Astartes - Part Five

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Part Five of Astartes, a Warhammer 40,000 fan film project.
This marks the end of this chapter of the Astartes project. What comes next? Well I'd love to continue! I have many 40k stories I'd like to tell and I already know where I want to take things next if the support is there. Also with the experience gained, raise the quality, enlist key help and bring episodes to you quicker!
If anyone would like to support me in this project please consider the links below. I work as a contract 3d artist so any donation means less time working for others and more time on Astartes!
100% unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop.
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Astartes ヶ月 前
Firstly thank you so much for the amazing support making this dream project possible! Yes Part 5 marks the end of this Chapter of the Astartes project. What comes next? Well I'd love to continue! Watch through the end for a tiny glimpse of what that might be. I have many 40k stories I'd like to tell and I already know where I want to take things next if the support is there. Also with the experience gained so far, raise the quality, enlist key help and bring episodes to you quicker!
Jack Xiao
Jack Xiao ヶ月 前
Is that an Inquisitor, a Tech Priest or a Psycher?
Mackinaw Sensei
Mackinaw Sensei ヶ月 前
How many episodes of Astartes would you like ? Me : « yes. »
Survivalist _988
Survivalist _988 ヶ月 前
U r doing such a great job on these videos, the way u bring them to life is just amazing. I can't wait to see what else u bring next.
Mauricio Leopold
Mauricio Leopold ヶ月 前
Come on guy's if we want this pure gold to continue than we need to show our support! great job & content mate, wish you the best.
Tyber Portoghese
Tyber Portoghese ヶ月 前
"raise the quality" ok we all know that's impossible
Neural Tech
Neural Tech 時間 前
I just found this channel today. I came as fast as I could! For the Emperor!!
Aiden S
Aiden S 時間 前
Php 時間 前
I watched this thing 200 times and never noticed the "go back" from <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="152">2:32</a> jesus i love this soooooooo much
Anthony Manuel Ocampo
Anthony Manuel Ocampo 2 時間 前
What happened to the guy plugged to the ball. You know what because of this short film I'm gonna go ahead and buy dawn of war.
Diabeto Jr
Diabeto Jr 2 時間 前
I’ve watched it a million times and I question why this isn’t turned into a full blown movie at this point..let’s get this man a small loan of 75 mil
CoMrAdE_bIGbIRd 4 時間 前
The God Emperor Protects Comrades
Cristian Gonzalez
Cristian Gonzalez 5 時間 前
Soy el único que putas habla español? >:V
Kevin Vance
Kevin Vance 5 時間 前
Have to admit...I’m not following the story here at ALL
Gabriele Leone
Gabriele Leone 7 時間 前
Forgive my ignorance but what chapter do these marines beling too?
Owen 7 時間 前
I imagine all of this would make more sense if my knowledge of Warhammer 40k was beyond knowing it exists.
Satrio Arif
Satrio Arif 7 時間 前
Let me guess, the last bit was zdzisław beksiński inpsired art?
balanoidik 11 時間 前
Anyone here after that Warhammer new edition trailer? I wonder if they disabled the comment section before or after uploading that shitty trailer... Some mobile game trailers are made in better quality...
Mini-me Tarken
Mini-me Tarken 11 時間 前
Imagine being a skeleton sitting on a throne : This was funded and posted by chaos gang
Kayleigh 12 時間 前
What are they? Like what faction/unit?
Krombopulous Michael
Krombopulous Michael 13 時間 前
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="295">04:55</a> How The Excorcist should have ended.
S H1990
S H1990 14 時間 前
d2xp 15 時間 前
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="416">6:56</a> looks like the start of a fucking good game. Someone who can dev get on this shit. I see money in your future.
Woozie Boozie
Woozie Boozie 16 時間 前
Это великолепно!!!!!!! Лучшее из того что было по вселенной WARHAMMER! ВО СЛАВУ ИМПЕРАТОРА!!!!!
Knight of Mary
Knight of Mary 18 時間 前
Would love to see some Black Legiom
Knight of Mary
Knight of Mary 18 時間 前
Is this that keeper of secrets, Amnaich the Golden?!!!!!!
Atlas Xhar
Atlas Xhar 19 時間 前
What chapter are the space marines?
Atlas Xhar
Atlas Xhar 15 時間 前
Beliar thanks 🙂👌
Beliar 17 時間 前
Retributors Chapter.
harbinger200 21 時間 前
There is a lot of proof like this gem that one intelligent talented individual is more capable of creating art then an entire corporation because of the freedom. Corporation is shackled by design which in its core is PROFIT. Its a good thing for making toasters and cars but art? No. You will never get anything of quality from corporations. Only mass consumption junk whose goal is to even more stupidity the population so they could have more customers. It has all characteristics of a disease.
Volatile productions
Volatile productions 21 時間 前
I don't even know what 40K is about or how to get into it but I love this
Nick Diamond
Nick Diamond 日 前
If you didn’t like the video u r gay
Harry Bya
Harry Bya 日 前
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="297">4:57</a> those two looks so badass.
Σplion 日 前
What programs did he use to make this.
