36 Games Benchmarked: Ryzen 9 3900X vs. Core i9-9900K

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Hardware Unboxed

Hardware Unboxed

4 ヶ月 前

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Ryzen 9 3900X vs. Core i9-9900K, 36 Game Benchmark
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Hardware Unboxed
Hardware Unboxed 4 ヶ月 前
Small mistake, I said I tested the stock 3900X with a Wraith Spire, but as shown on screen it was actually the box cooler, the Wraith Prism.
fait 8 日 前
Hardware Unboxed why nothing 4k?
ArtisChronicles ヶ月 前
@Klust413 to some silence is a good reason to invest in a better cooler. I used to have lots of ambient noises so my pc cooling solution never bothered me.
ArtisChronicles ヶ月 前
@Enchantress yup. It's always been the game developers. When things are especially well optimized it shows. A shining example of that is doom on Vulkan.
ArtisChronicles ヶ月 前
@Tai Nguyen I used to get that issue on my 1700x. I manually set my voltages back then. Eventually got around to a BIOS update and it doesn't seem to be an issue as much anymore. The only thing is I never saw absurdly high temps when I had my noctua nh-d15 seated properly.
ahwayzcool ヶ月 前
How were you able to get RE2 to work on 3900x? I've tried EVERYTHING possible for about a month. It crashes on launch. 3900x, Msi Meg x570 Ace, windows 10 Enterprise ver 1903, Rtx 2080 TI. RE2 runs fine on my older i7 875k pc with 980 TI.
Strange Shadow
Strange Shadow 日 前
Thank you for the honest non-bias review. It took a while to find a good one comparing the two processors in gaming, from someone I could trust to give a honest review.
alan thunder
alan thunder 3 日 前
this video is dog shit, no one wants to see your stupid charts
ElectricBlade 6 日 前
Hmmm for gaming 9900k is doable. For actual rendering 3900x worth the extra 20bucks insane performance. Intel still holding by just a little for gamers. They need more competition we meed more processors like this :D yay for competition
Sonny12681 9 日 前
The Core i9 9900K is Not good because it runs too hot. It's better to have a powerful CPU that runs cooler. The Ryzen 9 3900x wins for me. it's cheaper, it's more power efficient and it runs more threads and cores so that more things can run on your computer at the same time. AMD is the best for developers.
Deku 15 日 前
I'm from canada and 9900k is cheaper than the 3900x. Should i get the 9900k?
Yair 15 日 前
You should run this again with latest bios
johnlloyd villaver
johnlloyd villaver 17 日 前
AMD fans! im happy for y'all also i know you all hate intel but please lets be friends hahah. im already happy about amd is catching up
chinchy111 22 日 前
These are $500 cpus guys. Price means nothing to the people who are buying these. Only performance
Wydafrog 22 日 前
Sitting here with my 8700k reveling at the idea of CPU prices dropping significantly before I upgrade in a couple of years
Ken C
Ken C 23 日 前
Can you review these games in 4k settings?
Yoo Anto
Yoo Anto 24 日 前
Still nothing beat Core i9-9900K , hope amd catch up soon but long way to go
Vijay Jaiswal
Vijay Jaiswal 27 日 前
Intel for kids. Amd for legends.
MySSDRocks 29 日 前
What memory was you using with the AMD build ?
Carlos Castaneda
Carlos Castaneda ヶ月 前
When you ppl start to show frametime graphs? Frametime is important....
nbat58 ヶ月 前
I have received the Ryzen 9 3900x and noticed that it is made in Malaysia instead of China as I have seen on a lots of videos, I live in the UK and purchased in Europe, I thought these were only made in China?
Jon Snow
Jon Snow ヶ月 前
I am currently running a FX 3850 which one of thse monsters should i get to run skyrim with heaps of graphical mods
Goodborn ヶ月 前
AMD is just a no brainer currently
Dan Downing
Dan Downing ヶ月 前
I am searching everywhere and having difficulty finding top-end CPUs from AMD and Intel (Ryzen 3900x and Intel 9900K) paired with top-end GPUs for high resolution benchmarks (2560 x 1440, 3440 x 1440, 3840 x 2160). Anyone here know any sites that routinely post this information? 1080p is not relevant information for me.
I prefer (AMD) CPUS+GPUS because it's beasts!!!!
Arthur Vincent Simon
Arthur Vincent Simon ヶ月 前
Still waiting for Intel's 9th generation price cuts....
