Chris Cuomo shares chest X-rays after coronavirus diagnosis

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CNN's Chris Cuomo, who is in isolation after testing positive for coronavirus, discusses his chest X-ray with Dr. Sanjay Gupta as he continues to battle the sickness. #CNN #News

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 日 前
Yet he and his wife (who was supposedly also infected) and their children defied quarantine and visited their new home building site several miles away. He later showed himself coming out of the basement as recovered but refused to hug his wife, yet she also supposedly had recovered from this virus. He is lying and he is caught. Fake News
Jack D
Jack D 3 日 前
And then he breaches quarantine and goes out an infects an elderly bicycle rider. And isnt this up north near ny where people are droppin like flues. What a hypocrite.
Cockeyed Optimista
Cockeyed Optimista 5 日 前
Chris is so dramatic. And he's a scaredy-cat. (Like me. But it comes off as self-interested.) And he has the prettiest eyes.. - That's the problem.
Bell Ohboy
Bell Ohboy 9 日 前
Small for a big guy like u I wonder who
Rick Suter
Rick Suter 11 日 前
How can you believe anything CNN??
NatsGhost 13 日 前
If there were a centralized place online for people to post empirical and phenomenological experiences as disease symptoms arises, we could use that data to warn us of novel disease spread long before our "experts" are aware. Even given human error in reporting, we would be able to find the trends in the data. You have to use the information streaming up to effectively protect ourselves in the future, not the information streaming down which is what we've done this time. Someone with expertise in data mining should get on this if they haven't already.
Gary Quarty
Gary Quarty 16 日 前
What kind of narcissist shows x-rays of thier little boy chest? Me starring me.
Chris A
Chris A 16 日 前
Remember when news wasn't reality tv?
Paul West
Paul West 17 日 前
It's okay, Fredo. Take it easy. You don't have to pretend you have the coronavirus to be accepted.
Hazel Blair
Hazel Blair 19 日 前
i get bad bronchitis where i can not breath and constantly coughing which makes the breathing worse i bring up no end of rubbish. i have to tell you. if this guy had 1/2 of what i get it would surely kill him. i get the feeling he just wants to be in the lime light.
James Elliott
James Elliott 21 日 前
Not one American gives a rats ass about this dumb ass.
Marilyn Lambey
Marilyn Lambey 22 日 前
Small bones for a big guy like you, Chris! Who's x ray does this belong to?? Father in law..😷😷😷😂😂😂
cobramanphil 18 日 前
LOL..the xray did not even belong to if it did that was an xray of a perfectly healthy person...
Marilyn Lambey
Marilyn Lambey 22 日 前
Marilyn Lambey
Marilyn Lambey 22 日 前
It look like Chris has a hump. Check those x-rays. Oh don't forget to wear your mask.😂😂😂😂😷😷😷😷
Marilyn Lambey
Marilyn Lambey 22 日 前
I don't understand why he have to prove to everyone that he has corona virus. He full of shut.
Jim Davis
Jim Davis 25 日 前
looks good on you jackass, get off your high horse, you're no different than anyone else
Heywood Jablowme
Heywood Jablowme 25 日 前
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="489">8:09</a> he basically tells him "This is not you!"
Asa Black
Asa Black 27 日 前
Totally fake.
Terry Bonnell
Terry Bonnell ヶ月 前
Chris, either you are faking having Corona virus or you are a complete idiot. A cyclist caught you in the Hamptons with your wife and kids, no face masks or precautions taken, when you were supposed to be quarantined. So which is it, do you or don't you have Corona? If you do why would you do something as stupid as exposing your family to a highly contagious and potentially fatal virus? So, I say you must be lying or you are just plain stupid, or you have a sinister motive like life insurance policies, heaven forbid.
America America
America America ヶ月 前
It's a lie. Totally busted. Out with the family walking around their new house together, no masks, threatened a guy on a bike. Totally busted. What a prick liar. Fredo cuomo is don't and so is your liar brother.
James D.
James D. ヶ月 前
CNN sucks cocks. The virus is on every door handle!!! This fake ass prick never got the wu flu. Suckers
dennis ralph
dennis ralph ヶ月 前
Show me the money, he was never sick! Fucking lying sos!
Ala Tacoque
Ala Tacoque ヶ月 前
It's a sad time in the world when fredos xray passes for news. I hope people that are actually sick dont take this morons medical advice.
ThePsychopompos1 ヶ月 前
That big white area is your heart, Chris
James Montgomery
James Montgomery ヶ月 前
now that Chris has recovered and put out his reemergence video, despite the fact that its known that he was out and about at least 2 times. time to show us his head x-ray, so as to confirm whether there is anything up there.