Σplion 17 時間 前
@justQb ok thanks.
justQb 18 時間 前
Syama Pedersens said on his Artstation and in his AMA on reddit, that he mainly used 3dsmax, Redshift Renderer and Substance Painter
CravenTHC 日 前
This is what 40k needs. Some kind of well produced introduction. Most of the games are too deep and alienating for casual viewers. Something like this would be easy to digest, and appealing to wide audiences. A series about 40k done right could easily be as good as Game of Thrones once was.
kinglear2832 日 前
At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="313">5:13</a>... Tzeench.
MC Smyle
MC Smyle 日 前
What kind of pc specs do u need to make this?
justQb 18 時間 前
Quote from Syama Pedersens AMA on reddit: "Parts 1-4 were rendered on a lone GTX-1070 :|" I bet it took over 5 minutes to render a single frame.
Carson Todd
Carson Todd 日 前
Whats the track at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="60">1:00</a>? its been in my head for a while
sonofkorhal87 13 時間 前
Custom made for this, I think...
MP - 10
MP - 10 日 前
What chapter is this in the video , the name pls ?
MP - 10
MP - 10 日 前
@XXX_GamerDude_XXX oh thank you very much my friend :)
XXX_GamerDude_XXX 日 前
Retributers, which are an imperial fist successor chapter (homebrew)
Ineed Therapy
Ineed Therapy 日 前
I would've loved to hear some dialogue, the way they speak especially with helmets on is pretty epic.
Rogal Dorn’s cat
Rogal Dorn’s cat 日 前
The inquisitor psykker is the unspoken hero here, he tried to recall the space marines, you could here him say it if you listen.
Yohnas Medmor
Yohnas Medmor 日 前
Name of the end song?
GeeX 日 前
Better dialogue than The Last Of Us Part 2. Better Story aswell.
LQKing’s Personally Channel
LQKing’s Personally Channel 日 前
That’s a lot of emperors
Overlord Dren
Overlord Dren 日 前
My only question for this whole awesome series is... what chapter is this? A new one perhaps? I’m really curious.
Beliar 17 時間 前
Retributors Chapter.
XXX_GamerDude_XXX 日 前
It’s a homebrew, apparently it’s a imperial fist successor chapter but that’s all I remember, check out majorkills video for more
Beanos 2
Beanos 2 日 前
I have absolutely no idea what is happening And I love it
MechanicPluto24 日 前
It gets even better when you read up the hundreds of comments and videos that explain what is happening
Equivalent Exchange
Equivalent Exchange 日 前
Me: What if John Wick was alive in the year 40000? Space Marine: hold my spliff
Sushi 日 前
Eldar please
Dark Rizer21
Dark Rizer21 日 前
Man, the quality is really great. I really love it. Can't wait to see more of your future project!
WhuHammers 日 前
the level of perfection this series has achieved my lord. We NEED 40K movies of this kind of quality or hell even an episodic show would be incredible. Your work is one of a kind sir and it is very much appreciated.
vincephil dapin
vincephil dapin 日 前
do more of this
Mr. D.
Mr. D. 日 前
There is never enough of theses kind of movies! Great work! 🤙
Brandon de Greef
Brandon de Greef 日 前
WTF I NEED MORE when shall the full Hollywood movie be coming out ? XD
Rukis 日 前
Yo 1,300 bots left a thumbs down wtf man really.
Julián Gómez
Julián Gómez 日 前
This video will be a pleasant memory of what warhammer 40k once was ... not like the colorful and mediocre cinematic of the ninth edition
Heina Kot
Heina Kot 日 前
looks like this marine at the very end is gettin eldar weapon spray
MrFirecasters 日 前
This is SERIOUSLY SOO GOOD! Amazing work, O would say keep it up but the work that goes into this must be so incredible that that would not be enough. Can't wait for some more of your work!
Tech Priest
Tech Priest 日 前
Now I got it that last part looks like zdzislaw beksinski painting PS I dunno how to spell his name
We need more of this. We can pay
Nox _
Nox _ 日 前
just amazing!
MindSoulBody 日 前
ATTENTION: this guy is using your video .
Teckler9000 2 日 前
And you sir, have convinced me to download patreon. This is my first time becoming a patron, but it is well earned, Glory to the Emperor
MechanicPluto24 日 前
The Emperor protects!
Frank Castle
Frank Castle 2 日 前
If Ever I'm going give you all the funds you need. may take time but I will be at your side and heck I'll meet you in person I also want to learn how you do things and also would love to do some directing myself. You and I will talk. But for now stay a blissfu and be in good health... 😎
Uwais Hafizal
Uwais Hafizal 2 日 前
Haha, I have no idea what's going on
WhiteGlas 2 日 前
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a> So, for those who are confused by this, like I was- I believe the glass breaking here is not glass. In the previous shot, we see several large puddles around the area, which the Astartes seems to step in here- I believe the intent of the shot was to establish that the inside of the vault is freezing cold, and the ice shattered under the marine's weight.
bodybag22 日 前
You can also see the heat exhaust from their power packs leaving condensation.
