Coronavirus: Good for the environment? | Covid-19 Special

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2 ヶ月 前

Animals have begun reclaiming the empty streets and without us humans in the way nature is thriving. The lockdowns have caused nitrogen dioxyde pollution levels to dive in Italy and China. From a climate perspective, the coronavirus pandemic is not entirely negative. the hastily implemented measures drastically cut emisssions - measures that otherwise would have taken years to come into effect. Can the corona crisis help our planet to breathe again?

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Bava Bangars D
Bava Bangars D 日 前
Let’s shoot our selves FOR MOTHER EARTH 🌎
I am happy that humans are dying.... That you Mr.Covid
jitendra mahapatra
jitendra mahapatra 2 日 前
Covid 19 though having a devastating impact on human lives yet we need to recognise it's impact to refresh the mother earth. This is high time. All great world leaders should unite and impose lockdown at least for 2 days consecutively per month even more to allow all the living spices on earth to get fresh air to breathe which is the birth right for an ant to the so called most intelligent human beings that really destroy the mother earth for comfort.
Swati Kumari
Swati Kumari 3 日 前
It's not only teaches us the lesson but also gives the solution.
Moonlight Night
Moonlight Night 3 日 前
In my country,even bugs and insects went home,but not their home,OUR HOME
midnightriderart 4 日 前
Yeah it's all those cow farts that polluting the air. Smh.
JESSICA B. 6 日 前
That’s a good news looks like. Thank you for seeing “the good” and positive in all this situation. 🌈🍀🌈
M. Low
M. Low 7 日 前
Wow all the countries were people have Neanderthal DNA are improving because of the coronavirus as far as health and the environment. I wonder will the ozone layer reflect the lack of pollution that the partly mankind part Neanderthal races put into the environment.
Bruce Roberts
Bruce Roberts 10 日 前
I don't see anything coming from covid that's good. Yes, the environment has improved but it's going to be polluted again once things return to normal. And it's something we should have been working on all along. However, the earth has a way to repair itself even if it takes millions of years. If we disappear from the planet, trees would grow where we have buildings and highways, and the earth would once again be a beautiful place.
skeptic-observer 11 日 前
The guest, from the environment desk had a very intelligent and sobering response.
rxseqvartz 11 日 前
Here in the UAE, the weather became less intense and dry, and i think it's a blessing from god.
rxseqvartz 11 日 前
I hope governments take this into consideration.
Linda Ocampo
Linda Ocampo 13 日 前
This is also a wake up call as well to all the people humans all over the world. For me Stop pollution Stop illegal loggings Stop illegal fishing Stop climate Change Save mother nature Save Humans And Animals. SAVE MOTHER EARTH. STOP EATING WILD ANIMALS WHALES DOLPHINS SEA CREATURES. That should not been eaten by humans
J. Roopa Vathy
J. Roopa Vathy 13 日 前
Good video session
MarrisaPlays 14 日 前
nature has major events to correct issues even man made is still dealing with nature in some way.
S T E V E E 16 日 前
DW news: Covid 19 is reducing pollution The guy that ate the undercooked bat: no need to thank me
David Clark
David Clark 16 日 前
Imagine this, a morbid outbreak did the environment and us way better favor than our politicians and religious leaders.
Lonnie Dobbins III
Lonnie Dobbins III 17 日 前
It's not a virus! *IT'S DRY AIR!* *FISH OUT OF WATER SYNDROME!* *ARCTIC DEHYDRATION!* *NO HUMIDITY IN THE ATMOSPHERE!* Most don't have humidifiers at home that's sick. No Humidifiers In The Workplace! CLIMATE CHANGE ATMOSPHERIC DROUGHT!
Micheala Ling
Micheala Ling 17 日 前
Good okay
Michael Viale
Michael Viale 19 日 前
This corona virus WONT last forever, so pollution WILL return
Did Greta Thunburg release this virus?
DR. BADFISH 20 日 前
The best thing about the coronavirus is the robocall stop hopefully it killed off that whole portion of the population
Baby Girl
Baby Girl 20 日 前
Either the host is going to kill the virus or the virus is going to kill the host! The Earth is fighting back!