San Antonio Slim
San Antonio Slim ヶ月 前
How would anyone ever know if they are lying? Maybe it would be more credible if CNN didn't turn this guy into a reality show. We all know reality shows are not real...right? Wasn't Cómo spotted outside his basement by some bike rider after his virus "diagnosis" violating his Gov Bro's social distancing guidelines? Does that mean he was literally spreading the virus to the people around him? I guess the virus must not be that deadly if his wife had it, he had it and he was able to bust out some workouts while hanging in the basement. Or maybe they're lying to promote a brand on CNN?
A B ヶ月 前
If you had an IQ above 10 you’d realize that not all people with the virus are physically exhausted the entire time. “Reality show” he has a one-hour news show? Go watch something else.
KJlia ヶ月 前
Is he saysing that you should get some physical execise at the beginning of the infection, when you feel groggy? I'd rather get some more sources that can confirm this before I follow it. Sounds damn risky!
swatej Tripathi
swatej Tripathi 18 日 前
Breathing exercises and make sure you are sleeping on your back as little as possible...and keep moving as much as possible...
Alejandro ヶ月 前
Those are normal LUNGS
Vamssiisol ヶ月 前
Captain Soylo
Captain Soylo ヶ月 前
Fake news! Lmao
Danny Lavoie
Danny Lavoie ヶ月 前
Looks like a normal chest X-ray too me
Danny Lavoie
Danny Lavoie 25 日 前
@DasSöldner don't listen to cnn
DasSöldner 25 日 前
@Danny Lavoie ok, sorry, I'm German and I'm getting the feeling that I didn't get the bottomline. What are you suggesting? My language skills are limited
Danny Lavoie
Danny Lavoie 25 日 前
@DasSöldner a lie is a lie. Doesn't matter if it's for the greater good.
DasSöldner 25 日 前
@Danny Lavoie I'm not a doctor at all. Sticking to facts: he looks good and his advice seems worthwile.
Danny Lavoie
Danny Lavoie 25 日 前
@DasSöldner it's been a week. Lots of doctors have said there was nothing wrong with his lungs
guystoners ヶ月 前
CNN Fake news as usual...
Papa Grab
Papa Grab ヶ月 前
Proof this is fake. Professional radiologist examines Cuomo's chest X-ray.
Papa Grab
Papa Grab ヶ月 前
Professional radiologists have looked at these two X-rays and found the lungs normal. Fredo is lying for attention and to stay relevant-no doubt.
JRs Lucky
JRs Lucky ヶ月 前
Try 1/2 teaspoon of organic baking soda in a glass of water every day helps the Ace in the body
okoi ofem
okoi ofem ヶ月 前
Who cares ? Hes a liberal hack
Jamaica ヶ月 前
Chris you look horrible and really sick. I don't think you're going to live. It appears that Karma has finally reached you. Chest x-rays can't determine if you have Covid-19. Don't you realize that the American people are on to you already. And one can research what I just said.
Susan Storm
Susan Storm ヶ月 前
Chris is cute...hope he gets through it with his wife and children
Treasure Cassidy
Treasure Cassidy 27 日 前
Chris thank you for sharing covt19 symptoms to us all love to you and your loved ones. I'm from I'm on disability i get by check i don't have direct deposit. Still waiting on stimulus. Could you tell our senators councilmen President and Pelosi that we all Americans didnt ask for this. This cov19 virus. We didn't ask for our loved ones to not be able to work, o r to have to stay inside most of the time. To go broke unable to feed our kids or even to lose a family member. We, is Americans did not put ourselves in this position. Yet we have to wait on the treasury to send what we deserve to be compensated for.
mic01 ヶ月 前
Well this didn't end well turned he's been lying about having it and was caught.
John B
John B ヶ月 前
So why aren't you not sick in your bed instead of on CNN posting b******* about how you're sick but you're not
Arianna Ayla Ward
Arianna Ayla Ward ヶ月 前
Hate you Cuomo,you liar and your crazy brother
Some Crew
Some Crew ヶ月 前
Chris we all heard the story of you and the biker, please stop fronting
Gary Karr
Gary Karr ヶ月 前
Haha, actual radiologist have examined and reported on JPchat that Fredos chest xray looked completely normal. They are keeping up the fear mongering to try and keep the sheep scared
OJ N 20 日 前
Lol Sanjay literally said it looks good and Chris said he doesn’t have pneumonia but ok
Malena Sander
Malena Sander 23 日 前
One seem like on the kind that takes it easy or as propaganda but if you catch it you expect care
south shore
south shore 26 日 前
Joseph Pergola
Joseph Pergola ヶ月 前
Steph Grace
Steph Grace ヶ月 前
He probably doesn't even have it. I wonder who's x-rays those are.
sunshineuk1965 ヶ月 前
How do we know those are REALLY his lungs?
