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Adi Fishman

27 日 前

Hey Addicts! In this video, Jack and I prank our girlfriends by arguing in front of them to see how they would react.. Watch to find out what happens!
INSTAGRAM: adifishman
TWITTER: adifishman
SNAPCHAT: @adifishy
Emily's JPchat Channel: @Emily Alexander
Jack and Gab's JPchat Channel: @JACK AND GAB

Shamia Farin
Shamia Farin 4 時間 前
Gab dragged Jack harder than Adi would've LMAO
Jose Rivera
Jose Rivera 22 時間 前
Beebug1_7 Beebug1_7
Beebug1_7 Beebug1_7 日 前
*me and my siblings*
Sariya Johnson
Sariya Johnson 日 前
Emily and Gabie always coming in and slaying the who damn place
Sariya Johnson
Sariya Johnson 日 前
Adi you for me over here laughing my guts off but if I didn't know this was a prank I'd probably be concerned and scared
Gracie Burgess
Gracie Burgess 日 前
Emily was trying so hard to hold aid back you could see she was using all her weight.😂🤣
Gracie Burgess
Gracie Burgess 日 前
Dark side
Dark side 日 前
These girls are soo cutee
lalala lala
lalala lala 日 前
And in the end Jatie filmed "Never have I ever" 😂😂
Kylie Stewart
Kylie Stewart 2 日 前
this literally had me in tears laughing
Brady Racette
Brady Racette 2 日 前
Yo Gab and Emily are twinzies
Breanne Polzot
Breanne Polzot 2 日 前
But like his girlfriend did this prank with. Maddie how can u not tell it was a prank😂😂😂🤷🤷 not being mean just like wondering how everyone thought it was real LOL
Chandravadan Raut
Chandravadan Raut 2 日 前
You guys are so sensitive my god. No swearing no fight. I was expecting atleast a fake fist fight 😑
Cierra Jones
Cierra Jones 3 日 前
why jack so cute tho
Jodie Johnson
Jodie Johnson 3 日 前
*Bleep* *Bleep Bleep* *bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!* (lmao)
NRZ Beowulf
NRZ Beowulf 4 日 前
Lmao this was absolutely an awesome vid!
Breanna Waltz
Breanna Waltz 4 日 前
No one Gabrielle : 😲
Emily Morrissey
Emily Morrissey 4 日 前
You're soooooo funny
SidPlayz 4 日 前
Lol, Gab is Stronger than Jack , like LOL
love xoxo pupps
love xoxo pupps 5 日 前
So funny
Pranav Hyper Gamer
Pranav Hyper Gamer 5 日 前
7:30 Emily is looking like "I got used to it"😅😂
Jennifer Baxter
Jennifer Baxter 5 日 前
A'nya curtis
A'nya curtis 5 日 前
Lowkey Gabrielle and emily look alike. do they not?
Rigunlung Gonmei
Rigunlung Gonmei 5 日 前
The two girls are very similar in looks, are they twins/they related?
XShadow GirlYTX
XShadow GirlYTX 6 日 前
The rock and John cena
XShadow GirlYTX
XShadow GirlYTX 6 日 前
There are like 2 babies fighting over an ice cream AHHhahahaha No offense
XShadow GirlYTX
XShadow GirlYTX 6 日 前
Adi’s prank ideas are so f*cking goooooood
IHaveNoName 7 日 前
When Jack gets mad he looks hella scary
Nicole Wilson
Nicole Wilson 7 日 前
omg cant stop laughing my boyfriend cant stop laughing
MEME Z 7 日 前
Your drama teachers didn't get paid enough
KazyMati Toledo
KazyMati Toledo 8 日 前
2:29 Jack at least I'm pretty dumb Adi: ....... : New subject
Bros Fuxers
Bros Fuxers 8 日 前
too much beep
Lucy Loud
Lucy Loud 8 日 前
Babin Khatri
Babin Khatri 8 日 前
I think they pranked us that they prank their gf
emily bachmann
emily bachmann 9 日 前
I never noticed how small gab is😂😂
chingqtttie 9 日 前
*them trying to go outside and talk to the girls emily : "they are such an as--" them : "yow we should go back-" *I DIED HAHAHAHA*
Homie Camper
Homie Camper 10 日 前
@ 3:58 Them : **arguing** JPchat subtitles: [Applause]
Gab and Emily kinda have same face
6:27emily started to take advantage of situation 😆😘
slay.__.kvy1a 101
slay.__.kvy1a 101 10 日 前
Gabby is a B why does she keep talking to adi like wth😪🙅
Zhanae Thomas
Zhanae Thomas 11 日 前
adi: i do'nt want to do that tho
Lolly [NBK]
Lolly [NBK] 11 日 前
I love seeing little people trying to stop bigger people😂
Caitlin cute’s channel Lệ
Caitlin cute’s channel Lệ 11 日 前
Jack we are pretty dumb though at least I am Me:what the heck lol
Maria Estrada
Maria Estrada 12 日 前
I like how Gabrielle was trying to push adi away so he wouldn't hit jack
Tuấn Nguyễn Huy
Tuấn Nguyễn Huy 12 日 前
you guys are talented, if it was me i laugh the hell out in the first minute
LaShae Edwards
LaShae Edwards 12 日 前
Jack:just don’t say anything about my nostrils
Frida Garcia
Frida Garcia 12 日 前
Adi: we're not dumb Jack: We are pretty dumb though to be honest Omg I felt that 😭🤣
Candy Doll12
Candy Doll12 12 日 前
Imagine if their girlfriends started fighting because of them.
Gaming Sister
Gaming Sister 12 日 前
Y do the girls looks like twins???
Life of a Genius
Life of a Genius 13 日 前
I just loved the image of gab and Emily trying to stop these freaking giants from fighting. This makes me sound really bad, but seeing the absolute panic made me laugh so freaking much
yuki ket
yuki ket 13 日 前
Damn their both good actors lmao 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kyleigh Brennan
Kyleigh Brennan 13 日 前
When jack said for what with his eyes opens big and a smile. I started cracking up😂
Morgy Weier
Morgy Weier 13 日 前
Gab & Emily were being like moms😂
Morgy Weier
Morgy Weier 13 日 前
When Gab cut through the middle 😂
Morgy Weier
Morgy Weier 13 日 前
“We are pretty dumb tho to be honest , I mean I am” - Jack 😂😂
Arthur Samen
Arthur Samen 13 日 前
Hollywood acting no cap
Jaders Tkd
Jaders Tkd 13 日 前
I want that purple blanket lol where can I find it??
The Conquistador
The Conquistador 14 日 前
Jack is like never angry on camera it must be so strange for them 😂
Genevieve ?
Genevieve ? 14 日 前
Jack: he said my d**k Is small...... and so I showed him it Emily: WTF Me:OML 😆
Dorgan Ger
Dorgan Ger 14 日 前
Ain’t no one gonna talk about how Emily’s looking cute today
Xclusive_Gio 14 日 前
I think we can say gabrielle has the 🎂
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