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shishter ShOoK
shishter ShOoK 11 時間 前
cant we get some positivity in the comments. like mannnnnn give her a break. she is just figuring herself out and finding where she belongs.
Mad Juicy
Mad Juicy 11 時間 前
0:27 LGBT.........................Q plus. I want to be trans but don’t want to do the research. I’ll just come out anyway, who cares about my “Friends” who have struggled all their lives receiving beyond hateful comments, getting beaten for being truly gay, transgendered or families who just don’t accept the gay lifestyle. I’m just going to shove it in their face and everyone will except me and play me like the victim. Only if I cry tho, Have to make it look real!
Khady Moffett
Khady Moffett 11 時間 前
Not all of your life needs to be printed out on social media. Sweetheart everyone will have an opinion about you that’s apart of life but only your opinion about yourself matters. Take a break from JPchat and social media and try to find who you REALLY are and how you REALLY feel
Jacqueline E.
Jacqueline E. 12 時間 前
I just don’t think you were ready to talk about it. This video is better than so.
Leo Drayton
Leo Drayton 12 時間 前
How can you say youre an Ally when youre a Trump supporter...!?!?!?!
Leo Drayton
Leo Drayton 12 時間 前
You cannot say you want to belong to a group of people you've just offended the shit out of. How can you denounce a whole identity by saying They is confusing and invalid and then effectively come out as Non binary or Gender non conforming
Ari •
Ari • 12 時間 前
im trying to believe her but it just seems so off. her talking and the way she’s acting in the video just seems kinda off to me. maybe it’s just me, idk :\
Shannon BF
Shannon BF 12 時間 前
Hunni you are so lost,confused ,and so dont get what being transgender nor beinh a drag queen for sure. was definitely not a good time to post a video when your that confused. you seriously really deep down dont know who you are. still love you though, but not buying this apology video. It really isn't an apology. your still justifying it all. even though I do believe you are ashamed your have to glam up sooooo much to be super feminine doesn't mean your like a man at all. none of this makes since. hope you figure out who you are.
what 12 時間 前
People are mad at her? Lol she's just another person who said stupid shit they need to get a life and not take it serious, you don't need to apologise trisha, your having an identity crisis it's ok
Petra Al
Petra Al 12 時間 前
Not even Shane could help her
noway jose
noway jose 13 時間 前
I will make it easy for everyone. Here is how to tell if this media hound is lying and/or being insincere… She starts to speak.
Emily spirt
Emily spirt 14 時間 前
this is actually so heart breaking because even if T is 'just questioning' it is our job to allow them the ability to question and experiment you can tell how genuine they are being and I think its disgusting how everyone preaches how its ok to question your identity and to detransition but the minute T is like yall I'm a boy or might be a boy yall start hating? we should be allowing them they opportunity to figure themselves out in a nurturing and caring community?
PinkFishsticklz studios
PinkFishsticklz studios 14 時間 前
*Dr. Phil wants to know your location*
Adrianna Mora
Adrianna Mora 14 時間 前
Vienne Mayfair
Vienne Mayfair 14 時間 前
Vienne Mayfair
Vienne Mayfair 14 時間 前
The most uninformed human on the internet and she’s using it to make money. If she wasn’t in this scandal for money, there wouldn’t be so many ads on this video.
xvegasx09 14 時間 前
Omg iv never laughed more in my life... thanks girl
Catherine Andraca
Catherine Andraca 14 時間 前
She needs help😳
PaigeLikesStuff 15 時間 前
The issue isn’t that you have boobs or that you look “too feminine”, the issue is that you said you identified as your birth gender (female) and also tried to say you’re transgender. You can’t Be trans if you identify as your birth gender, that literally contradicts the definition of transgender, please just do some research
Shaylan Krista
Shaylan Krista 15 時間 前
The Lgbt community is so fucking annoying for dismissing and hating on people who are straight or try talking about how they can relate to some things people who are in the lgbt community. Ffs people! It doesn't matter if you like dick, pussy or both, we're all human and we're all on the same level! No one is better than each other. Who you're attracted to or who you attract doesn't matter! Love is love right? So that means it is all the same. Stop making a fuss over stupid irrelevant shit, there is a lot worse things going on in the world than genders and sexuality.
The Real Spartan
The Real Spartan 15 時間 前
Nah stfu
J TP 15 時間 前
Wow. TWO AD’S on this Trish?
Hunter Daigle
Hunter Daigle 15 時間 前
Hey Trish I ask you to please seek professional help for yourself 💗💗💗 You need to reach out for help, and not through social media.