Richard Maloney
Richard Maloney ヶ月 前
Zachary Gohl
Zachary Gohl ヶ月 前
Fredo: a subservient, coward and sellout of a man.
Zachary Gohl
Zachary Gohl ヶ月 前
How’s that fake illness doing Chris? 😂🤣. What a lying douchebag piece of shit
lisarenee3505 ヶ月 前
Gupta ranks down there with Dr. Oz, a dilettante who's more interested in celebrity than real medicine.
James Hoover
James Hoover ヶ月 前
The phony is lying... again. He's pretty much incapable of speaking without lying.
Fadex Rucks
Fadex Rucks ヶ月 前
Chris Coumo a.k.a Fredo is faking. He doesn’t have Coronavirus.
Onsight Technology USA
Onsight Technology USA ヶ月 前
I do not like Chris' opinions or political perspectives. However, I'll fight with all my might to defend Chris' right to freely express himself without official sanction like in China. I was impressed with his presentation. I empathize with his "I'm frightened" remark. So, as an American, I'll tell you Chris how you could battle and win with this menace from Wuhan CCP. In order to stop the fever you need to consume large amounts of ginger and turmeric. Up to and beyond 5 grams of each per day. Try it please Chris. What do you have to loose? Ginger and turmeric may be found in any grocery store in the US especially in the vicinity of NYC. Get the best quality. Use capsules or liquid extracts also available on-line. Just get it inside your body somehow. We even do "shots" of the liquid extract in juice. You may gargle and brush your teeth with the powder as well. Make a paste with olive oil/ginger powder and apply all over your body for Corona Armor. Ginger and turmeric have been used for more than 10,000 years by us humans. No deaths due to Over Dose yet. PANACEA: Antiviral, antibacterial, anti inflammatory, anti cancer. Try it now and save yourself and share to save other humans as well. You have a powerful podium. Be an experiment with me to save us all. My Flu-Buster Corona Concoction Lemonade: Lime, teaspoon (3-5 grams) ginger powder, teaspoon turmeric powder, pinch black pepper. Optional add-ons: pinch (powder/liquid extract) of cardamom, clove, cumin, fenugreek, amla (gooseberry), cranberry, elderberry, ..........I'm 60+ and have used this successfully for more than 5 years. No CCP Corona virus will get me or anyone else in my immediate family. They are all on it too! WISH YOU A SPEEDY RECOVERY. Look forward to your opinion Live on CNN!
Natalie T
Natalie T ヶ月 前
Ppl actually think he has covid? He’s been on cnn almost everyday and doesn’t even cough. Come on now
Ines Davies
Ines Davies ヶ月 前
Look what an idiot you are. You criticized the president because he named some remedies that seemed to make progress with certain patients, (said by experts) and you want to do the doctor recommending Tylenol that you took ???? wowww, I see why you own brother thinks you're an idiot, your fake disease, you do not represent it very well, high fever ????? if anyone with a cold and high fever can't even get out of bed and you're there all exalted with those red light bulbs on your face to look sick hahahahaha
Kris I.
Kris I. ヶ月 前
The x ray shown, shows a completely normal lungs..... i
mase720 ヶ月 前
Eddy Mercury
Eddy Mercury ヶ月 前
This is ridiculous! Dr Sanjay and CNN can't admit the Hydroxychloroquine/Azythromycine drug combinaition is working. I live in Marseille where the French doctor found out the cure. Coronavirus is coming to an end. The treatment won't work if the patient is terminal since there is almost no virus left in the body. One must be treated as soon as the first symptoms appear. See for yourself.
MoronFeministJang ヶ月 前
fake news
Teri Spangler
Teri Spangler ヶ月 前
Normal Chest X Ray.
Emma ヶ月 前
The first tests were not good. They were every invasive, the person getting the sample had to be in protective gear, and took days to get results. Now they have one a person can do himself and results are quick.
