Extended Highlights: New Zealand 23-13 South Africa - Rugby World Cup 2019

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World Rugby

World Rugby

2 ヶ月 前

Check out the extended highlights from New Zealand v South Africa at Rugby World Cup 2019

Jason Sputnik
Jason Sputnik 時間 前
There are very few teams who can beat the All Blacks, there is only one team who can beat the Springboks: this is the difference between the two super teams. GO BOKKE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dri -Ko
Dri -Ko 13 時間 前
Number 8 needs to be moved he could of crabed the dude with the balll before they made a 2nd goal and he didnt
Sphamandla Hlela
Sphamandla Hlela 3 日 前
Oksalayo... Boks won the Cup
Peter Scholes
Peter Scholes 5 日 前
The South African try come from the Steph-DuToit turn over that he snatches from a completely offside position. When Kolbe runs and loses it, Barret regathers and PST tries to chase and tackle him in goal, he misses, play passes him (3:42) and he does not retire to an onside position before stealing the ball. You can see his Blue boots in the top right of the screen at 3:54 AFTER a ruck has formed, therefore ending the open phase of play he was a part of. I know I'm late and it has little impact now but it still pisses me off that this is the kind of stuff Garces misses and he still got the final.
Robbo 98
Robbo 98 12 日 前
South Africa have England to thank that they’re champions
dantakeoff 13 日 前
All in Rassies gameplan:}
Snenhlanhla Ndimande
Snenhlanhla Ndimande 16 日 前
Who is watching this in 2010
M 18 日 前
3:41 what a tackle...
Tracey Sprott
Tracey Sprott 22 日 前
All blacks still better
Eddie 22 日 前
We were obviously a bit rusty here
TheUltimate SharpShooter
TheUltimate SharpShooter 18 日 前
And SA still lost by only 10 points to the best team in the world at the time. Just shows you how good the boks are.
Jonas M. Muronga
Jonas M. Muronga 24 日 前
Suh this is a sport for real men
Eudon Hickey
Eudon Hickey 25 日 前
1st All Black try - seems like a forward pass and obstruction.
88motho 25 日 前
To be honest, our Black players needs to learn to tackle hard like our whites players, only Kolosi was doing his best, Mampimpi and the other guy with big hair were tackling like as if they are stopping the children from falling down , this is Rugby , throw yourself in the game or step aside.
John Carter
John Carter 27 日 前
South Africa should thank England for beating NZ, because if this was the final NZ would hv won
TheUltimate SharpShooter
TheUltimate SharpShooter 24 日 前
I doubt. SA got better and better as the tournament went on. This match SA was so poor on execution and still only lost by 10 points. I think SA would have beat NZ in the final the way England beat NZ in the semi
Sandile Sibiya
Sandile Sibiya 28 日 前
Kolbe 🔥
Athi 28 日 前
3:59 that push on Kolbe's chest by NZ player could take a normal man straight to the dust
Kupa Cronk
Kupa Cronk 29 日 前
Although SA won the world cup this match would be bugging me if i were SA lol.
TheUltimate SharpShooter
TheUltimate SharpShooter 24 日 前
Not really. This was performance by SA was mired with poor execution. SA dominated every stat in this game but their execution was attrocious. Compare this game to the final where SA were firing on all cylinders against a team that comprehensively beat the All Blacks. I am actually thankful SA got exposed here and fixed it to become world champions
Kupa Cronk
Kupa Cronk 27 日 前
@Thabang Morule ,dominated yet still lost which says something about NZs defence more than not being mentally prepared.Even the one try SA did get was a soft one at that.A loss is a loss and SA havent beaten NZ in the last 3 tests either to compound things even more lol.
Thabang Morule
Thabang Morule 28 日 前
Kupa Cronk No ways Rassie said it after the game that the lose was what they needed to mentally prepare them well.. in that game SA dominated the match just that they weren’t mentally ready
RamCoRe ヶ月 前
what a game 💚
New Mavericks
New Mavericks ヶ月 前
The ABs got the selection right on this day. Would have been good to see more of the experienced players starting against England and then the younger guys coming off the bench. Good experience for next time.
Mpho Monamodi
Mpho Monamodi ヶ月 前
The All Blacks beat RSA and England beat the All Blacks and yet RSA beat England, how ironic for RSA to lose to a team that was beaten by a team that they would beat.
Thabang Matsela
Thabang Matsela ヶ月 前
Look at all the mistakes Springboks were doing, they really improved their game after here
TheUltimate SharpShooter
TheUltimate SharpShooter 24 日 前
That's what I was saying when we lost this game. SA were playing a 6/10 game here and only lost by 10 points. I knew if SA cut out mistakes that would slaughter any team they face.
Eva Mathebula
Eva Mathebula ヶ月 前
Iam watching all highlights n it seems new Zealand is only team that gives SA a hard time
Dhirshan Gobind
Dhirshan Gobind ヶ月 前
South Africa conceded only 2 more tries the entire world cup after this game.
Kook Jetfighter
Kook Jetfighter ヶ月 前