Lindsey Kindsey
Lindsey Kindsey 15 時間 前
It’s funny cuz just a few years ago you also posted a video saying that being gay was a choice... just because of your own experience with girls.... just shut the fuck up
Hailee Markey
Hailee Markey 16 時間 前
I love how people say the lgbtq+ community or whatever it called now a days it's an accepting community to every one but they aren't accepting towards trish!? Wtf let her live her own life and yes she may be girly but everyone changes and let her change! This is honestly something horrible you can do to somebody.. She doesn't have to convince no body like I said let her live her life the way she wants and ACCEPT IT.
YourLocalMug 1
YourLocalMug 1 16 時間 前
So she wants to be a boy but in no way shape or form is she trying to hide her chest
Its Samanthag26
Its Samanthag26 16 時間 前
You do you hun don’t let these negative nancys ruin you, remember who loves you no matter who you are or what you identify as - only the ones who love you for you are who you need to care for don’t worry about the haters - I love you 💜❤️
undyingUmbrage- Danny strider
undyingUmbrage- Danny strider 16 時間 前
@1:44 she fucking called jeffery star patrick star
undyingUmbrage- Danny strider
undyingUmbrage- Danny strider 16 時間 前
you musta took a huge bong rip before this cus theres no tears just red eyes lmfao
Marshall Mint
Marshall Mint 16 時間 前
this entire video is so fucked and so is her coming out video :// im a trans man and i literally feel SO fucking invalidated for the genuine struggle i go through every fuckinngggg dayyyyyyy
Kim Kritzer
Kim Kritzer 16 時間 前
I don't feel sorry for you.
ima cutie uwu
ima cutie uwu 16 時間 前
we live in a world and society that doesn't let people make a mockery of a real thing
Mariah Carter
Mariah Carter 16 時間 前
TRISHA, PLEASE SEEK HELP! It’s time step away from JPchat fame and find yourself. You’re in desperate need of self love....😩
ima cutie uwu
ima cutie uwu 17 時間 前
you've thought you were transgender since you were "5-6-7" but you've had visible enlargement surgery?
Preston Ray
Preston Ray 17 時間 前
Keep it up with these troll vids Trisha!
jonstoast 17 時間 前
nobody: trish: *changes whole story to make it seem like thats how it really was*
Hanna French
Hanna French 17 時間 前
She just needs help and obviously doesn’t see it 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
Huddy iLose
Huddy iLose 17 時間 前
*wearing long finger nails* *Dated Jason* *Wouldve gone out sooner if wes feeling it a 7* * Hormones are felt around 13 to 14, not 7 or 8 so you wouldve come out then or a little bit later. * * Another attention seeker * Its so sad what this whole world as changed into to. *Says hated boobs. Gotten surgery for boobs* ok. There's more bug jk done. Lol
Adventuresin 2020
Adventuresin 2020 17 時間 前
I’m so glad I don’t watch your bullshit videos anymore. You need some serious help
Adventuresin 2020
Adventuresin 2020 17 時間 前
This is a never ending cycle or videos , my god she needs to get a real life
Sam Paz
Sam Paz 17 時間 前
i hope someone reaches out to you to help you no jokes take a break
Jared Fedt
Jared Fedt 17 時間 前
Put your tits away
Garrett Divine
Garrett Divine 18 時間 前
And as an lgbt+ community that’s suffered for years trying to get where we are, we didn’t do it by attacking someone. We did it by kindness and maturity. But, apparently we can’t do that anymore. Because we’re all snowflakes that get offended by even the slightest wrong words.
vambi100 18 時間 前
Be you Boo Boo 😉
vambi100 18 時間 前
If she truly genuinely feels like a man, then thats who she is. How can someone tell her who she is when they dont even know her, like are they able to read her mind and feelings? No. So stop hating on someone who is trying to find happiness in themselves. Fuck the haters Trish I support you baby. Be who you are! 💕💕💕💕
Garrett Divine
Garrett Divine 18 時間 前
So we’re going to let people use them/they to describe themselves, which is fine, but jump on her case when she says she feels trans? Wtf. And instead of being mad about it, you should EDUCATE her. Not sit here and attack her. She doesn’t deserve this. If we can include STRAIGHT PEOPLE into the LGBT community, then why can’t SHE be a part of it. How about we start spreading kindness instead of attack someone who’s having an issue with who they are. Y’all are so horrific and most of you probably told her to kill herself. And that’s not okay. This community needs to learn how to lift each other up. They need to learn that we all live in a place of sorrow and difference. We need to come together and support each other through everything! What’s wrong with y’all?