SHE -ensya
SHE -ensya 20 日 前
Yes and no, we’re enjoying some short term benefits, yes, but we need more long standing solutions 💪🏼
Reka Fialowski
Reka Fialowski 21 日 前
There sould be a earth health week, where everything would be shut down.. Cars, busses, airplanes, everything.. And people can only go with bicicles and all the things that are not harmful.. It would mean nothing to us but everything for the future... !
CH459 Homeless
CH459 Homeless 22 日 前
This virus is good for the world overall. Getting rid of human and revive the nature 👍
Bibek jaiswal
Bibek jaiswal 24 日 前
Make video no Nepal 🇳🇵
S. S.
S. S. 24 日 前
If only we could survive without money. Lots of our problems would be solved.
unika david
unika david 24 日 前
Interesting session
epic time
epic time 24 日 前
the weather is so clean that earth can be seen from india
Wow our species are a virus
raghav_seth 25 日 前
Let out future generations know that economic growth and being wealthy is NOT the only success in life. Being able to witness the beautiful mother earth gives a satisfaction which money can't/shouldn't give.
David Morales
David Morales 26 日 前
Comenterio respecto al video Coronavirus: Good for the environment? | Covid-19 Special El impacto que nos ha traído esta pandemia sin duda afecto de una manera significativa a todo el planeta modificó drásticamente nuestros hábitos diarios, orillándonos al confinamiento de nuestras casas, haciendo así, que muchas de las cosas que con frecuencia realizábamos día a día, sin notarlo, afectaban el entorno en el que vivíamos. Desgraciadamente la humanidad esta impuesta a aprender de sus errores cuando el problema nos esta viendo de frente, y aquí, no es la excepción. Después de las primeras noticias de como afecto a la humanidad esta enfermedad, empezaron a notarse todos los cambios positivos, que, si uno se pone a pensar detalladamente un momento, resultaba hasta un poco obvio el resultado. Reducción de tráfico, cierre de empresas no esenciales, limitación de circulación peatonal, estos son ejemplos que atribuyen a la disminución de producción de gases contaminantes, evitando contaminación de aire, suelo y agua. ¿Qué sucedió con el país que fue el primer en recibir este golpe? Casualmente hablamos del país mas habitado y con mayor índice de contaminación, los cambios fueron notorios en un plazo corto. Este confinamiento nos hace crear conciencia respecto a que se ha vuelto prioridad, necesidad, lujo, etc. Que cosas que antes hacíamos que creíamos esenciales ahora son, una actividad que se ha dejado de lado, pues hay cosas más importantes que antes no habíamos visto. Ahora será cuestión de cada uno como personal, una vez que la sociedad vuelva a “activarse” que haremos cada uno por el planeta. David Morales.
Sopek cs
Sopek cs 26 日 前
Nothing will change after this
acarriere30 26 日 前
man this guy and his screking sound really annoys me
ろろりん 27 日 前
"This pandemic is more urgent than climate change." It's really sad people think this. We DO urgently need to stop climate change, but people don't get this because the effect isn't clear and they can't see the long-term devestating effect of climate change.
Brett_the_Nerd YT
Brett_the_Nerd YT 27 日 前
Please explain why there are disikes?
Emperor Vargas
Emperor Vargas 28 日 前
TBH I don’t feel as scared as I used to be.
Abigail ! K
Abigail ! K 26 日 前
name surname ye
Frankster Deal
Frankster Deal 28 日 前
in fact wind and other ways are wrose than just useing fossle fules what do you think runs them ?