MeSaber ヶ月 前
I have to ask. How many cores were used for each cpu at gaming? There must be a core(thread) limit that causes 3900x to be slower with 50% more cores. Sure it cant run 5GHz but is this the deal breaker for gaming?
Cotoi ヶ月 前
so why again is cheaper to go with AMD in the long run? is not like in 4 years you will buy a new CPU and not a motherboard. Sure it will work, but you will loose performance and money, but with the next gen consoles coming in 2020, any upgrade now will be a waste of money. You always need to over spec. the base console at least, to be sure you can use that PC for a while. Also I am shocked you did not include games like ArmA that are so insanely demanding to the point you can max them out after 4-5 years from launch. ArmA3 was in alpha and 780 at the time was only pushing 15 fps.
Basileus ヶ月 前
I was lost after "Hello"
u no moo
u no moo ヶ月 前
Cryorig R1 Ultimate is better than water.
Boomzi ヶ月 前
right now on amazon UK the 3900x is £200 more than the 9900k. so tbh i think i know which one i'd rather get!
Ish The Face
Ish The Face ヶ月 前
I'm very surprsied by the low FPS on starcarft. Had no idea it was THAT cpu hungry.
Alejandro ヶ月 前
Apex Legends?
smythers1981 ヶ月 前
ashes of the benchmark lol
ihavetubes ヶ月 前
would love to see some emulators tested ps2,ps3 etc.
PG Plays Video Games
PG Plays Video Games ヶ月 前
the SC2 benchmark was unexpected but very interesting. I have a 6700k and I love it when my screen crawls to 8 fps during insanity. It does confirm my suspicion that a lot of blizzard games are mostly CPU bound when the shit hits the fan. I expect similar issues with say, world of warcraft during heavy raiding (all of those pew pew lasers don't render themselves!)
Walther Penne
Walther Penne ヶ月 前
My opinion on these cpus? BOTH are complete DOG$HIT...no wait: HOR$ESHIT (That´s the result when a dog eats shit and that shit then comes out and is eaten by the horse) hahahaha :D When i can have a cpu that can handle 70 Tbytes/hour of cpu-traffic (cpu-bandwith) which EASILY kills AMD/Intel-cpus...why should i use AMD/Intel? When i can have a cpu that CANNOT overheat, yet handle nearly UNLIMITED games (in the near future, games that are as big as 1000 gbyte, a special cpu can handle that loading of such a game WITHOUT stupid retarded things like "garbage-collections"). NO MORE stupid loading-issues. Because the cpu is SO fast, it handles all I/O in lighting-fast speed. 10 Seconds and BOOM a 200 Gbyte-game is FULLY loaded! Meanwhile you´ll need something like 256 Gbytes of RAM and an Intel/AMD cpu to handle such games...and still it would run way worse, since your AMD/Intel-chip CANNOT handle 70 Tbytes of cpu-traffic per hour and thus you would get loading-issues after a few minutes allready. lol. Also: my cpu has a 20x LOWER energy-consumption, yet still beats your cpu´s in performance now. Why again, should i choose Intel? I want POWER, not kid´s toys that drain like 200 watts...and after 5 years that highend-Cpu is dead. My cpu cannot die of electronmigration. This cpu was made to last 50 years guys. Which AMD/Intel-cpu again (from 2010!) lasts 50 years? Oh yeah, that´s right: NONE! NOT A SINGLE ONE! NO AMD/Intel-5Ghz-cpu today can handle 50 years of 24/7 operation WITHOUT failing. lol. Another thing: My machine is 100% CLIMATE-change ready. That means my cpu is also ready to be put into 40-50°C hot environments. What happens when i put an AMD/Intel into 40-50°C hot environment? Oh yeah that´s right: it´s throttling. Guys? My cpu NEVER (TM) throttles. Boom. POWER. Welcome to 2019! The future is allready here. Will be funny to see you next year when my machine will be in full operation doing REAL Raytracing & 400 fps gaming (without Raytracing) then. Sounds exactly like good, old PC-gaming in 1990s again, when i ran my games at 200-300 fps allready.
Chad Meister
Chad Meister ヶ月 前
9900K is more expensive if you factor in a cooler. You need a good cooler for that shit
Walther Penne
Walther Penne ヶ月 前
Eh dude? You also need a VERY GOOD cooler for your AMD-Ryzen 3000-cpu. Except if you want it to die from electronmigration because it runs at 50°C idle lol. For comparison: My supercomputer`s cpu now runs at room-temperature. Lol. NO electronmigration that means. And it drains 1 watt at PS1-emulation task (which runs with 200-400 fps). Boom. POWER my friend. SO it would drain 5 watts (max load on a single core) and give you 1000-2000 fps in PS1-emulation. And no- just if you ask: that isn´t an ARM-machine. ARM-cpus can´t handle 1 watt energy-consumption with gigantic 200-400 fps PS1-emulation.