What was going on with NZ at 4:57? A massive hole in the defence. No initiative shown from the immediate forwards in that to recognise that obvious threat.
Bot Beast
Bot Beast ヶ月 前
I love how NZ beat South Africa, yet South Africa won the World Cup
Bâtard Würtz
Bâtard Würtz 23 日 前
Congrats to South Africa. But the better team won this game
TheUltimate SharpShooter
TheUltimate SharpShooter 24 日 前
@Cade Skywalker You can't judge a 3rd place playoff where both teams were playing different teams. Ofcourse NZ was going to smash Wales since Wales doesn't have the depth like NZ had. England got lucky? I saw a NZ team that was put in it's place by a well planned England game.
Cade Skywalker
Cade Skywalker 26 日 前
@Elton Campbell Errrrrr LMAO you barely even beat Wales! and NZ smashed them out of the park! England got lucky to beat NZ and South Africa lucky they didn't have to face down NZ in the finals more like it. Still, congrats to SA. I am glad you beat England.
Bâtard Würtz
Bâtard Würtz 27 日 前
@Elton Campbell lucky ? last 10 encounters south Africa has only won once and one draw. These teams are always evenly matched with NZ always being one step ahead just like winning 3 titles first
Zachary Stone
Zachary Stone 27 日 前
@Nathan Barnes Japan is a much easier team to beat than Ireland. One game doesnt determine who's better. NZ could smash Japan with their 1st team harder than they did against ireland
Trudy Holmm
Trudy Holmm ヶ月 前
Nz is still the best team imo
Marcus ヶ月 前
@Joshua Cupido they are though
Joshua Cupido
Joshua Cupido ヶ月 前
Not really but ok
Trudy Holmm
Trudy Holmm ヶ月 前
South Africa won because they got easier teams to beat
TheUltimate SharpShooter
TheUltimate SharpShooter 24 日 前
Not really. Japan beat Ireland (easier?), Wales 6N champs and were on an unbeaten run of 15 games before WC (Easier?)
Trudy Holmm
Trudy Holmm ヶ月 前
If u try to play physical tough against the afrikaners u are fucked that’s what England did
Trudy Holmm
Trudy Holmm ヶ月 前
The final should have been all blacks vs the boks
Johan Rijhkelaar
Johan Rijhkelaar ヶ月 前
Interesting to see South Africa’s physicality didn’t post a threat to New Zealand and yet it did to England in the final. Contrast of styles in sports are a thing of beauty, not English but wanted the cup to come to Europe, it wasn’t to be congrats to SA
Floziq ヶ月 前
Bcuz it was the finals. If they wanted the wc, they'd have to play their best game ever, and that's what they did. This Springboks team here, is different team to the one that beat England, and could see it
So true, you guys were hurting, could smell the blood fron a mile.
Samke Makhoba
Samke Makhoba ヶ月 前
Typical Angry Black Guy
Typical Angry Black Guy ヶ月 前
who's laughing now?
snapsorfly ヶ月 前
LOL you have a valid point as all last four nations (EN, SA, WL, NZ) have lost one game during this WC...
Jonny Reed
Jonny Reed ヶ月 前
South Africa simply outclassed in every aspect... no surprises then
Who is watching this match after springbok win this world cup 2019?
Jordan Mapfumo
Jordan Mapfumo 23 日 前
@Rosemary Mutua had to read that twice🤣
Rosemary Mutua
Rosemary Mutua 23 日 前
My hubby loves rugby..i luv it too..once yu get rid of all blacks & australia, the rest are not a threat to spring boks
Jordan Mapfumo
Jordan Mapfumo 24 日 前
All of us!
Nathan Barnes
Nathan Barnes 28 日 前
NZ won the battle, we won the war.
Mashego Surprise
Mashego Surprise ヶ月 前
Who is here after South Africa beat England in the Final despite losing to the All Blacks?
Michelle Tana
Michelle Tana 7 日 前
I am lol yes you won the RWC so glad SAF beat those cocky English 😀 btw im a nz'er 😆
Auto Slasher
Auto Slasher ヶ月 前
And South Africa won
Félicitations AB vous avez battus les champions du monde!!!
snapsorfly ヶ月 前
Hahaha tellement vrai, ça sera leur lot de consolation 😁
P Strayhorn
P Strayhorn ヶ月 前
This is how you beat SA. Did the England management team and coaches not watch this video?!
LG Dude
LG Dude ヶ月 前
I don't think SA went all out in this match
gtone339 ヶ月 前
So Wrong! This should of been the finals match between NZ (All Blacks) vs SA (Springboks) not Eng vs RSA lol.
Knightmare Arteropk
Knightmare Arteropk ヶ月 前
I thought the same thing a few weeks ago, but with the way England DEMOLISHED the ABS they definitely deserved to vs SA more
Epic Saoul
Epic Saoul ヶ月 前
If Nz beat South Africa and England beat NZ why England have to play against South Africa ?? It’s a pool ?
Epic Saoul
Epic Saoul ヶ月 前
Daniel Coetzee lol I was just wondering calm down
Epic Saoul
Epic Saoul ヶ月 前
Kook Jetfighter WoW ok so it’s kinda strategic to lose the first game 🤔 if you’re sure to beat other teams
Daniel Coetzee
Daniel Coetzee ヶ月 前
Yes, why not hand the golden cup to them on a silver plate...!?
Kook Jetfighter
Kook Jetfighter ヶ月 前
NZ beat South Africa in their opening pool game. This meant South Africa had a slightly easier side of the draw as the top two teams from each pool go through to the knockout rounds. SA advanced to the final where they met England who had just completely dominated NZ in their semi final match.
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