Experiment: Coca Cola,sprite,Fanta and Mentos Vs Eels Underground | Amazing Life Hacks Fishing

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Experiment: Coca Cola, sprite,Fanta and Mentos Vs Eels Underground | Amazing Life Hacks Fishing

김명옥 23 分 前
한국인을 찾습니다
Dino 101
Dino 101 3 時間 前
Those are lung fish
MiaTheLab 6 時間 前
Poor eel
Sebas vettel
Sebas vettel 6 時間 前
tarzan in his best days
Abi Silva
Abi Silva 7 時間 前
I’m confused as to how this works
T-Solar Gaming
T-Solar Gaming 9 時間 前
Why are we here watching this?! 😂 why am I so disgustingly facilitated? Help! Lol
Alex Liddell
Alex Liddell 9 時間 前
All I heard was “MUCHO BIG BOI”
Gullu Tagiyeva
Gullu Tagiyeva 10 時間 前
Kak ya nenaviju ix i vso, cto oni jrut, blevat xocetsa ot nix.
Laura Torres Castro
Laura Torres Castro 11 時間 前
I dont like. this is animal abuse
Yuu Himeragi
Yuu Himeragi 12 時間 前
Well dinner‘s safe for today I guess
Kyle Salt
Kyle Salt 13 時間 前
They looked like electric eels
rodrigo ribeiro
rodrigo ribeiro 20 時間 前
Com o dinheiro gasto nos refrigerantes e menthos dava pra comprar um kilo de carne pra churrasco
Brennen Funk
Brennen Funk 21 時間 前
America: We have the best fisherman India:
Mr.ビーン 21 時間 前
Jaafar Jawad
Jaafar Jawad 23 時間 前
If you eat the shokalt and coco cool ldont naw why eat snke hahahaha
cheeto an orange chip
cheeto an orange chip 23 時間 前
Friend: So what do you do in your free time? Me:Buys soda and mentos pours it down a hole where eels live and starts fingering the earth while making strange noises Friend: .....
Axtroツ 日 前
First 8 seconds of the video: brgehfhghvsgebfgsvyugb Me: ...what am i...ok
Noah Cecil
Noah Cecil 日 前
Nobody: Him:1:40 I just wanna do more
Rong Shen
Rong Shen 日 前
Edson Nishimura
Edson Nishimura 日 前
Porco ! Deixou o lixo pra traz 🤔
argentinojugandojuegos jajaxd
argentinojugandojuegos jajaxd 日 前
Falso. Se nota por el agua que empujan desde el otro lado.
Dell Treme
Dell Treme 日 前
I'm pretty sure that 98% of Americans doesn't know what is Cambodian
Vaidehi Shah
Vaidehi Shah 日 前
why is the sprite green
JuIcY WeWe
JuIcY WeWe 日 前
Wastes 3 bottles of soda and some mentos Me, an intellectual: I used the food to catch the food
Now United is My everything
Now United is My everything 日 前
That’s why they have coronavirus, they eat water snakes with green sprite and fake mentos
Now United is My everything
Now United is My everything 日 前
Lucas Soares palmeira
Lucas Soares palmeira 日 前
ben carlson
ben carlson 日 前
De he say....bow chica bow wow...? By the way. Do they eat them nasty things. Yikes
xTheR3bix 日 前
This will confuse girls
John Matthews
John Matthews 日 前
So for 7 dollars he spent on pop for and candy for two weeks he used it to get on nights worth of food
Suli Chen
Suli Chen 日 前
Me:looks Also me dreams the fishes life
javier molina
javier molina 日 前
Q asqueroso es , pero respeto para su constumbre ,bien
Gacha Skye
Gacha Skye 日 前
English: 1% German:1% Ouuuuuh Ouuuuuh Ahhhhh Chuuu:98,99%
Sexy Sex
Sexy Sex 日 前
Isn't this technicaly animal abuse?
Gonzalo Gilabert
Gonzalo Gilabert 日 前
That Israel animal abuse
Léo Aventura Oficial
Léo Aventura Oficial 日 前
Alguém em 2020 e Brasileiro que tá vendo esse vídeo? 🤔🙄
Léo Aventura Oficial
Léo Aventura Oficial 日 前
É nós abençoado 😎
Edson Nishimura
Edson Nishimura 日 前
Opa tamo junto 😎
Gonzalo Gilabert
Gonzalo Gilabert 日 前
I hate your nails
Pyeah Yeah
Pyeah Yeah 日 前
These animals are suffering. Imagine some stupid giant filling your house with damn Soda and Mentos to force you out. That's just disgusting. Please JPchat don't allow such Videos...
VoiceOnFNM 時間 前
Pyeah Yeah especially in my recommended it’s horrible
maître RKO
maître RKO 日 前
These guys got that hole wet
Ярослав Александров
Ярослав Александров 日 前
Kim Orth
Kim Orth 日 前
Nederlands 0% Engels 12 % rdustd8tdruudtyrd7r 100 %
Kim Orth
Kim Orth 日 前
Rare taal
XxMoNsTrScOpXx 日 前
Who else finds it disturbing that he’s caressing that hole
Matyi Istvan
Matyi Istvan 日 前
typical human leaves trash there
Stanley Manson
Stanley Manson 日 前
Какого хрена у них рыбы в норах живут?!?! (
Estêvão boa
Estêvão boa 日 前
Fazer isso com vc
Eckhart Nineeleven
Eckhart Nineeleven 日 前
5:46 look in the top right corner. You can see the water move when his buddy pushes the fish in to the other side...
Fafa Hanson
Fafa Hanson 日 前
Puji Lestari
Puji Lestari 日 前
Kasihan tau jahat banget
VNA_james _battlelands
VNA_james _battlelands 日 前
This is cruel
nutakki siddhartha
nutakki siddhartha 日 前
Wtf ur shoutings man 😂😂 With excitement Iam getting laugh
Foxy Playz
Foxy Playz 日 前
eel abuse lol
cumber 日 前
Why mans just molesting the earth
Костя Дяк
Костя Дяк 日 前
Как тызогк
Abhishek Uprari
Abhishek Uprari 日 前
Whole video only Chuuu ohhhh chuuuu ohh 🤣🤣
Reese Lyte
Reese Lyte 日 前
Man see’s the els: finally dinner
K13 日 前
Pero que son estas cosas , gusanos ? Anguilas ? Que asco dan.
Tio Pain
Tio Pain 2 日 前
U uoly uuh uoly uu
Willy Fitria
Willy Fitria 2 日 前
OMG heloo
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