Extended Cut: John Krasinski Answers Ellen's 'Burning Questions'

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Ellen put John Krasinski in the hot seat to answer some of her "Burning Questions." Find out the last celebrity he freaked out over, and hear him say something sexy in a Boston accent.

Karel Pilar
Karel Pilar 9 時間 前
I love this clip but John K. is such a bear!!!
Chloe Turner
Chloe Turner 10 時間 前
The way he said Taco Bell......
Caya Vendelin
Caya Vendelin 12 時間 前
John doesn’t play Jim, Jim plays John.
Mary Ajayan
Mary Ajayan 23 時間 前
Natalie Mosko
Natalie Mosko 日 前
am i the only one who thought this was awkward
rheya finley
rheya finley 2 日 前
John: *nahkehd bahhbeque*
Rory Jaco
Rory Jaco 3 日 前
I was surprised for when he was asked, "What is the weirdest thing you've done to impress a girl" that he didn't say join the cast of Threat Level Midnight
Leonardo DiCaprio Stuff
Leonardo DiCaprio Stuff 3 日 前
I have a phobia of cotton balls. When u have a hang nail and it gets caught on them or anything like that. Omg even thinking about it is making me wanna cry
Mónica Torres
Mónica Torres 4 日 前
Does anyone else thinks John looks like a young Dumbledore?
mage 4 日 前
he sounds like flynn rider lol
Aleena Riggs
Aleena Riggs 4 日 前
1000 th comment!
mackenzie 4 日 前
Years later John still has the iconic facial expressions from the office
windedflame 4 日 前
Cotton balls! I thought that was only me!!
z1g2012 4 日 前
Styrofoam rubbing, cotton balls, and holding a micro fiber towel all awful.
Emily Jennings
Emily Jennings 5 日 前
his fragrance would be called “big haircut”
M E 5 日 前
*Beats. Burgers. Battlestar Gallactica*
alice hyland
alice hyland 5 日 前
i love him lol
Eleftheria Konstantaki
Eleftheria Konstantaki 5 日 前
Me: smiling and laughing throughout the video Ellen: Quiet place 2 out on March 12 Me: *eyes widen and smile falls* *looks at date* *LE GASP*
Mary H
Mary H 6 日 前
liam payne: i have an irrational fear of spoons
Kimberly Maria
Kimberly Maria 6 日 前
OMG Cotton balls and styrofoam freak me out too .. it reminds me of chalk scraping on the board.
Queen Jen Jen
Queen Jen Jen 6 日 前
oh man hes so beautiful,i love how he puts his finger up to his mouth when he smiles hehe
Jazmine Brandon
Jazmine Brandon 7 日 前
John wheres beesly?
Yash 7 日 前
I envy John Kransinski's confidence and smoothness
Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea 7 日 前
I came here coz I saw Emily Blunt at James Corden’s show!
edema 7 日 前
The whitest... The most straight.... The most male... The one and only... JOHN KRASİNSKİ
BJ Kroft
BJ Kroft 7 日 前
This just in, Ellen doesnt like balls. Who knew?
Divine PuBG
Divine PuBG 7 日 前
Jack Ryan S2?
TubbySqueakers 7 日 前
Ellen just told Prankster Krasinski what she's terrified of ....... This might not end well
JASMR 8 日 前
Cute man
Chelsea Denton
Chelsea Denton 8 日 前
Mer Blink
Mer Blink 8 日 前
He's like a puppy ❤
Aly M
Aly M 8 日 前
John is wonderful... This is wonderful
Karla López
Karla López 9 日 前
i had a dream last night that hugged him for no reason, IT WAS THE BEST DREAM EVEEEEEEER, he smelled just like i imagined...
Sarah Nesheiwat
Sarah Nesheiwat 9 日 前
I love John. He cracks me up 😂
Stephen Ray
Stephen Ray 10 日 前
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="145">2:25</a>
Stephen Ray
Stephen Ray 10 日 前
Nacked BBQ
DFM225 10 日 前
B W 11 日 前
All of the office fans (including me) when they see John Krasinski: It’s Jim!
miaaa charlotteee
miaaa charlotteee 11 日 前
i think i speak for everyone watching this when i say this: i love him so much
Erfaneh Mhm
Erfaneh Mhm 12 日 前
I love his sense of humor. besides his handsome face lol.