Rose Macaskie
Rose Macaskie 29 日 前
THere are ecologist who seem to think that burning wood pellets is OK ecologically. Earth needs that wood, our worms, that condition andlighten the earth if they dont also bring up finer particles allowing stones to drop and all the other bacteria and fungal growth in the earth need organic material, only plants can feed off chemicals/ Also. Now that we have killed the bacteria and fungi in the earth there is nothing to get the magnesium out of rock and stone particle and so we now lack the magnesium we need in oour vegetables and the sulfure that bioma get our of organic material ,sulphur that makes it easier for plants to take up iron. Humic acids the end product of the break down of humus also help plants to take up minerals theiir food the earth like the stomach needs things like acids to help the digestion of plants. THis also means that agricultural food companies are selling sulphure, advising the application of masses of sulphure to heavy soils and sulpuure in big quantities kills all life in the soil, kills the soil biome that in natural systems relaeases sulphure from organic material and also kills mice and such, so in the long term big quantities of suphure is a disaster to the soil. Petrol companies sell fertiliser and such. Petrol companies seem to get away with blue murder on so many feilds, plasticlike nitrogen is also a subproduct of petrol. My father was a lawyer for Shell and he told me so. Governments are so weak they just bow to the rich.
Rose Macaskie
Rose Macaskie 29 日 前
what about pointy bits of roof in cow sheds that catch the methane allowing us ot burn it off and what happens to methane when you burn methane off.
GetReal 4Real
GetReal 4Real 29 日 前
Dang China is sooooo polluted.
Michelle Peacock
Michelle Peacock 29 日 前
Drop in consumption is the ONLY way. But people are too attached to their way of life and their conveniences. Single use plastics? Really? They won’t do it. We’re doomed. (I have my cynical hat on today. Sometimes I’m more hopeful.)
Ghadier Nassour
Ghadier Nassour 29 日 前
Visco girls are quaking lol 😂
Abigail ! K
Abigail ! K 26 日 前
Ghadier Nassour haha
Reet Pateet
Reet Pateet 29 日 前
Nothing will change!! Mankind is too greedy, too materialistic, too money obsessed, and views problems as someone else’s! We can only hope that this situation may change attitudes, but, we shall just have to see!
Ricardo Martins
Ricardo Martins 29 日 前
Eheh, Covid19 already did more for Earth in 3 months then Greta did in 3 years
rhianna dodd
rhianna dodd 29 日 前
And you can get it over and over it mutates at a fast rate so thats going to be a problem
rhianna dodd
rhianna dodd 29 日 前
Yes the virus is directly connected to the rainforest being encroached on
Anthony Lee
Anthony Lee 29 日 前
Maybe the virus is actually a blessing in disguise ? it could be gods way of saying that humans are destroying all his creations he made on this planet so this virus is to test us and make us realize that just a thought
Jenny Parry
Jenny Parry ヶ月 前
Native Americans have always been grateful to our mother earth she sustains our whole circle of life it starts with being grateful to everything she provides us with water sun moon stars animals plants people time to protect her so we can have all of these things she provides 🌲🌱🍂☀️🌑🌠🌊🐎🐖🐘👩‍🦱👨‍🦱
Cristian Tanase
Cristian Tanase ヶ月 前
all lies..., down with the globalists and their plans!
Wenceslao Futanaki
Wenceslao Futanaki ヶ月 前
All hail the coronavirus
Hjordis Torfa
Hjordis Torfa ヶ月 前
Let's hope humanity realizes what thiis changes means for Nature and our planet.. Ou're life is changing we have been putt in place Without Nature we are Nothing Thank you kindly for sharing and careing Stay safe everyone.. 💕🍃🌍🍃💕✌😷💕
Mirabilis Alba
Mirabilis Alba ヶ月 前
I know it's hard (and very controversial) to say this, but: I strongly disagree with the Coronavirus being a more urgent problem than the climate change. When people are dying from the effects of global warming, and especially people in poor countries dying, where they have so much less CO2 emission compared to rich countries, with close to no fault of their own, whereas the rich countries who are causing it are hardly doing anything - this is, to me, a problem closer to murder than, let's say, laziness or greed on our part. Excuse the spelling mistakes, I am writing this from Germany where people are getting more and more furious with the government for doing so little despite being in the powerful position. Yet they always claim to have "deep sympathy" for disaster victims? Pure hypocrisy. :(
Alexandar von Carstein Zarovich
Alexandar von Carstein Zarovich ヶ月 前
Hm,.......mother Gaia just trying to fix the problem, wish I could help
Fathimath Aroosha
Fathimath Aroosha ヶ月 前
but thats only a little bit down
Fathimath Aroosha
Fathimath Aroosha ヶ月 前
here from maldives , abot 192 got infeccted we think it will go a little bit up then go down
Fathimath Aroosha
Fathimath Aroosha ヶ月 前
i like it bruh
Fathimath Aroosha
Fathimath Aroosha ヶ月 前
soo corona makes de environment better
Chin Kunhi
Chin Kunhi ヶ月 前
Every year we have to go for a lock down for atleast two weeks to balance the environment
putri ang
putri ang ヶ月 前
Besides the economic effects caused by covid 19, this is a positive effect, Lockdown can cut emissions so earth can breathe, if the earth healthy then humans will be healthy too, we need to be more environmentally
Bastin Jerome
Bastin Jerome ヶ月 前
Syrena Baxtor
Syrena Baxtor ヶ月 前
Don't worry, the Global Elite aim to please all those in favor of wanting to reduce the human population! Since so many of you antenatalists are wanting to rid the planet of humans, why not step up to plate and be the first to act?
