7 Car Secrets Only Experienced Drivers Know

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Modern Muscle

Modern Muscle

ヶ月 前

This video is about 7 Car Secrets Only Experienced Drivers Know

Joshua Keefe
Joshua Keefe 10 時間 前
This is why it’s very important to know what maintenance your car needs and when I did have my brake fluid changed out at 100,000 miles I do not have any power steering fluid because I have an elect Tronic assisted steering. Recently changed the suspension all way around my car my drum brakes and shoes in the back and in the front pads and rotors. I did have to have my mechanic change the transmission range sensor
pamela jeppesen
pamela jeppesen 3 日 前
Thank u from an untrusting gal!!! Hate being taken by dealers in mechanics!💕
Brian Villagomez
Brian Villagomez 4 日 前
Most people ignore their check engine light. lol
paripower54 7 日 前
Thanks. I have already fallen in this tricks and payed a large bills.
Joe Allen
Joe Allen 7 日 前
Cola? Are you fucking serious? What kinda hack ass crap is that. Go get you some sodium bicarbonate aka baking soda, mix with water and go to town. You can’t neutralize and acid with an acid, of which there’s only a small portion of phosphoric acid in cola. Jesus....
Bizzy Bee
Bizzy Bee 7 日 前
Lucas oil addative helps with noisy liffters . I used it with every oil change until i puchesed a new set of heads. (This is not a miracle fix all. If you tighten your lifters and there still knocking try it. But if theres a serious problem its just a bandaid. ) its worth the 15-20 .just dont add to much oil.
ОFFensive CЯдскея
ОFFensive CЯдскея 8 日 前
4:28 does anybody know what size she's working with
Mike Strong
Mike Strong 9 日 前
I wish there were more female mechanics.
Bobby Martin
Bobby Martin 7 日 前
Hariharan Krishnan
Hariharan Krishnan 9 日 前
Titre rotation just ensures that all the tires wear out evenly
paul k
paul k 6 日 前
in theory but in real life it does not. i am having to replace tires bought new about 3 years ago and i can assure you they have not worn at the same rate even though i rotated them myself. the drivers side has worn out quicker that the passenger side.
chris 10 日 前
i just can’t believe the oil part i change every 3000-5000 miles with the way i drive my car
Ahmed Abderaman
Ahmed Abderaman 11 日 前
What female mechanic that leaves her hair flying around like that.
catirerubio 11 日 前
Oil evaporates from the motor? To where? I have never seen oil residue on the underside of a hood. Any hood. Anywhere. Dirty sure. But oil residue? Uh uh.
jackmc4 8 日 前
catirerubio oh lol didn’t hear him say that haha 😆 I agree
catirerubio 8 日 前
@jackmc4 Sure. But clinging on to the underside of the hood? NOt in my experience.
jackmc4 8 日 前
When oil heats up it evaporates. Look it up it’s just science. Heat also degrades oil one of the reasons oil becomes darker in color.
MotoDesmo 9 日 前
Theres a mist of oil in the rocker covers, this is drawn back into the intake by a crankcase breather, this is how oil can be burnt off in small quantities
Pedro Adriano
Pedro Adriano 12 日 前
My check engine light has been on for 3 years already laugh out loud
Peter 13 日 前
Far too presumptuous, most mechanic's do the right thing and don't rip off their customers
Oscar Flyer
Oscar Flyer 9 日 前
There's execptions to this statement.
Peter 10 日 前
@Establishment Disliker Do you go through life with negative judgemental assumptions
Establishment Disliker
Establishment Disliker 10 日 前
And you know this factual data?
Wayne Shum
Wayne Shum 14 日 前
Talk too fast
Casper Svendsen
Casper Svendsen 14 日 前
The one with the brake pads screeching is not due to "rust" on the pads. It is because of the composition of the brake pads. About 15 years ago it was mandated that the brake pads should not contain asbestos due to health concerns. Almost every brake pad will screech somewhat depending on the composition. If you have rust dust on the brake pads they will not screech, but have reduced brake ressistance. They quick fix is just to use lukewarm water and blow the wet dust away with air pressure around the pads, when you change between summer/winter wheels.