C .D
C .D 18 時間 前
She would've known she was hurting people by making that statement! She offended an entire community with that video. She made a mockery of them. She says she is a man yet still uses female pronouns and hasn't changed her name to 'T' even though she said that that was her preferred name. Not wanting to wear makeup all the time, being more 'masculine', which she isn't btw, and having more guy friends then girl friends and having a fetish of being attracted to gay men doesn't make you transgender. She said in this video that as a child she hated her breasts yet got a boob job several times to make her boobs bigger, Yeah ok. Queen of contradiction right here. You can't be '1000% transgender' and yet still '1000%' identify with your natural born gender. That doesn't make sense. It's all bullshit. Trisha an attention seeking slut who deserves to be taken off of youtube because this is going too far now.
Priscilla Beltran
Priscilla Beltran 18 時間 前
Shane’s new upcoming series “The Crazy Mind of Trisha Paytas” ???
Bixly 18 時間 前
Ok, I know I'm late but like as someone from the LGBTQ community and coming out as pansexual and having many years of trying to find who I am and what my identity is and who I should refer to as my pronouns, I feel like people should just accept Trisha for who she is and quit judging her like come on you're probably just gonna reply saying, "oh, you're new to this channel you don't know bla bla bla! " I don't care if I'm new or not, she is definitely suffering from some sort of identity thing, and you people need to help her. I've helped my friends before trying to figure out their identities and their pronouns and who they are I'm no professional but I feel like people should just accept and move on that's it
Chris Titus
Chris Titus 18 時間 前
ew. now I definitely agree with anyone who has called you gross.
MakkasuSasulyoko 18 時間 前
@blndsundoll4mj T I Hope your read this, As a Pansexual Male what I’m about to say comes from a place of support and education. I understand Gender can be confusing, I used to sometimes question if I was happy with my gender identity. And sometimes with how wide the spectrum is these days(Which is Amazing), We can get confused with things like Sexual Attraction, Characteristics distinguished with the Male and Female Gender And other things. It’s fine to find similarities with other genders, sexual preferences or even fluidity. But with things like this , there is so much research that you need to do before coming to a conclusion with gender. Transgender people have many things to come to terms with such as dysphoria , mental stability , relevant preferences how you’ve always preferred to be referred as and even much more that even I couldn’t comprehend. I think you made a wrong choice posting the coming out video too hasty and didn’t give yourself enough time to process your feeling after you said it. I feel like you may or may not have a bit of a journey to understand who you are, but please remember you have a very high following on a large platform. And I feel your a smart enough person to learn from this and maybe we can find out in a while about who you are and feel comfortable about it. I support your journey and wish you the best, and this is too all other lgbtq+ members we have enough hate in the world and we have a duty to help support all support people who may be confused and help educate others even if they’re a ally , or not even a member. Our community has been through so much in history and we need to show everyone that we are not like the bigots we were judged by! We’re better than that and why cause we have a Flag and Community!!!!!! #LGBTQ+ #EverybodySayLove #Educationandsupportisthekey #WearingMyIdentitywithpride 🏳️‍🌈
uwu Pocky baka
uwu Pocky baka 18 時間 前
Weebtoon !
Weebtoon ! 18 時間 前
She didn't feel female nor male
Weebtoon !
Weebtoon ! 18 時間 前
As a people in the LGBTQ+, you clearly had an idea that you were gonna offend some person. If you have a identity crisis, you should know what you are before you go and make videos like that
Bugladygamer Games
Bugladygamer Games 19 時間 前
Why is this our internet right now?
Maggie May8865
Maggie May8865 19 時間 前
Trisha, shut down social media and go to a real mental health hospital!!! You have issues that you need help with! Real help!!!!
Kenna bear
Kenna bear 19 時間 前
Why the backlash why the mean comment please they don't make anything better
Hudson Keough
Hudson Keough 19 時間 前
Don't ever be ashamed of who you are.
Abyss Saint
Abyss Saint 19 時間 前
When the only content u can make is apology videos maybe its time to just stop uploading and life your life without broadcasting it.
7Stormy CatГ
7Stormy CatГ 19 時間 前
I really wanna understand and help you but you screwed up. Please oh please just research talk more this too your gender therapist not posting this on youtube. I hate seeing people getting attacked. I wanna tell these people their wrong but they aren't saying anything you haven't done.
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