Imagine Wagons
Imagine Wagons ヶ月 前
This is pretty much how ive seen AMD and Intel all along. AMD - more wild, more extra Intel - more stable, more precise
Walther Penne
Walther Penne ヶ月 前
BOTH are absolute tra$H though now...xD My cpu consumes 1 watt...and handles 200-400 fps in demanding PS1-emulation. And it consumes only 5 watts when i run 1000-2000 fps for PS1-emulation. BOOM. Lol. 20 watts? hahahah. NO! My cpu is not getting hotter than like...30°C room-temperature (at max load dude)...while your´s is getting as hot as an oven lol. This means: My cpu will still work in the year 2060 (40 years from now on). yours will FAIL in the next 5 years.
Alexandros Papadopoulos
Alexandros Papadopoulos 2 ヶ月 前
Whats better? Core i59400f rx 580 Or Ryzen 3600 rx 570
Allah Maadarchod
Allah Maadarchod ヶ月 前
@Alexandros Papadopoulos you better have a look at your own question. Btw you should consider their launch prices instead of the reduced prices.
Alexandros Papadopoulos
Alexandros Papadopoulos ヶ月 前
@Allah Maadarchod bro the 2600 cost 130 and the rx 570 costs 190€ in my country
Allah Maadarchod
Allah Maadarchod ヶ月 前
Graphics card should cost more than the cpu AALWAAYYSSSSS
KilluaXIII 2 ヶ月 前
the counterpart to 9900k is the 3800x, not 3900x. compare THEM (preferably with ABBA AGESA)
Tersius Kuhne
Tersius Kuhne 2 ヶ月 前
@Hardware Unboxed You'll have to run them all over after the new boost clock fix from AMD. www.techradar.com/news/amds-fix-to-improve-ryzen-3000-cpu-boost-speeds-has-leaked-and-you-can-try-it-for-yourself
Hardware Unboxed
Hardware Unboxed 2 ヶ月 前
haha no :D
Veqtrah 2 ヶ月 前
One is cheaper One doesn't need you to buy an aftermarket cooler One has 4 more cores, 8 more threads One destroys the other in everything except gaming The difference in gaming is 6% slower across 32 games.
Vanja Arsic
Vanja Arsic ヶ月 前
Wait. Isnt I9 9900k currently cheaper that 3900x. In my country its 100 euros cheaper
Walther Penne
Walther Penne ヶ月 前
Cores are USELESS for gaming if you run them on "chiplets" ;) Guess what? GAMES do not like high latency of AMD´s chiplets dude. And THIS is especially VALID for RAYTRACING. You want to do RAYTRACING?` You better NOT use an AMD-cpu which uses CHIPLETS. Otherwise HUGE problems will occur, because of the high latency between the cpu-cores. Intel doesn´t have this problem.
Cliff Long
Cliff Long 2 ヶ月 前
In your opinion will the new bios updates affect these results?
Nad Jones
Nad Jones 2 ヶ月 前
yeah what ever?
larsaskogstad 2 ヶ月 前
Peasants doesn't think those % matters. It does if you need those 144fps+ avg. for 144Hz monitors.. ( That is if you play games ). Then 130fps will suck. So Intel all the way for gaming.
