Bitten While Defending A Friend

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They tell you to stand up for what's right when you're young. They don't tend to mention the consequences that can come with it. This is the story of how I got bitten while defending a friend from another kid and got in trouble for it.

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How did lilly bitt rebbeca’s arm when l lilly doesn’t have a mouth hmmmmm ELUMINATI
Austin The gamer
Austin The gamer 6 時間 前
No joke, my sister pulls knives
Jimmy On mobile
Jimmy On mobile 9 時間 前
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="433">7:13</a> It ALMOST didn’t matter anymore. Isn’t that saying you care more about the demerits than the actual person you defended for. I’m so confused.
Loki Salazar
Loki Salazar 12 時間 前
Did I hear... BeETlEJuiCE
Angel_ Heaven
Angel_ Heaven 13 時間 前
Principal: *Starts hearing pounding* Rebeccas mom: *Pounds in door* EXPLAIN YOURSELF *NAME*
Kiersten ninja kawaii ninja girl
Kiersten ninja kawaii ninja girl 15 時間 前
Hi you are my favorite JPchatr i had the same thing going on when I was in school one girl bullied me because I had a disability
Mino Innovations
Mino Innovations 15 時間 前
i am brazilian i like you video
Adrienne Collins
Adrienne Collins 15 時間 前
Are you going to Talk aunts playing about Coronavirus?
why 17 時間 前
i got some ace attorney vibes here
why 17 時間 前
TheEnder 19 時間 前
Remember when you got eaten by a snake while defending a turtle? XD
Alberth Carvajal
Alberth Carvajal 20 時間 前
Hola veo tus doblajes y me gustan mucho tus videos se que tal vez no entiendes lo que digo pero suerte
PuppyPawsFilms 20 時間 前
Why does Milly seem like a person that could easily be a cat that scratches and hisses?
Petra S.
Petra S. 21 時間 前
I also have been bitten. In kindergarten, I wanted to play with the boys, they were sitting in a circle, playing with cars. I went up to one of the boys, and asked, if I could play with them. And, instead of politely awnsering, he LITTERALY CHOMPED down my wrist. I was lucky, apparently my skin was strong enaugh, and only left a bite mark and a tiny bit of his saliva. They just cleaned all the saliva, put an ice bag on my wrist, and told the boy a lexure. I don't know if the boy had more trouble, but he didn't mess with me since then. And I played with the boys afterwards. Has anybody also been bitten? How? Please tell you stories!
Gacha Rat
Gacha Rat 21 時間 前
This is the exact reason why I want to become a teacher or a principal because of things like this. Kids shouldn’t hate teachers and I want to be like a teacher that no one would see as mean or rude or unkindly I want to be that teacher that you can tell your problems to and talk to without being scared as if they were your friend and how I could see both sides and teach them that you can use self defense but sometimes it may get you in bigger trouble and to use self defense wisely, though it would be hard to become a very friendly teacher with my anger issues I might get through that and be even nicer than before. Sincerely, A JPchat Binger
ALAN para SIEMPRE el mejor gamer
ALAN para SIEMPRE el mejor gamer 22 時間 前
Hola a todos 😀😀
Prior MistZ
Prior MistZ 日 前
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="247">4:07</a> that girl is stupid as hell
b the skeleton
b the skeleton 日 前
You're videos never fail to make me laugh during this time
Felipe Silva
Felipe Silva 日 前
Oi sou brasileiro mas vejo seus vídeos dublados ('3 (^-^)
Prime 4867
Prime 4867 日 前
“That’s gross, get your butt to the hospital right now, you idiot.” <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="209">3:29</a>
Aryan Nayyar
Aryan Nayyar 日 前
Me too that saying that story happened to me
ZE RO 日 前
Honestly I feel like everyone hated me and don't care about me........
Bill Lundberg
Bill Lundberg 日 前
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="400">6:40</a> look what milky did to me OH HELL NO
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster 日 前
Hi Rebecca your so nice for helping someone you make me laugh I subbed to you :D and your school system is rigged!! Rigged I tell you rigged!!!!!
