Coronavirus Won't Go Away In Matter Of Weeks, Says Science Writer | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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2 ヶ月 前

Atlantic science writer Ed Yong recently wrote about different scenarios for how the coronavirus will end, and Yong joins Morning Joe to discuss his findings. Aired on 3/26/2020.
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Coronavirus Won't Go Away In Matter Of Weeks, Says Science Writer | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Ted M
Ted M 11 日 前
In other words, we are doomed. The irony is that if America led here it would makes us great again.
Diggity Diggit
Diggity Diggit 15 日 前
Drink Clorox and inject Spray9
Diggity Diggit
Diggity Diggit 15 日 前
120 days a joke. The disease kills mostly old and sick. Too bad. Better 300k die than USA destroyed by economic depression
Diggity Diggit
Diggity Diggit 15 日 前
No American writers available?
Gary Quarty
Gary Quarty 27 日 前
Aids won't just go away either.Still no vaccine still no cure millions dead.
Aves Raggiana
Aves Raggiana 6 日 前
You're mostly incorrect. AIDS has not gone away, but there is a vaccine, and in the US, 700,000 have died from AIDS since the start of the epidemic 28 years ago.
Nameless Progressive Clone
Nameless Progressive Clone 28 日 前
This virus is with us forever. If you're trying to plan for what to do when this is over, you need to give up on that train of thought. It cannot be contained. It cannot be eradicated. It's not under control anywhere. Over 1 billion people will catch it by the end of the year, regardless of mitigation efforts of any magnitude. But it's extremely unlikely that a given carrier will need to be hospitalized or die. It's not as deadly as we thought, it's just far, far more contagious. New York City has an estimated 2.9 million infected or recently infected. Almost 1 in every 4 New Yorkers had it or have it. Social distancing was a futile waste of time that accomplished nothing except economic catastrophe. The spread didn't even slow down. Masks aren't helping; stay home orders are creating entire families of infected. You're gonna get it. Yes, you the reader. Your turn is coming faster than you think. You might have already had it and never knew. And you have about a 99.9% chance of being just fine. Welcome to the new normal where every Autumn through Springtime is cold/flu/COVID-19 season. We have to restart the world with acceptance of that reality. This genie ain't going back in the bottle.
giofyr ヶ月 前
NUT JOBS ! 😂😂😂🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼
MR. BoOgZ ヶ月 前
This is what happens when you have open borders and let everyone in to the country
Michael De'Ath
Michael De'Ath ヶ月 前
Or, you could just let nature take its course and get immunity and bury the dead.
Dylan Cale
Dylan Cale ヶ月 前
Ya lair
oscar27ization ヶ月 前
Yeh tell that to the capitalists 😂
peggy okelly
peggy okelly ヶ月 前
TheRenard10 ヶ月 前
What if it ceases tomorrow?
Chris James
Chris James ヶ月 前
All data supports that this is no more dangerous than the seasonal flu
poohbear ヶ月 前
Vaccine won’t help! Media and Doctors said don’t wear masks:/ now their saying wear masks! Vaccine has never helped its our immunity that did.
Ty Wilson
Ty Wilson ヶ月 前
When are we nuking China?
Shorty Harden
Shorty Harden ヶ月 前
The Governor’s “State Of Emergency” Powers | Appealingly ... Jan 26, 2015 · (a) In the event of serious disaster, enemy attack, sabotage or other hostile action or in the event of the imminence thereof, the Governor may proclaim that a state of civil preparedness emergency exists, in which event the Governor may personally take direct operational control of any or all parts of the civil preparedness forces and functions in the state.
Jerry Golan
Jerry Golan ヶ月 前
GOD BLESS TRUMP!! the virus is from China not NYC
Jerry Golan
Jerry Golan ヶ月 前
it's so nice to see NYC newscaster that are women that don't constantly have that stupid continual smile!! Smiles come easily to the faces of FOOLS
诺奇刘 ヶ月 前
A crisis that human cannot handle exsit not only in movies.
Les Rosin
Les Rosin ヶ月 前
Ok I admit, Ed`s accent caught me off guard like a MOFO.