Rebecca Carroll
Rebecca Carroll 12 日 前
Shooooooot Ellen... I've never known another person with the same fear!!!!! 🤭
Tabitha Crouse
Tabitha Crouse 12 日 前
He's so funny
Vicky The Sock Lady
Vicky The Sock Lady 12 日 前
Kristine Simpson
Kristine Simpson 13 日 前
He should be a comedian, he’s hilarious
Kari2025 14 日 前
Get those cotton balls out of here! 💀
amy dominates
amy dominates 14 日 前
his personality is immaculate
Victoria Strong
Victoria Strong 14 日 前
Let me tell you, as a Texan... barbecue is sexy. Although really, John could say "rotting carcass" and I'd still think it's sexy, so 🤷🏻‍♀️
İlkim Şen
İlkim Şen 15 日 前
he is so charming and adorable and sexy and funny and...
pure heart
pure heart 16 日 前
One of the best Burning Questions
Mary McCain
Mary McCain 16 日 前
The reason that I love this man is so cute when he talks about Emily
Random Super Fan
Random Super Fan 17 日 前
I’m starting to think that Jim isn’t really who he says he is 🤔
FRA_Zach L
FRA_Zach L 17 日 前
He is low key like Jim
Emmylou Gentry
Emmylou Gentry 18 日 前
Who else was watching this cause they had a crush on jim from the office!!!😍😍😍
Ankita Singh
Ankita Singh 19 日 前
She's having fun. Admit it.
Praiag Gandhi
Praiag Gandhi 19 日 前
Just pause at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="30">00:30</a> and look at Ellen's face 😂😂
Josh Rolfe
Josh Rolfe 20 日 前
His scent should’ve been John Krascentski
smol boi
smol boi 13 日 前
Ajay Das
Ajay Das 20 日 前
my god... he is so funny
Mays Jamal Ali
Mays Jamal Ali 21 日 前
Oh, he s Love ly .. shut up Andy 😁
Klirka Engtipi
Klirka Engtipi 21 日 前
He is so lovely and charming 😭
pristine govender
pristine govender 22 日 前
If John and Emily ever break up, I’ll know there’s no such thing as soulmates🥺
Se7Rii R.
Se7Rii R. 22 日 前
He’s funny !! Surprisedly I enjoyed 😄
LittleVidds 22 日 前
Ellen being straight for 7 minutes
Super Blaze99
Super Blaze99 23 日 前
Weirdest thing Jim did to impress Pam was to prank Dwight :)
Veronica 23 日 前
My love ❤️❤️❤️
lynn ly
lynn ly 23 日 前
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="233">3:53</a> THE LADY ON THE RIGHT OF THE CHEERING ONE IS SO DONE HAHAHA
Summerlyn h
Summerlyn h 23 日 前
jim has my heart forever
Jemma Donaldson
Jemma Donaldson 24 日 前
Gorgeous man
Babou 24 日 前
Ellen... It's time.
Kara Lewis
Kara Lewis 25 日 前
Yes!!! Cotton balls!! Cotton at all!!!
Dania Ihtesham
Dania Ihtesham 25 日 前
I wanted more
Carolyn Christensen
Carolyn Christensen 25 日 前
I cant handle cotton on rolls. The pulling apart just goes through my body like an eectric shock!
Janet Ellsworth
Janet Ellsworth 26 日 前
Haha I am the same way with cotton balls and styrofoam!!
smrttgrl 26 日 前
Ellen, same. That sound/texture of styrofoam and cotton rubbing is just.....ugh.
lili 27 日 前
the amount of love i have for john and his charisma is unbelievable
aye lmao
aye lmao 27 日 前
please play reed richards. please.
smol boi
smol boi 13 日 前
and emily needs to play sue storm
Skyler Calender
Skyler Calender 27 日 前
He’s so funny
S Perez
S Perez 27 日 前
Wait quiet place part 2...😮how come I didn't know about this until now
Megan Rowley
Megan Rowley 27 日 前
Ellen! I can’t do cotton balls either! Touching them makes me cringe!
Austin Elizabeth Robinson
Austin Elizabeth Robinson 28 日 前
Ellen just doesn't like balls 💁‍♀️😅
Nakessa Greene
Nakessa Greene 28 日 前
Love John ♥️♥️♥️
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