Phil C
Phil C ヶ月 前
Ever smoke a HOOKA Mr AJIT ? hope not. That ladder in the background? whered the wood come from? Rainforest ? ofcoarse not.
Phil C
Phil C ヶ月 前
Any polyester in jacket tie or slacks Mr Ajit ? gimme a break !
Phil C
Phil C ヶ月 前
Yeah Mr Ajit, you talk a good game, now go and sell your car , and ride your bike to work for the next 40 yrs, and while your at it throw away you New Nike poly- urathane soled running shoes, and every piece of plastic you own that was made in some factory belching out pollution and never get on a jet airplane again, hang glide everywhere from now on.You guys crack me up, the hypocrisy of it all. How d you get to the studio Today ?
Zack Flynn
Zack Flynn ヶ月 前
Earth getting a nice break from us thank god
cute edits ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ
cute edits ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ ヶ月 前
Omfg....people are still saying SaVe ThE eArTh BJT ITS GETTING BETTER
Keith Sablan
Keith Sablan ヶ月 前
Yes! The solution to climate change.
Tomorrowland Nation
Tomorrowland Nation ヶ月 前
Lady Fame
Lady Fame ヶ月 前
I wish the positve results would stay! I hate that it takes a plague for the plant to get help. I would do anything for our air and ecosystem and planet to thrive. . .
ᆞ락지자 ヶ月 前
Thanos... he was right..
Geralt Of Rivia
Geralt Of Rivia ヶ月 前
So this was how the world looked like before they invented coal power.
TheSlow Norris
TheSlow Norris 18 日 前
dark, only dark, no writng, no story, no hajaque, just complain for light, just light, only light
Steve Stockmal
Steve Stockmal ヶ月 前
Just curious why they don’t show a before and after shot from the same spot... to give us real perspective.
Srijana Bhusal
Srijana Bhusal ヶ月 前
Covid-19 has help heal the environment, stay green like nepal.
TheSlow Norris
TheSlow Norris 18 日 前
malaria. green hungery guy. sad boring
Nanthini Ariokanathan
Nanthini Ariokanathan ヶ月 前
Experts says the world will be different once the covid 19 pandemic is over, but personally I don't this k so, its been 2 months s
Nanthini Ariokanathan
Nanthini Ariokanathan ヶ月 前
Yet , domestic violence, riots, stocking up food, and most important animal abuse, yah believe me, its still happening everyday
Diego R
Diego R ヶ月 前
Buy only what you need and buy expensive best material from good sources, what is killing the planet is all the cheap plastic China produces and the world buys.. H & M .. target .. all the cheap clothes, etc.. food industry, and most industries, is this material mindset of turn everything into a product and sell
John homes
John homes ヶ月 前
I guess this answers the questions are humans responsible for all the bad Environmental yes we are it's staring you in the face think about this people become better than we were before the virus if we go right back to the same way we were it'll look crappy again bad water bad are thank you humans you've been very good Stewart's of this planet not
I need to make a report on this video for school.
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