Sergio Spivak
Sergio Spivak ヶ月 前
Sounded alarm early. It would be nice of CCP to not silence their whistle blower and communicate the problem earlier and not wait for 6 weeks. It could be contained by CCP. Oh well let's blame Trump for everything, that's all you guys are capable of.
antfactor ヶ月 前
We lost that window of control when we didn't do trace testing back in January. We knew there were carriers here the same time S Korea did - but we did (pretty much) nothing - S. Korea did everything humanly possible(!) - and then some. Look at both of us now.
happios ヶ月 前
Every country should follow Taiwan. They are a small densely populated country but its population size is similar to Australia. They currently have one of the the best response and lowest numbers of infections and deaths in the world.
Nancy Nutty
Nancy Nutty ヶ月 前
He is quite stupid, so is his statement. Nobody said the Chinese coronavirus would go away in few weeks. In fact, it took almost a year for the Chinese wine flu to die out from 2009-2010.
Thanhphong Vo
Thanhphong Vo ヶ月 前
100% agreed
Faith Rada
Faith Rada ヶ月 前
I weep for America... and it pains me to watch all the needless suffering from this self inflicted wound.
Margaret Alexander
Margaret Alexander ヶ月 前
He is right. Long is the trap. He is right. No, the worldwide threstening taunt, would be much longer.
Kimmie Superstar
Kimmie Superstar ヶ月 前
186 in denial
Aaron Blaine
Aaron Blaine ヶ月 前
But Trump said it would just disappear like magic!!! LOL!!! What a dunce!!!!!!!
SportsManDan 100
SportsManDan 100 ヶ月 前
Stay away and stay Home people do your part
geometrical gold
geometrical gold ヶ月 前
Ed Yong's Atlanta Weekly article: really wish more viewers would *listen* more carefully instead of just nodding their heads in agreement, with whatever tv news *magazine* show guests say - even if they're scientists..because every guest and every news agency has an agenda, for better or for worse. playing a long game of "whack-a-mole" is definitely *NOT* the "best option." who is this guy working for anyway?? the *number 1* way he mentioned and wrote about is obviously the *best way.* and it has been done before! and nothing to do with whether or not it *will finally begin* to happen with the various world governments' responses to COVID-19, that's not the point..but in his article Yong seems to be *not* very invested in his *idea number 1,* which he gives very little written attention to re: his mention of the 2003 *SARS* coronavirus event ..deliberately *leaving out the details as to how it was accomplished,* the *eventual,* better handling of it...then he gives *ONLY a little more* attention to *scenario number 2.* but the *THIRD* scenario is where he seems to place *the lion's share* of his interest and focus..and before anyone is tempted to argue, he *didn't say #3 is* what he *believes* to be the "most likely," option - he said, that it was "best option." i mean, *jesus,* it's NOT the best option and what a dangerous message to send out!👎 and why did Mika/MSNBC *leave out* what most of what little he *did* write about the *first 2 scenarios??* and time constraints are not an excuse, since tptb for the *Morning Joe,* show make decisions *every DAY* about what to focus was very negligent of them to leave those parts out - esp., since they were both so short! that combined with *purposefully tricky* 'languaging' and it becomes a recipe for misdirection..and, imho, not misinformation but a less that subtle form of *dis-information,* designed to hypnotize and sway the viewer [or listener]. to me, it honestly sounds like MSNBC and *influential, interested parties* are *positioning themselves*, make no mistake, to be *Trumpeteers* for the 'reopening of the economy' and far too a licensed health care worker, i find this entire clip quite horrifying and entirely inexcusable.
John Jones
John Jones ヶ月 前
Who says we had plenty of warning? The Chinese Communist Party and their mouth organs?
Mike Harrison
Mike Harrison ヶ月 前
Trump says, it's going away? 😷 Problem solved! 😁
Mike Harrison
Mike Harrison ヶ月 前
Wow! All lies!! 😳
Roberto Beltran
Roberto Beltran ヶ月 前
And by the by, look @ The numbers now over 500,000 cases over 20,000 DEADS😫😫 Look HOW High are the numbers of Dead AMONG the MINORITY our Brothers & Sisters African-AMERICAN(s) Spanish People, are the top on the list in Deads and cases, and the president talking bout opening the economy no matter WHAT😫😫 instead of LISTEN to the EXPERTS Scientists to STOP this Pandemic nightmare thats why he's **Donald Duck The Dumb Trump**
Roberto Beltran
Roberto Beltran ヶ月 前
No wonder I Changed his Name a long time ago because his STUPIDITY of Running this Nation like is a Coorporate Business, This is a Nation not a Business, **Mr. Donald Duck The Dumb Trump** That's his New name from now on
Finite Wonder
Finite Wonder ヶ月 前
Sickness, disease, accidents, death, etc, etc are long term problems. We gonna live in a box forever. It's over. Take back your life or lose even more ground.