Francis Schuessler
Francis Schuessler 15 日 前
2:08 idk about this one man I’ve heard many mechanics and automotive engineers say changing it helps prevent oil burning so probably should change it every 5-7k miles
,Kamal Brown
,Kamal Brown 16 日 前
Don't rotate your tires and see which tires go bald 1st
alex trebek
alex trebek 16 日 前
that part about the loose gas cap was interesting. such a simple thing can make a big diff.
PakmeiGen6 14 日 前
Easy enough to try if you need. Just drive 15 minutes without the cap.
PakmeiGen6 14 日 前
Yep. Loose gas cap causes check engine light to go on. Cost me $50 back in 1999 cause the gas guy inadvertently swapped the cap with the other car he was filling. I thought my new car was under warranty. But not for a new replacement cap. And yes, NJ still doesn't allow me to fill my own gas. Btw, code clears after a few miles. Could be like 10 to 20 miles for the algorithm to figure itself out.
alex trebek
alex trebek 15 日 前
@Horse Malone the 'check engine' light came on and an employee at the auto parts store said it was an evap problem according to the code. He erased the code and tightened the gas cap. The check engine light hasn't come on since. it's often the simple things.
Horse Malone
Horse Malone 15 日 前
That's a load of shite. A fuel tank must have a vent to allow atmosphere to stabilise or a vacuum would occur and either the tank would implode or fuel would not be able to flow out of the tank. An open gas cap is no different to the vent pipe.
staceyod Ciaran1
staceyod Ciaran1 16 日 前
My car keeps rattling, feels like through the strearing wheel. Also like one of the wheels feels like it could be wobbling could that be why I'm feeling that thrush the strearing wheel? I've tightened the knots on the wheels so I don't know. I know I've to bring it to a garage but just thought I'd ask on here.
David Ledford
David Ledford 14 日 前
Could be wheel bearing tire out of balance most likley
trevor trottier
trevor trottier 14 日 前
Wheel bearing
karl hewitt
karl hewitt 18 日 前
that's american marketing for you from the 1960s which still brainwashes people If the oils black or over 3000 miles you're engine will wear out or blow up.... so come spend that money.... yet it was the oil company's and the jiffy type lube shops pushing this Agenda. And the public still can't see or Except they being fooled to keep paying out.. They oil Bosses must sit there Laughing and counting money on blind stupidity
Edward Balboa
Edward Balboa 18 日 前
Dirty oil can block piston holes.... to say it doesnt matter??
Happydogue 19 日 前
Never met many mechanics who wear push up bras or overalls with no shirt underneath.
Steve Armstrong
Steve Armstrong 19 日 前
You could do a voice over for Tom Hanks..
Jordan Vit
Jordan Vit 19 日 前
NEVER go 10,000 miles without a oil change. What’s cheaper? A $30 oil change or a new engine? I’m a mechanic and even in my car that says to change the oil every 6000 miles I still change it every 3000 miles, it just helps prevent any kind of sludge buildup.
I’m a valet I know everything about car as soon as I cut it on I can tell ya anything
André Bachand
André Bachand 20 日 前
Dirty engine oil that evaporates leaves residue in the engine which can cause the engine to fail
Chrispina Harricharan
Chrispina Harricharan 21 日 前
Your JPchat stupid e
Jointroller89 22 日 前
your voice is so fucking annoying!
Rob C
Rob C 22 日 前
Engine light comes on.... can’t find problem..... removes bulb problem solved 😂
Gaisa Sanktejo
Gaisa Sanktejo 22 日 前
Meh, I'll stick to servicing and maintaining my vehicles thanks. The only time I had an engine light issue was an egr valve clogging up and failing. THAT was a headache and considering the ridiculous quotes I received to get someone else to replace or clean it, I did a little research, removed the original and broke it while ATTEMPTING to clean it, replaced it with a new one from ebay and reset the ecu all for less than $50. Haven't had any problems since.
jubjub247 20 日 前
Good man! It's better to invest in tools and learning how to fix things yourself instead of giving hundreds of dollars to hacks who don't care how they fix your problems.