Noemi Tlatuani
Noemi Tlatuani 日 前
I was bitten one time in class bay my friend ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ
Jason Stoner
Jason Stoner 日 前
Rebecca: mom look what milly did.... Mom: so you have chosen death
Diane Crespin
Diane Crespin 日 前
i mis school :{
BTS _ARMY_2.0 日 前
*Rebecca* look what Milly did to me *Her mom* oh hell no *Me* R.I.P the principle
Le crystal Queen
Le crystal Queen 日 前
Clark Amnesia Version
Clark Amnesia Version 日 前
And mom "calmy" explained with death eyes
Lucia Welch
Lucia Welch 日 前
Cobro 83
Cobro 83 日 前
What is a dermaret
{Silver The Hedghog}
{Silver The Hedghog} 日 前
Objection ! was That just me or thats farmlier i forgot the game but It got me vibes
Dorothy Coleby
Dorothy Coleby 日 前
Guys if your new to watching this and y liked it if I guys saw the other video in her other channel... Rebacca has Covid 19
Sebastian Scaling
Sebastian Scaling 日 前
millie sucks
the emrold king Dovenbar
the emrold king Dovenbar 日 前
Rebecca I hope feel better soon🤒
Kendol Delbridge
Kendol Delbridge 日 前
I my school we get 3 Demrits
Acá nadie va a entender lo que digo, los felicito si lo hacen(denle al like si entienden)
Roger Blythe
Roger Blythe 日 前
I’m 9
Gacha Sifa
Gacha Sifa 日 前
THis story sounds so fimilar to me without the bitting and violence but teachers who give detention to people who just wanna portect is wrong and i wish i had the confidence to say that to the teachers
Dannica Smith
Dannica Smith 2 日 前
I love your vids
Skate Blox
Skate Blox 2 日 前
Millie: reads ~~~~~~~~ Rebecca: hmm ima put this on yt What she forgot: she showed 6million peaple inside the journal...
James Porter
James Porter 2 日 前
Teachers wonder why students don’t stand up for themselves
Deseis 2 日 前
See, every zombie apocalypse starts with Bite #1, you know.
SGT Gab 2 日 前
Milly or nilly Is A Full Bastard
Clark Amnesia Version
Clark Amnesia Version 2 日 前
Who here ships Rebecca and Greg
Jeff Chang
Jeff Chang 2 日 前
I saw the annoying orange vid with you and asmr lol noice
fox Girl
fox Girl 2 日 前
Me:*gets bit by a bully* Me:U CRAZY PSYCHOTIC
II KingKaos II
II KingKaos II 2 日 前
Amir Hossain
Amir Hossain 2 日 前
this is like an anime story where i ship greg and rebecca. dont judge me
Just A Guy
Just A Guy 2 日 前
That "stand up to bullies and they'll back down" thing is so BS. In my experience it's "Oh you managed to back me down? See you in 5 minutes with 8 of my friends!" That and/or you get the same punishment, which seems often to be "lunch time detention for X weeks, where we will lock you in a classroom by yourself with your 1-8 tormentors with a teacher who while there is poorly supervising, does not have eyes in the top of their head while they read/mark, and spends 50% of the time called out of the classroom anyway. Getting out without dislocated fingers is considered a "bonus".