MaddPeanut ヶ月 前
Fk Fredo
Has Good
Has Good ヶ月 前
What a buffoon. Zip it Cuomo. “Drowning yourself in fluids” “Funky things in young people” - hard hitting journalism
CharlieFoulkes ヶ月 前
Meh he seems like a nice guy but with maybe a misguided belief that exercises can change the clinical course of his disease. I don't know that there is any proof of this being true. He is young and healthy. I really came by to look at the x-rays out of interest.
David Ray
David Ray ヶ月 前
Man he is selling this lie! This is already proven to be fake.
Sarah Choi
Sarah Choi ヶ月 前
Can someone explain intubation through the stomach? I haven’t heard anyone else talk about this other than Chris Cuomo. Is this actually happening?
Patty O'Furniture
Patty O'Furniture ヶ月 前
Man I've seen propaganda machines before but CNN takes the cake. 30 seconds talking to Chris about his experiences going through this disease and <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="573">9:33</a> on political BS.
Maria Villarreal
Maria Villarreal ヶ月 前
He's lying. I've seen real infiltrates, there was never anything wrong with him.
Mike s
Mike s ヶ月 前
Chris Cuomo wreaks of desperation. You can see it in his face during every show. He is so desperate to get Trump out of office that he will say and do anything.
John B
John B ヶ月 前
Mike s absolutely Mike another good comment the man is not sick he's lying and you're absolutely right but what is worse is that you have to deal with these people stupidity commenting back your comments
Mike s
Mike s ヶ月 前
This guy will do anything for ratings, even fake having Covid-19
Derrick Shadrack
Derrick Shadrack ヶ月 前
So much shenanigans, people actually believe this nonsense.
Derrick Shadrack
Derrick Shadrack ヶ月 前
@Mike s wow! so sadly shameless and pathetic.
Mike s
Mike s ヶ月 前
This guy will do anything for ratings, even fake having Covid-19
WhipRunner ヶ月 前
Chris "IHaveIt!" Cuomo.
Cynthia Beitz
Cynthia Beitz ヶ月 前
Of course then have to put political opinion in it. Geez
NJLev ヶ月 前
So if his lungs are so bad, where is the coughing and shortness of breath?
Mike s
Mike s ヶ月 前
This guy will do anything for ratings, even fake having Covid-19
ijorge ヶ月 前
"Kia Kaha" Chris -"Stay Strong" from New Zealand. Your people need you, your international audience need you.Thinking of you and your family god bless.
John B
John B ヶ月 前
ijorge New Zealand take care of your own country no we don't need them Cuomo was doing the worst thing he can first that you f****** idiot shut the f****** a******
2prada 4nada
2prada 4nada ヶ月 前
You CANNOT diagnose by an xray. This is how most lung infections look in an xray such as the flu
2prada 4nada
2prada 4nada ヶ月 前
Paolo Papolli I NEVER said this the flu is worse. Calm down
Paolo Papolli
Paolo Papolli ヶ月 前
@2prada 4nada it's not what u have wrote. repeat with me: this virus damages lungs much more than a normal flu.
2prada 4nada
2prada 4nada ヶ月 前
Paolo Papolli you stfu I know what it does. All I’m saying is that any doctor would NEVER diagnosed you just from a simple 2D X-ray. It requires more than that
Paolo Papolli
Paolo Papolli ヶ月 前
stfu, do u know what it does to lungs? it's far from a normal flu
Jason Duboise
Jason Duboise ヶ月 前
The lies you spread about the president is nothing short of domestic terrorism! You are fear mongering!
Tim and Denise Martindale
Tim and Denise Martindale ヶ月 前
My husband (age 62) and I (age 59) came down with Covid-19. He is on day 8 and I'm on day 6. This is a bear. Today is the first day I can type a complete sentence. I found this helpful: How to Cough and Clear Phlegm - Physiotherapy Guide Mar 15, 2020. I did not know that moving and stretching was important until I listened to your post. I really thought rest was best. Thank you. May the Lord give you peace and restorative rest tonight and a complete and uncomplicated recovery.
Symon Mailhot
Symon Mailhot ヶ月 前
Finally someone who deserves to have it!
Kit Wright
Kit Wright ヶ月 前
Western colorado, grand juncton , cant breathe no tests..........
Brian McCarthy
Brian McCarthy ヶ月 前 Straight from of deaths attributed to corona in Italy were actually from OTHER CAUSES. Hey Cuomo? You and your brother, and Fauci and Gates and Hanks and alllll the rest are full of shit. BOOM goes the dynamite.
Izzy Bigenouf
Izzy Bigenouf ヶ月 前
This is a stunt. He's not sick. He doing it to get his ratings up so he can finally beat the Food Network and Nick @ Night.
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