Prancing Corn98
Prancing Corn98 22 日 前
What’s the song used at the beginning
Bohemil 23 日 前
After 2 years of going to the dealer who sold us the car new with free oil changes for two years I decided to return to doing my own oil changes. The oil filter I found on the engine had (by its appearance) I suspected hadn't ever been replaced. They may have changed the oil and given us a free car wash but that was it. I told this to my son who was still getting his oil changes done there. He marked his cars oil filter with a permanent marker (in a secret way) and guess what? They were not replacing it with the oil changes. When confronted the service manager "put on a show" and scolded the mechanic.
david douglas
david douglas 23 日 前
omg dont listen to this assclown
tony Kari
tony Kari 24 日 前
Did u go to school to learn how to talk like that ... or did u pick it up watching COPS. Wtf dude, u don't have to sound like a jackass to prove a point
Kennedy Fitzgerald
Kennedy Fitzgerald 27 日 前
I’ve never heard someone say so much, but so little at the same time.
R Verro
R Verro 27 日 前
I'm no longer a car mechanic...I'm too honest.
jubjub247 20 日 前
Oh so you want innocent stupid women and Beta males with man buns and skinny jeans to be cheated at mechanic shop?
Bilbo Swagins
Bilbo Swagins 27 日 前
I just need to say this. I’ve been working on vehicles for twelve teen years and always try for to get the most money for the least amount of work. The work that I do end up having to do will, at best, be half ass and more expensive for having me do something necessary. Your best bet is to let met take a look, let me do what I say needs yo be done, and most importantly shut up and don’t question my professional opinion because if you knew better than me you wouldn’t be here! 😎
Vahn Stone
Vahn Stone 28 日 前
This is a fucking joke
Raider19er 28 日 前
Funny how when I do the free oil changes and multi-point inspection at the dealership and they don’t find anything since it’s under warranty.
Big papa Pumpkin dick
Big papa Pumpkin dick 28 日 前
This guys seriously so stupid don’t listen to shout 95 percent of his shit
AL M 29 日 前
I have been fixing other peoples cars since 1972. I have always been honest with my customers and try to get them the best value for their money. I have yet to see rusty brake pads.. rusty rotors, calipers and such are common. I've never added additive to any car unless there actually is a problem such as noisy lifters. Hard to tell if the check engine light is on because of a loose gas cap. Even if you tighten the cap the light won't instantly go out it will reset itself only after multiple starts or if you use a code reader to reset the memory. 80 percent of the check engine lights I see are from plugged up canister purge valves or broken charcoal canisters. If your battery needs a boost and there were no lights left on get yourself a new battery especially if its a few years old. Charging it up will mot magically restore it so go get a new one. No one wants to be sitting with a car load of kids in a parking lot in the dark with a wind chill of -35 and have a dead battery. Also its more important to check your tire air pressure than to have the tires rotated. watch for tire wear and if you see unusual wear find out why. Free checks are good, but don't get that shop to do the work. I've had people bring me a list of what a free check over says they need. Some quotes are maybe as much as $2500.00..... work actually needing done? maybe $1000 sometimes less. Lifetime warranties exist on more than mufflers. Shops know you'll lose the receipt or trade your car so very little ever gets replaced free. Best advice Keep your receipts. Keep a record of when something is fixed. Read your owners manual. If you drove your car in for a check up don't be scared to drive it away and get a second opinion.
jubjub247 20 日 前
You good person helping instead of cheating like Indians in Punjab India.
SegoMan ヶ月 前
They don't know how to pour oil from the container why should we believe the rest of their story??
Daniel Dorado
Daniel Dorado ヶ月 前
28 years in the tech and owner . treat every customer car as it was my own fix right the first and advise of upcoming issues
jubjub247 20 日 前
You good mechanic not cheating stupid women and even more stupid Beta males with man buns and skinny jeans.
Kaz Bro
Kaz Bro ヶ月 前
I will go to the garage everyday if the mechanic is hot and sexy😂😂😂
hold on so you saying you dont have to chage ur olil for a while but at the end ur staying doing every 5000km to keep it clean what so what is it
Schlo 7G
Schlo 7G ヶ月 前
"free lifetime muffler" and "lifetime warranty" rip-off's have been around since way before anyone reading this was born. A newer version is the "extended warranty" that supposedly covers repairs once your factory warranty expires.
Greg Nixon
Greg Nixon ヶ月 前
This tire rotation information is not correct.