Percival kidz
Percival kidz 2 日 前
Rebecca can we have a live chat
Seanna Lee
Seanna Lee 2 日 前
Why aren’t you posting that much now ☹️😭
I am a Cinderblock
I am a Cinderblock 2 日 前
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="73">1:13</a> Rebecca...i know you’re probably never gonna see this comment but, *thank you* Im pretty much Greg, like it was actually frightening how identified i felt when you described Greg. Troubled soul, unease with family, picked on(though probably not much AS Greg himself but still)but most of all, using physical action in form of expression. And as a Greg myself, i would like to say somethings i think i can speak for Greg about. He most likely didn’t hate everyone, he might’ve just hated himself for how his fists are unintentionally his solution to bullying, and takes that hate out on himself, but others too because his hate for himself is THAT strong. And yes, a journal should’ve been his first form of expression, but you normally don’t think of that because, well.... Okay let me clarify, i am NOT, i am NOT AT ALL SAYING THAT PHYSICALLY EXPRESSION IS GOOD IN *ANY* WAY, but the reason the physical response comes first is gives a sense of the job being finished, while the journal solution drags on and it overwhelms you because it feels so painful to remind yourself of having to work on this kind of problem because physical assault in response to bullying just gives you this sense of severe guilt that you can’t shake easily at all. When i watched this video I resonated with Greg so damn much. I never exactly had a journal but...i had no one to trust. Whenever i did tell friends my issues they either dont care or tell *their* friends without my permission like its gossip and it’s given me some trust issues. I thanking you because you were there for Greg, and it makes me happy because i resonated with him so well. I wish i had someone like you when i was a naive child(well i still am one but I atleast like to think im less naive now) Even the fact that you two weren’t *completely* friends, but just, friendly. God you don’t know how much i smiled when you stood up for him even though it seems your retarted principal didn’t seem to appreciate it. I wish there were more people like you in the world, such kind and helpful people. Especially for people like me and Greg :)
ew ew
ew ew 2 日 前
Rebecca: *look what Milly did to me* Rebecca’s Mom: *oh hell no-* *proceeds to run super sonic towards principal’s office*
Bruce Herrera
Bruce Herrera 2 日 前
Next thing you know Rebecca's mom turns into a Super Saiyan God
ItzBirb 2 日 前
F for the Covid-19 video
Anoymoo 2 日 前
Greg? Journal? Diary of a Wimpy Kid much?
Micro zap zip
Micro zap zip 2 日 前
Sadly I heard what is happening to u right now :(
Dragon Gods
Dragon Gods 2 日 前
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="412">6:52</a> Remind me not to mess with your mom
Aiエンバー 2 日 前
I have a question why you weren't transferred to another school or the girl who bit you.
Kayla Smith
Kayla Smith 2 日 前
Lol when someone messes with you They better stop.
Jaime Monzon Bautista
Jaime Monzon Bautista 2 日 前
this reminds me of the time i got bit on my arm by a kid who was bothering me, so what happened was that I was just hanging around with my older brother in school, 2 years ahead of me, we were playing behind the school snack shop which had some HUGE flag poles to mess with... there wasn't much to do back there in recess it was that or soccer, and trust me, soccer was a battlefield, first you have to pray that you don't get kicked in the legs while playing, second, you have to HOPE you don't get hit with the ball and third, you gotta wish that you're good enough to seem decent during the game or else... the mass shunning... so besides that it was go explore elsewhere... such elsewhere was behind the snack shop :3 so basically i was just playing there with my brother when suddenly a kid popped out of nowhere and was like "dew U want tah plai" and being the asthmatic (yep, another reason why soccer was a battlefield) and introverted nerd i was back then I was like _"nu"_ so the kid stuck around and kept asking me to play until my brother who i'd call a brute even to this day got tired of it, he went like "LEAVE, cause he don't want to play with you :P" then the random kid got angry and went like "PLAY WITH ME" and he, he grabbed me, and basically they were both pulling me for some time until i decide to "push" the kid, and i say "push" because I didn't yeet him, i didn't shove him, i just moved him away from me nice and easy, and then that's where the real fight begins, we are all struggling for a moment to the point where the kid pulls my arm and BITES it, being the