Walther Penne
Walther Penne ヶ月 前
Pff 144 Hz? That´s oldschool for PC is that all you have? A simple Nvidia-144 Hz monitor? LOL. I will soon be back to 400 fps on my machine since it seems i`m gonna needing a 400 hz-capable scren (144 Hz? hahahaha, i played at 300 fps 10 years ago allready and i played QUAKE and Doom in late 1990s with 250-300 fps too). This is a console btw. Not a shitty PC with crappy AMD/Intel-cpus. I use a special CUSTOM cpu in that console though. It runs 200-400 fps PS1-emulation now @ 1 watt (20% cpu-load). I can do soon enough Phantasy Star ONLINE with 32-64 players at once...with ZERO latency my friend. Or- if i wanted to- i could play the ORIGINAL Starwars Battlefront 1 at 300 fps too (and the cpu would not be fully loaded). BOOM. POWER through efficiency (70 Tbytes/hour of cpu-traffic) on a single cpu-core). Not Intel`$ or AMD`$ bull$HIT-bingo with their fucking-slow bandwidth and very bad efficiency and hotter and hotter becoming chips. Do you even have a CLUE what 70 Tbytes/hour means? You can literally KILL the internet`s servers with that power if you use a DDOS-tool with it. You attack 100 servers at once with that power. Just run a script. And now you can imagine what happens if you use a multicore-tool that allows you then to get 210 TBYTES/hour of cpu-traffic. lmao. That will be my personal supercomputer my friend. The FUTURE has just started. EVERYTHING is possible on this machine. Actually this machine was never thought for games. But yeah, you can run games superfast on it too. But i care more about the working on it. You know, running Windows, then switching back to LINUX...and then do some MAC OS X-stuff? Why not. This machine can handle PERFECT emulation of all OS. You could even run ANDROID on it with no performance-issues. I allready play Tomb Raider @ more than 150 fps now... But the future is more like Tomb Raider 3 @ 400 fps. Boom. With 20% cpu-load only. LOL! Now THAT is what you call supercomputing.+ See? That means theoretically i could get between 1000-2000 fps at max. But: Which screen again can handle 1000-2000 frames/second? LOL! Exactly: NONE. No 4k-screen can do such high framerates lol. 144 frames/Second sounds like...pathetic even compared to PS3. Since PS3 allready could do 120 frames/Second in some special games (2 x 60 fps via Stereoskopic 3D dude). And now: You have 400 fps EASILY. For many taxing games. However like i said: Not for today´s GPU-demanding games. This is just to show you that it´s possible. And this machine actually wasn´t made for gaming in mind, but for WORKING.
Steve 2 ヶ月 前
So they're both about the same.........I just want graphene CPU's running 400GHZ+.......................They wouldn't be able to make a monitor that could refresh fast enough for the number of frames you could get with a CPU like that.
Walther Penne
Walther Penne ヶ月 前
Graphene doesn´t work buddy. Graphene isn´t magical material that "kills" physics-laws. Your GHZ isn´t the problem ;) The problem is PHYSICS and how the GHZ turn your Ghz into measurable PERFORMANCE (Input/Output). The more GHZ you HAVE, just means your cpu can calculate faster. But guess what? Your OUTPUT/Input isn´t faster, it´s the SAME! That means you simply couldn`t USE those Ghz in order to do much with it. Since calculation-units (such as SIMD/Floating-point) need BANDWITH to work! That means, each time you DOUBLE the Ghz, you also have to DOUBLE the bandwidth in order to be able to USE those Ghz! The problem of PHYSICS now is: AMD/Intel/ARM-cpus consume 99% of it´s energy when you handle Input/Output, but only 1% to handle the calculations. See? Each time you DOUBLE your input/Output (measured in Gbytes/Second)...you DOUBLE your energy-consumption. So let´s say your processor runs with 5 Gbytes/Second and consumes 100 watt for that I/O ok? Then you want to do it 10 Gbytes/second and BOOM you consume 200 watts. Now you handle 20 Gbytes/second and BOOM you consume ~400 WATTS! Now imagine 40 Gbytes/second and BOOM your CPU allready consumes 800 Watts! ETC And it get´s worse again: EACH time you SHRINK your cpu (e.g. 14 nm => 10nm => 7nm => 4nm etc)...the more ENERGY is needed too! And this also means your PROCESSOR will fail each time earlier. E.g. it´s MTBF at 14nm is => 5 years. Now you shrink it (AMD Ryzen 3000) and it´s 2.5 years. So yeah. It means these type of processors might fail WITHIN 2.5 years of operation dude. Now you shrink it again to 4nm and it will FAIL to work within 1 year of operation! THIS is the same reason why 5G-components leads to => Overheating. Since you consume 2x more energy, and then 4x more and then 16x more energy...than LTE ;) What happens if you consume more energy? Simple: Your chip overheats in a SHORT amount of time. And making your cpu SMALLER makes the PROBLEM even WORSE, since you cannot cool a SMALL chip good enough. Physics then say "If your cpu gets HOTTER it consumes more energy (because of more resistance)". And that means your cpu will overheat much faster at 5G-operation, when you use an e.g. 7nm-cpu compared to e.g. let´s say a 14nm-cpu. Understood?
Jimmy The Powerful ! FU
Jimmy The Powerful ! FU 2 ヶ月 前
Useless benchmark of tow quote different cpus... oh did I forget to tell you that actually my 9700k wc-oc’ed is faster in all of your tested scenarios... what’s the point then...