Coley Duncan
Coley Duncan ヶ月 前
This is terrible advice, and it shouldn't be put out to cover all vehicles. Oil change intervals for a little 4 banger that's driven normally is not the same as a high performance sports/muscle car. It's messed up to say that most mechanics are trying to sell you things you don't need. I don't know any, nor is that a practice of mine. With the amount of vehicles on the road, very few garages are empty and there's plenty of money to be made from honest work, which can get you far more business in the long run. Sure, there's always the bad egg, but that goes for any line of work. I'm not sure who is still telling people to change their oil every 3000 miles, but most brands of oil say 7500 on the jug.
Chad Dudley
Chad Dudley ヶ月 前
Wow most of this is incorrect
diewabbit 6 日 前
care to elaborate? thanks
Mike National
Mike National ヶ月 前
That girl is not a mechanic! Lol I should change her oil
Blake Hampton
Blake Hampton 29 日 前
Mike National 😂😂😂 right
Richard parnell
Richard parnell ヶ月 前
Wow man "most" that's not cool.
casey m
casey m ヶ月 前
Foaming bathroom cleaner works great on battery terminals and is WAY cheaper.
Gert Vanpeet
Gert Vanpeet ヶ月 前
After 20000km the oil is only 1/4 inch lower! Mitsubishi Mirage.... 20000km is normal oil change...in the book. 20000km is about 12000 miles!
Schlo 7G
Schlo 7G ヶ月 前
I change the filter and add a quart of fresh oil to keep the additive package fresh @ 10,000 mi. Then put another 5000 on it and sent in a sample to be tested by a lab that specializes in oil testing for highway diesel trucks. It came back with only a few scores slightly lower than fresh oil, although it was a bit lower on viscosity than required it wasn't out of spec. Modern engines and oils are amazing.
Charles Sloop
Charles Sloop ヶ月 前
I work on my own car but where can I find these female technicians I would get ripped off and be happy
MrMisanthrope1 ヶ月 前
im sure this is sarcasim
Brian McAlister
Brian McAlister ヶ月 前
The chick mechanic at 4:30 can work on my engine anyyytime and if she wants to find a reason to stay under my hood...she is the expert...lmaooooo
John Rondeau
John Rondeau ヶ月 前
Also don't top up your car.
Larry Ordine
Larry Ordine ヶ月 前
Dirty oil or water contaminated oil wears piston rings, valve guides, lifters bearings and many close tolerance parts like variable valve systems. Turbo charging adds additional demands with high temperature operation and heat soaking on shut down. Your assertion that oil evaporates or burns off and therefore can last 10,000 miles is ridiculous. Cold starts and short trips will dilute oil with water and gasoline by products from rich mixtures and low engine temperatures. A realistic oil change is 5000 miles or one year whichever comes first. Tires on the front of front wheel drive cars wear much faster than on the rear. All tire experts recommend tire rotation every 5 to 6000 miles. Your writers know little about auto tech.
Schlo 7G
Schlo 7G ヶ月 前
Oil change intervals are subjective and depending on how many quarts {or gallons} are in the sump, how good is the filtration system and how the vehicle is driven makes a huge difference in frequency of changes. My Mercedes has a 2 gallon sump and the filter holds another quart. I've been changing the filter and adding a fresh quart after 5-6000 miles, and changing oil at 10-11,000 since it was new. It now has 165000 miles and runs as strong as new, however my wife's new car has only a 6 quart sump, small filter and uses a low viscosity oil. I won't go beyond 5000 miles changes even though the manufacturer's recommended interval is 7500. I've also had the old oil tested just to be sure that it was safe to do this and it has always came back fine.
M V.G.
M V.G. ヶ月 前
It's not so much how dirty your oil is. It's how diluted it is becoming from hydrocarbons. Most new cars have a an oil life monitor. It monitors engine temperature to determine when the oil viscosity breaks down.
john garagiola
john garagiola 20 日 前
no hes right its either engine hours or miles and every bmw in the world has oil level sensor in bottom of pan so they sometimes measure it to depending on if you have a dipstick or not
WSG Garrett
WSG Garrett 25 日 前
i think you mean they have sensor in the oil pan, with complex algorythm ECU calculates life oil (not level) that depends on the number of cold starts, distance traveled + outside temp + engine temp. So indeed numbers varies from different usage.
Rick Deckard
Rick Deckard ヶ月 前
Your advice is about as good as you get from a bad mechanic.
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