kevin r
kevin r ヶ月 前
No kidding
Kate100294764 ヶ月 前
Lives could have been saved in China didn't lie, muzzle the truth and delay sharing critical information. First virus cases reported on November 15th, confirmed human to human transmission on December 31st, yet Pandemic was held off until March12th. All that time, international commercial flights kept landing and departing (even in Wuhan) THE WHOLE TIME, even during their famous nation-wide lock down
Pearblossom 13
Pearblossom 13 ヶ月 前
For heavens sake, GET A GRIP. We haven't got VACCINES for MANY MANY terrible transmittable diseases/viruses. You want to live like this??? It's crazy...
USASports Videos
USASports Videos ヶ月 前
Coronavirus is losing it's steam as we speak and thousands of people have recovered. Let's focus on the recoveries more and the fear less... because fear and stress both weaken the immune system (along with a poor diet). It's attacking people with weaker immune systems... so in theory, the more fearful and stressed out society becomes, the more Covid19 can attack us. Come on people... be nice, be happy and let's get rid of the fear and stress.
Krystyna Smyth
Krystyna Smyth ヶ月 前
Keep the stores closed &the country will bankrupt&then you get to die anyways 🤷‍♀️ Take a Corona break lookup Georgia guide stones, Event 201 w/bill gates, & agenda 21
P M ヶ月 前
A virus doesn't just go away once it is out there. Time to build up your being for survival. Cut out all the bad food and environmental factors. I say isolation beats testing. Viruses return.
Linda Alsbrook
Linda Alsbrook ヶ月 前
Rumbling among the x generation, just let me get Covid19 and let me work!!
iEmbarcadero ヶ月 前
That man can hear signals from cell towers
Dr. m-Beenzu nk m-hecker
Dr. m-Beenzu nk m-hecker ヶ月 前
Hi, I am the author of most powerful Manual on the Planet, please go on Google and type in we must learn how to protect ourselves, in law. After the creator help us with the coronavirus, we must learn how to protect ourselves.
Stacion Blu
Stacion Blu ヶ月 前
This spread so quickly it's ridiculous. U can see the fear in doctors and nurses faces. They're sacrificing their lives putting their families at risk and can't even be tested routinely if at all. Trump has failed us as a president only God can save us. Man can't defeat this.
Stacion Blu
Stacion Blu ヶ月 前
How long can people stay home without making money and feeding our families. This is unbelievable.
Stacion Blu
Stacion Blu ヶ月 前
Trump and the government should of allowed the world to mask up and prepare in January. Instead they kept saying the risk was low and not telling us the truth. International travel should of been suspended months ago. This is crazy
There is zero scientific evidence for this virus .....fake..... pandemic is ..... Fakedemic.
Julio Aranton
Julio Aranton ヶ月 前
Disappointing news but please continue informing...thank you.
moureen tansuwat
moureen tansuwat ヶ月 前
this will e nd when everyone can get tested
1bigjohn11 ヶ月 前
The Wuhan Communist Chinese Red Death Virus is horrible....& the nasty Chinese government must be held responsible and pay dearly.
shani gillis
shani gillis ヶ月 前
Not everyone is practicing social distancing, no social distancing on the nyc trains no social distancing on mta buses people coughing on buses and standing and sitting too close to each other and definitely no social distancing in some Bronx bodega stores stores!🤬
Barbara Miller
Barbara Miller ヶ月 前
The pandemic of 1918 lasted a year +-. They did everything we are currently doing and it did nothing to stop it. It will run its course.
Mutation K
Mutation K ヶ月 前
In south Korea there’s reinfection cases.