anorexic kid i was i didn't have much meat on my bones so the mark was there, i cried for a good while (mind you i was probably 8 at MOST) got to the nurse, they called my mum and eventually we were all in the principal's office, so basically they also called my brother, and what happened was that they were like "oh, the random kid says that you two ganged up on him and kicked him even while he was on the floor for some reason" of course that was a lie, mind you that my brother as tall as a behemoth that he was, he was a gentle giant, he would rather go cry at a corner instead of picking a fight even against his wimpy little brother, and even tho i had serious temper problems back then, in school i felt truly powerless so i didn't have a temper there. apparently a "teacher" testified that we had kicked the "poor" boy to the ground and bullied him (tho the "teacher" never mentioned the bite or anything LIKE the actual situation) and then we were asked to tell our part, so we said that we were just enjoying lunch until a kid came and bothered us and then i mentioned the bite and showed it. it was red now, swollen and it hurt to touch it. in the end the principal believed a mixed story and decided to give all three of us 3 days away from school, this would be a good thing if i wasn't a smart boy that needed all of his classes. my mom fought but in the end the principal was as stubborn as a mule. then it was execution time, my mom is the kind of woman you don't want to make angry, specially when you're a vulnerable 8 year old kid who has problems breathing, so when she asked us if what they said was true, we answered no, told her our story and begged for mercy, in the end my mom understood how retarded the principal was, but she still punished us for having to be stuck at home for 3 days. in the end the bite actually worsened and only got better after a month or so... so in the end i had the worst part of the deal... i hate the school system
Rania Kekaki
Rania Kekaki 2 日 前
A boy in my class crashed me and he’s tooth went in my check, I’m 8 years old
Taijo Crowe
Taijo Crowe 2 日 前
Oh no don't touch gregs journal
Juan Venegas Flores
Juan Venegas Flores 2 日 前
where new videos D:
Zoey Beesley
Zoey Beesley 2 日 前
Endy The Enderman
Endy The Enderman 2 日 前
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="59">0:59</a> Yeah that is the problem about defending yourself at school. I literally got punched by my cousin in 6th grade, I wanted to fight back but I knew I'd get in trouble, too. I was thinking "nope". Luckily for me, people saw that. Not like anybody cares, just felt like talking.
Zara Ali
Zara Ali 2 日 前
Lol I do that too. Just feel like commenting init? It don't have to be related to the video.
Sheila Lundberg
Sheila Lundberg 3 日 前
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="410">6:50</a> du.. *door explodes open*
Sheila Lundberg
Sheila Lundberg 3 日 前
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="400">6:40</a> look what milly did to me.. few seconds later OH HELL NO her mother said
Alex Quertz
Alex Quertz 3 日 前
That is what I call a great Karen
TheStream 3 日 前
Rebecca has the virus and like if you want Rebecca to get better
Raphaela Thacker
Raphaela Thacker 3 日 前
Schools do nothing about bulling
꧁Ava The Alien On Mars꧂
꧁Ava The Alien On Mars꧂ 3 日 前
Stay Safe Rebecca You'll Not Die Why? How did you get corona?
Benjamin Gee
Benjamin Gee 3 日 前
Sorry becca i maybe a ghost story before you. if you go to athol ma and ask someone about the boy on the roof they will tell you about this boy who sits on a roof at the adress 339 school street. they will say " there is a boy who sits on the roof and we have never seen him without headphones and sometimes he goes into his room for days, weeks even" (when that happens that's just me going in to leave for my moms house)" and sometimes he will go in quickly" (thats just me going in to reset my spotify playlist) they belive that a ghost haunts the room that i sleep in but thats just me going onto my roof for me time! so sorry for becoming a ghost story before you.
Benjamin Gee
Benjamin Gee 3 日 前
oh forgot to mention if you come you might see me. and the ma is Massachusetts
the Edmonds family
the Edmonds family 3 日 前
Can you shout out my channel we are going to post soon and we need a nice favor from you
Sci Shock
Sci Shock 3 日 前
Hello this is a new and fresh animator making Science videos and would appreciate some kind of help
zachary Katz
zachary Katz 3 日 前
to greg:#Relatable
JJ do Se ack ACK
JJ do Se ack ACK 3 日 前
I am very sorry :(
K.C. Actis
K.C. Actis 3 日 前
Demerits at my school you could only get 5 before you get expelled
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