Nelson Felicio
Nelson Felicio 2 ヶ月 前
im waiting for a 3900x 2 fucking months, prices are now 650 to 1500 euros, im thinking in go to intel 9900K again
Ali Ahsan
Ali Ahsan 2 ヶ月 前
Prices are main things
G0kayTV 2 ヶ月 前
I build my pc with a 9900k but only because it was 50 bucks lower in price then the ryzen 3900x lol
Vaping Fanatic
Vaping Fanatic 2 ヶ月 前
Again more test at 1080p, on monster builds, this is so pointless!
Lana Scott
Lana Scott 2 ヶ月 前
buy intel use it till die buy amd throw it to junk after 2 years
Walther Penne
Walther Penne ヶ月 前
Yeah. AMD Ryzen 3000-cpus will fail within 2-3 years of operation dude. I allready said that...But guess what? Nobody wants to listen...The typical AMD-fanboys think it´s all magic...And it won´t fail...and "why should it even fail?" etc...
Kavya 2 ヶ月 前
3900x = $650 - 700 9900k = $450 = more bang for the buck. by the time 3900x is $450, the 9900k will be $250. I think AMD is more greedy than intel at this point. There's absolutely NO EXCUSE for the ryzen to be THAT expensive. The 3900x should have been $500 max. It's like when 3DO came out and it was $800, then later on the PS1 came out at $300... price speaks for everything.
Special Agent Oso
Special Agent Oso 2 ヶ月 前
amd fanboy logic = buy a $700 ryzen because a $450 intel is too expensive.
just dob3k
just dob3k 2 ヶ月 前
It wasn't even overclock but max boost. You can overclock 9900k on the top of boost on all cores up to 5.5 on water but you will struggle to overclock 3900x over max boost no matter what cooling you have. So tests are biased to show as little intel advantage in gaming as possible so potential buyer will say "well its only couple fps difference between them" where in reality fps differences can be much higher with overclock.
JoeSeriousTV fb
JoeSeriousTV fb 2 ヶ月 前
Uh huh, now let's see these results while streaming. {:
Vishera SGE
Vishera SGE 2 ヶ月 前
You know what would be really great? A ranking at the end, like Intel won 9/10 Benchmarks and AMD won 1/10 or something similliar.
Vishera SGE
Vishera SGE 2 ヶ月 前
@WeedDuck what´s your problem? I just want a Score at the end and between, because I don´t play all the games showed in the video and probably want to skip to the games i play. That has nothing to do with the CPUs. This is just something he could add to all benchmarks and comparissons
WeedDuck 2 ヶ月 前
you know that the 3900x is a threadripper replacement right? to compete with xeon, you absolute bafoon. The fact that you can even play games on sometime DESIGNED FOR RENDERING running games is a miracle. Xeon's are terrible at gaming.
lance Burckhardt
lance Burckhardt 2 ヶ月 前
who bench marks in 1080P with a 2080 at least try 1440P or 4K
wefgwegwe wegweg
wefgwegwe wegweg 2 ヶ月 前
wait till the new games will support multicore cpus with mroe then 8 cores.... id say 3900x will eat intel
drfx1 2 ヶ月 前
This is what is worrying me about buying anything right now.. I heard BF5 was made for 8 cores or something, leaving none left for other tasks.
konroth rec.
konroth rec. 2 ヶ月 前
let's not forget about multi-core performance.
VatiWah 2 ヶ月 前
For the moment, it seems the 3900x (500usd) is 50 dollars more expensive than the 9900k (450usd). AMD X570 motherboard is also a bit more expensive compared to an equivalent intel lg1151 motherboard, about 50-100usd more. However, that being said, I can see that the 3900x might pull ahead when it comes to future games that might/will use those extra cores... but the question is when will that happen? 1 year from now? 2 years from now? 4 years from now? A lot of game developers usually make games that can run on as many computers as possible, so it might be a while before there is a large selection of games that can utilize the core advantage of the 3900x. The thing is, by the time games start using more cores, people would have already moved on to the next cpu lol.
3900X is 550€. The i9 is 500€ here.
PolarBro Omega
PolarBro Omega 2 ヶ月 前
Think I'll stick with my 9400f.. lol
ku ba
ku ba 2 ヶ月 前
Imo if the ryzen 3900x would cost like 450$ it would be much better cause 6% less performance in games (in avg) for 50$ or more less.
2intheAMPM 2 ヶ月 前
You're dumb
llobell86 3 ヶ月 前
SuperLike for the StarCraft 2 bench. Gracias!
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