Mohammed DwiHandoko
Mohammed DwiHandoko 2 日 前
Yep, since Chaos sucks the energy from the surrounding area, at least when connected to the physical realm.
John Notmylastname
John Notmylastname 2 日 前
If you aren't watching this with decent headphones you are missing out and I feel pity for you.
John Notmylastname
John Notmylastname 2 日 前
Can someone tell me what the psyker is yelling?
SyntheticKill 2 日 前
Anyone know what software he used?
justQb 2 日 前
from Syama pedersens Artstation and Reddit AMA : 3ds max, redshift renderer and substance painter
Aramil4 2 日 前
Anyone notice the sphere says “go back” right after the first pulse at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="152">2:32</a>
Php 時間 前
omg i watched this 200 times and again - Something new.
MechanicPluto24 日 前
Falk 2 日 前
I just cant understand why GW doesn't finally come to you on their knees with a suitcase of money begging you to get a team and make a movie. It is time
Trich1212 2 日 前
Thank you so much for this amazing masterpiece!
tyler edwin
tyler edwin 2 日 前
I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS. (And am slightly curious about potential 40k vermintide stories, but all good if it's only warhammer)
Luke William
Luke William 2 日 前
This is so much better than the cartoony trailer Games Workshop just released.
XXX_GamerDude_XXX 日 前
Honestly I didn’t think it was horrible but I agree that this is better.
Griffin Kelley
Griffin Kelley 2 日 前
A single minute of this beautiful artwork of a fan film is better in both quality and plot then the ghostbuster remake, all three of the star wars sequels, all of the terminators after the second one especially dark fate, and the predator all combined
Bibol 2 日 前
please someone hire those people
Time to BooL
Time to BooL 日 前
Bibol just so they can boss them around? No thanks, they should make there own stuff since they obviously know what they are doing.
Engineer66 2 日 前
I never liked the warhammer series but this is so cool!
Anton Bereza
Anton Bereza 2 日 前
Final shot really looks like this =)
Robbie Blade
Robbie Blade 2 日 前
I just wanted to say you are the reason I got into 40k and my god the depths of lore I had to sift through to get a solid understanding of what was happening. Long story short, worth it.
Турта Думан
Турта Думан 2 日 前
Охренет класына зделай продалжение будет ?. Автор харош лайк Тибе.
Itsapaul 2 日 前
So as someone who sold 40k for 6 years but never read a novel, what was that thing that they stepped on or whatever? Cuz that seems really relevant when otherwise they knew what they were dealing with.
Daniel Carlsen
Daniel Carlsen 2 日 前
I think the current theory is ice, as proximity of the warp (which the orb is connected to) makes things freeze.
Fragomini 2 日 前
Someone needs to put you in charge of a team of 10 people to put this into a full production cycle. Even just one episode a month at a full 30 minutes would be insane the narratives you could tell... Would love to see some Imperial Knights blasting the F*ck out of some orkz
AquaRaven 3 日 前
I mean to be fair the ball did tell them to piss off before it sucked them in
The Smog
The Smog 3 日 前
This is fantastic!! I need more amazing quality work like this!! I am so glad you are back. Also what happened? Were you one of the people banned during Mark's Livestream?
The Smog
The Smog 3 日 前
@justQb ah thanks for that!
justQb 3 日 前
his youtube channel got hacked. But through the help of "chapter master urlark" and mark he got the Channel back.
Tengoku Dragon
Tengoku Dragon 3 日 前
I am in ah of this. Beyond amazing and I think games workshop really needs you to make full on movie!
Petru Raciula
Petru Raciula 3 日 前
Who dislikes this?!? Like ... why?!? It's a masterpiece
I.B. Rex
I.B. Rex 時間 前
might be the jealous makers of the Ultramarines movie lol
Exile Alchemist
Exile Alchemist 3 日 前
I don't know much abour W40k.. can someone explain to me the following: 1) what's that giant ball? 2) what was that psyker guy trying to do? 3) what kind of chapter are the white SM from? 4) Did they travel to some other place and how? 5) what are those giant skeletons? 6) where are they? Thanks in advance :D
Exile Alchemist
Exile Alchemist 18 時間 前
@Time to BooL Thanks a lot! You're right, it could really be the planet below the spaceship. I never throught about that and just believed "well, they could be anywhere"
Time to BooL
Time to BooL 日 前
Exile Alchemist 1) the ball is machine/demon hybrid thing. Think of it like a sentient magic egg that can bend space time. There were also two of them. 2) The psyker was eavesdropping/monitoring the first orb. 3) Space marine chapter is retributors, whose lineage is imperial fist. The cloaks are a mark of rank. 4) the orb dragged them into a parallel dimension (warp) but then died so they got teleported back into real space. However they ended up in a different location, probably the planet below the spacecraft they were boarding. 5) No fricken clue. 6) Desert planet of some sort. You can see it in the first video. The Orb probably teleported them there on purpose since they all ended up on pillars, which is a little too on the nose for random warp teleportation.
Matthew Simpson
Matthew Simpson 3 日 前
Anybody else hear Fallout power armor sound effects when these guys move?
Matthew Simpson
Matthew Simpson 3 日 前
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