Selina Toshua
Selina Toshua 日 前
Buget king:when you say their normol size and you order it is lorrrrrrrrrggggggggggg l had it befor bc l was sick and l codent eat that much mike my docter told me that it was a vires inside my stomach
Tashara T
Tashara T 日 前
I'm crying, the fact that Princess knows that Brent is judging her even with her eyes closed kills meee!!
Xandra Macario
Xandra Macario 日 前
Nheizel Battulayan
Nheizel Battulayan 日 前
"Naggarampingat ka Mae" 🤣
Maj Ang
Maj Ang 日 前
Princess is pretty with makeup. But she’s even prettier without it. Wow ♥️ btw i love their matching outfits ♥️
Fate Lyrics
Fate Lyrics 日 前
Princess wheeze 😂😂😂
Christine Angela Dy
Christine Angela Dy 日 前
3 minutes later, I ordered a chicken sandwich.
CrackWhoreChildStar 日 前
Is Princess pregnant again?
Aileen Repaldo
Aileen Repaldo 日 前
🎶Bida ang saya🎶 jollibee yun uy😁
It's me Meng
It's me Meng 日 前
Bretman :"KFC bida ang saya" Jollibee left the group
Mia Jyun미카
Mia Jyun미카 日 前
15:17 animal jahhahahaha
Kaye Alyssa Pagalan
Kaye Alyssa Pagalan 日 前
Bret: KFC, bida ang saya. Tf? HAHA
Amickey 2 日 前
KFC bida ang saya 😂
Chosen Warrior
Chosen Warrior 2 日 前
Hurry up and fix your cousins teeth dude !
a_collection_ of_depression
a_collection_ of_depression 2 日 前
"KFC bida ang saya~" Ummmm....
cher dyosa
cher dyosa 2 日 前
Bretman: "nag garampingat ka may" me as ilocano is shaking HAHAHAHAHA
cher dyosa
cher dyosa 2 日 前
Bretman: "nag garampingat ka may" me as ilocano is shaking HAHAHAHAHA
Tammy Martinez
Tammy Martinez 3 日 前
Also can we get a round of applause for bretman being a Spanish expert like yass 11:54😊😂
Tammy Martinez
Tammy Martinez 3 日 前
Bretman is litterally me tho 11:54. Me being Mexican being like eww people say Spanish words like they be like chaunkla like no.....😤😒
Kendall c
Kendall c 3 日 前
Omg 4:41 he's so mean lols
Kendall c
Kendall c 3 日 前
Jess G
Jess G 3 日 前
This is chicken, mcchicken.. this is mcchicken from McDonalds 5:39
IcedCoffëë 3 日 前
I fkin love you too bitchesss 😂😂
yanna 3 日 前
i want the crackhead energy that princess has in this video
Wan Nursyema
Wan Nursyema 3 日 前
i need answer where they put all the leftovers 😔
liss MSP
liss MSP 3 日 前
eat with your mouths closed please
Sophia Harvard
Sophia Harvard 3 日 前
Princess is me in class shouting the wrong answers thinking I’m correct
Camind 3 日 前
Are you dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb AHAHHAA (tiktok vibes)
Miss Tori
Miss Tori 3 日 前
Princess singing KFC in the tune of elesi is a freakin lss 😂 can't unhear
Danielle Marie
Danielle Marie 3 日 前
I’m dyingggggg when princess tells keiffer it’s okay because she didn’t know what he was talking about 😭😂😂😂
Dionna Dalton
Dionna Dalton 3 日 前
Princess is hilarious! I love her personality.
Putu Widyari
Putu Widyari 4 日 前
Princess cantik sekali. Dia terlihat sangat cute.
Rana A
Rana A 4 日 前
No one: Absolutely fucking no one: Princess: I dont like burgers, sandwiches, anything I only like DICK.
Adalis Reyes
Adalis Reyes 4 日 前
*bitch* is not *fucking* Christmas no more
Gisele Castro
Gisele Castro 4 日 前
never mind I’m dumb
Gisele Castro
Gisele Castro 4 日 前
No offense there is no negative 0 sorry I luv u guys
Eleonora 308
Eleonora 308 4 日 前
"are you dumbdurumdumb" Me: *having that 69 meme flashback where he sings dumbdurumdumb all over again*
B 4 日 前
i love princess
Alyanna Lusanta
Alyanna Lusanta 4 日 前
Bretman: KFC~ bida ang saya.. JOLLIBEE LEFT THE CHAT
shaiful naim
shaiful naim 4 日 前
Did they just singing Just The Way You Are from the Pitch Perfect rendition?
Sara Al Jaberi
Sara Al Jaberi 4 日 前
Normal people: this is not a sandwich Abnormal people: I GIVE THIS NEGATIVE 0 😂
Maryjoy Alvarez
Maryjoy Alvarez 4 日 前
kfccccc, bida ang sayaa
Angelina Johnson
Angelina Johnson 4 日 前
-0 don’t exist princesss 🤪😂😂
Jovelle Dumalanta
Jovelle Dumalanta 4 日 前
Burger fucking King KF fucking C 🤣
Ashlee Bikruz
Ashlee Bikruz 4 日 前
Nalahh FromLionKing
Nalahh FromLionKing 4 日 前
princess throwing hands “they forgot” is life 💀
Melis2bomb 4 日 前
I fucking love princess she’s so funny. ESP now that’s she’s pregnant and feisty. I miss having that appetite when I was pregnant.
mochi baby
mochi baby 4 日 前
*Bretman prettier than girls* *bretman hotter than guys*
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