Mandy Hampson
Mandy Hampson ヶ月 前
Just like any other virus. It must run its course. Almost everyone will get it. People will die but we can’t live like this. It will ruin our country and give government more control. I rather take my chance with the virus and live free . Give me liberty or give me death. The way we are living is ridiculous. Quarantine only if your sick. We don’t quarantine the healthy. Since when did we ever die that in history. It has always been quarantine the sick and go about your life.
johnekizomba ヶ月 前
fake news propaganda. We're going back to work and we're not retreating in cowardly fear like you, Go suckass after that work faucvi
Spooky ヶ月 前
Doesn’t take a genius to see that this incompetent administration had plenty of time to prepare and keep this massive pandemic in control in America... Anyone but Trump 2020
Shirley Johnson
Shirley Johnson ヶ月 前
It's going to be years guys......
Judy Carman
Judy Carman ヶ月 前
The suffering will not end anytime soon rest assured we as a nation are moving towards socialism and all the sheeple will fall for it Hook line and sinker.
Elvoray Bane of the Darkness
Elvoray Bane of the Darkness ヶ月 前
Mister Yong is very truthful and interesting. Is he a Gray from Venus or Mars? Does anyone know? Did the female spring a leak at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="386">6:26</a>?
Jerry Haase
Jerry Haase ヶ月 前
Seventeen years after SARS and seven years after MERS... both deadly corona viruses feared as the next pandemic...still no vaccine...along with rhinovirus and a couple others, corona viruses cause the common cold. We've been searching for a vaccine to the common cold for decades to protect the vulnerable.....with no success...if a vaccine isn't likely....what then?...if grocery stores can operate with people milling about and not become hot zones, there has to be a safe way....with proper protocols in open more businesses and get more people working....
lady bug
lady bug ヶ月 前
So dang fustrating that I'm spending weekends sewing masks. I would much rather be doing yard work however I have a greater need for the masks. Shame on the grand ol USA outsourcing to China.
Ryan M
Ryan M ヶ月 前
He said America has a F and that was two weeks ago we have a F - now. This virus is in over 150 countries there was nothing we can do about. Most of the blame needs to go to New York when they encouraged people to head to China town and told everyone there was nothing to worry about it’s because of them 80 percent of these deaths are happening
Ryan M
Ryan M ヶ月 前
You don’t need science to tell you this thing isn’t going away in weeks even months. That’s why the military is building triage centers in major cities.
Alex Davis
Alex Davis ヶ月 前
Seems like they wiping out black Americans so trump can win back the election... Something is not right here
Amy Hope
Amy Hope ヶ月 前
Support small business Stop the spread and Order your Disposable face mask and safety Gloves Now!! Use promo code Luv10off to get 10% off your order.
Chewy Lefty
Chewy Lefty ヶ月 前
“Is it me, or did she share a Major Sigh for the World to see and Hear?”
Jadde K. Astrie
Jadde K. Astrie ヶ月 前
I do believe scientist over trump.
Gaspare Glorioso
Gaspare Glorioso ヶ月 前
Go fly a kite in a thunderstorm all you demigods
Sin Page
Sin Page ヶ月 前
Who’s going to make money in a vaccine? They should be made to produce the vaccine at less than cost AND not allowed to patent it or make any profit. You know, like the drug to fight the CCP virus the US donated to China and the Chinese then patented and offered to SELL it to other countries. Block the CCP, close all trade to them now, and don’t allow anyone to enter from China!
håkon eugen gustavsen
håkon eugen gustavsen ヶ月 前
USA is doing really bad thanks to 1 person. With this 1 person in the office, Americans are doomed to die like flies. SAD
Mara L
Mara L ヶ月 前
Trash bags are a good idea. They will work like the rain ponchos people are using for protection.
pz0lfs ヶ月 前
Too late USA
Miguel Mouta Mouta
Miguel Mouta Mouta ヶ月 前
It may happen this way, Sir. But only if a more virulent mutation doesn’t supervenes , caused by quarantine radical isolation. I wonder if this is what is happening in US, Italy and Spain, two weeks after that your mídia talk. - Best Whishes for us all, from Brazil.
Eric Strickland
Eric Strickland ヶ月 前
Ed Young is telling everyone the reality if they listen
zambot3 ヶ月 前
Yeah the flu wont go away either
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