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Dive into 2020’s new champions and reworks with Reav3. Prepare to meet Sett, the newest juggernaut, and discover the secret behind his Calling Card. Then get reacquainted with Fiddlesticks and Volibear-and learn about two upcoming champions for next summer.
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V T 3 日 前
Ryan Mireles kinda be looking like Bert
Johan3DHD 4 日 前
idk why i think in some place/time they are going to revive the brother of yasuo :vvvvvv
Punct Punct
Punct Punct 4 日 前
Where it's fiddle man i can't wait for him
Lucian Opila
Lucian Opila 6 日 前
"Some demons should remain in the past" "Masked Champion" Are they releasing Jhin again?
Michel Rahman
Michel Rahman 7 日 前
the human pineapple
milkchocolate 7 日 前
What about rammus, udyr, yi, the rest of the other champions? The old champs can’t keep up with what all the new champs have. also stake out congas and stop watchhhhh
Versirr 7 日 前
How much long i need wait for fiddlestick?
Animeniac77 8 日 前
For every 1 Like, Rito will add 1 day of their time to develop "Helmet Bro" as a champion. Helmet Bro 2020
Devin Mann
Devin Mann 8 日 前
Dr. Mundo rework needs to happen
witchin' 8 日 前
Okay great content but could you have chosen a worse speaker? He has no emotion, looks bored, and also happens to live on Sesame Street.
Sodium 8 日 前
**sad wukong noises**
Peter De Angelo
Peter De Angelo 8 日 前
Riot, can you guys please redesign Kog'maw visually and make him look more like his splash art?
chrome435 zz
chrome435 zz 9 日 前
Who is this masked demon
Mody Medo
Mody Medo 11 日 前
Go the movie marek We want Movies of the story u giving but you dont want all championsstory to stuck with movie story just do it like Marvel .
Djcarlo Real09
Djcarlo Real09 11 日 前
Plsss brother of yasuo new champion
Mike Guilmette
Mike Guilmette 11 日 前
Feels like we're constantly getting "big things."
inting sion
inting sion 12 日 前
plz add ruined king as a champ
Ally Hembree
Ally Hembree 12 日 前
After watching this, I can confidently throw out my bottle of melatonin.
Youhana Balkhi
Youhana Balkhi 13 日 前
masked champion it mean new champion will release ?
Apollyon 13 日 前
this dude stoned o what?that vibe man
quang lâm đào
quang lâm đào 13 日 前
the leak is quite accurate that the new jungler is a vastaya and a yordle switching place for every 5 min and a darkin solo laner :O
MoonFlux 13 日 前
Another champ that wont die? *Sounds great.*
Pop Tard
Pop Tard 14 日 前
DE DE 14 日 前
It is time to rework for Udyr.He hasn't reworked since season 1.
someone now why i cant sigh up to league of legends?
Dylan Cash
Dylan Cash 14 日 前
lmfao his hair XD
Oliver 14 日 前
Udyr 2021
last breath
last breath 14 日 前
srsly no udyr
Robert Benkovic
Robert Benkovic 14 日 前
Ah they forgot Singed existed
Defacto Jones
Defacto Jones 15 日 前
FIDDLESTICKS REWORK WNEN????????????????????
sonu kumar
sonu kumar 15 日 前
hey egghead care to bring aatrox ferocity back? Atm, he's too weak to do anything useful in the game.
Kevin 15 日 前
You couldn't have picked a worse announcer for this than this guy. He didn't seem to care AT ALL about what he was talking about. 0 emotion. XD XD XD IM PUMPED
Pjerog 16 日 前
Fiddle When
Scarl Fpv
Scarl Fpv 16 日 前
Nerf sett ty
Pepega Clap
Pepega Clap 16 日 前
Guys I'm 99% certain we're getting Yone. Initially when he said "Who refuses to die" I instantly thought of something similiar to Tryndamere's ult but then I looked at the artwork and the first thing I noticed were all those swords pinned in the ground. So I took a closer look and the swords are oddly almost suspiciously similiar to Yone's swords in his Legends of Runeterra artwork. Now we know that Yone is supposed to be dead in the lore, or atleast thought to be. But what if what he meant by "Refuses to die" was that he's not actually dead...?
AVD Slender
AVD Slender 15 日 前
Baron Backu
Baron Backu 16 日 前
can we get uhhh ruined king as a playable character?
Kaleb Davis
Kaleb Davis 16 日 前
It makes me upset they keep a picture of new Galio on their wall like it's some kind of achievement that they murdered the old one and replaced him with someone completely new, just like with Aatrox.
Moosedraw 16 日 前
Champions on 2020 *explains nothing about champions for the coming year*
HeXaDecimal 17 日 前
The sword changing color could be old aatrox w, could be a toggle where the red is blood mode where you sustain like old aatrox and the non red is just regular. Could also be a new mechanic where the sword soaks up with blood and does more things It could also be Yone
Haager Meister
Haager Meister 17 日 前
When will you release Katarinas father?
Amund Helgestad
Amund Helgestad 18 日 前
2:30 this voli is too "naked". Give him more ARMOR. He is an armored bear, right?
Ken 18 日 前
Rework shen
Chanc 18 日 前
키야..진짜 라이엇에서 일하고 싶네 ㅋㅋ 너무 재밌겠다 2020년도
ChuckReed 123
ChuckReed 123 18 日 前
"REWORK" UDYR please
Preston Craft
Preston Craft 18 日 前
next champion i swear better not be Yone because its going to be the same champion as Yasuo but as the other brother
AVD Slender
AVD Slender 18 日 前
Not same as Yasuo but more cancer than him xD, anyway for sure its gonna be Yone not other like Helmet Bro
Aeroga 18 日 前
followed by a masked champion who refuses to die. Kindred?
Valentin 19 日 前
What would be amazing: you introduce a new character in one of your other games like Legends of Runeterra or in your series, and then later you actually put it in League of Legends. I think a lot of people would be really excited to be able to play a character that they already know a lot about and have had the opportunity to "see" in action somewhere. :)
Kweh 19 日 前
still waiting for she got more head than she got body to get a full texture update.
딸기링TV 19 日 前
WoW! GOD!!
November 13th Gummy Bear Album
November 13th Gummy Bear Album 19 日 前
why does this guy look like *hamood* 💀 💀 💀
November 13th Gummy Bear Album
November 13th Gummy Bear Album 19 日 前
why does ryan look like hamood 💀 💀
Robert E.O Speedwagon
Robert E.O Speedwagon 19 日 前
I'm dead inside and I design busted champions because my boss loves money
Heather Tenison
Heather Tenison 20 日 前
Never Clash? They are too busy pumping out new champions for cash to even develop a simple 5v5 clan war system?
Matheus XM
Matheus XM 20 日 前
Rework zyra,pls
Sigurd Weese
Sigurd Weese 20 日 前
carbon copy the support deer from another game... tight
Sigurd Weese
Sigurd Weese 20 日 前
carbon copy the support deer from another game... tight
J G 21 日 前
imagine if they bring back yasuo's brother !!!!!
Fain 21 日 前
Azir buff
CrownedClown 21 日 前
I love riot designs
Fabrezz 21 日 前
It bothers me how this guy's head looks like a paintbrush.
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